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Honeymoon With Real Sister

31st December 2014 was the day when I & my sister Tina kissed for first time and later on same night we had sex for the first time at my friends place. Since then we were very shy to face each other and even if our eye contacts meet we use to blush. Off course we are real brother and sister and suddenly things changed between us.


After a week when we both were alone at home for an hour, I hugged Tina from behind kept my chin over her shoulder. Tina was blushing and her heart was beating heavily. Without saying a word I kissed her neck and turn her around to see Tina was closing her eyes. Took her chin in my hand kissed on her lips which turned into a nice smooch. Slowly my hands were moving at her over her chest, Tina was pretty sure now again we going to get laid. It was so difficult to break the kiss but to move ahead we have to.


Finally after 10 minutes we broke the kiss and first time looked in each other’s eyes. We were feeling like we are in love. A small and sweet smile on my sister’s face made me fall in love with her more. We hugged and slept on bed. We both still were feeling shy but we had sex beating our shyness. I will not explain about out this encounter because I want to tell more about how we decided about our honeymoon and how it was a great success.


A week later on Saturday, We both decided to go for a movie. I wanted her to be with me as my fiancée, I asked her to wear nice Punjabi dress with a decent homely looks. I left the house before so our parents will not know we both are going together. Tina said she has to go with her friends for a function and she got ready and left house couple of hours later. I was waiting for her at Amanora mall.


Again for the second time Tina kept my jaws open when I saw her. She was in her perfect homely looks. Tina is slim, nice hair, very fair, beautiful eyes and lips. She has the fashion sense. She was in lemon yellow anarkali dress with matching small bindi, bangles in her hand, open hair, light maroon lipstick, long earrings, and hill sandals. She was walking towards me with a smile of shyness. It was evening time; we met and went for a movie like a lovely couple. A


fter movie we were roaming in mall. There were counters of mehndi, earrings, bangles, etc. and next to it was a counter of a tours and travel company. One of the executive approached us thinking we are newly married and said Good Evening sir, are you married? We have an offer going on for couples. We both felt shy and I said no we are engaged and will be getting married next month. The executive said oh we were having offer for married couples for honeymoon destinations. Still if you are getting married next month you can see our offer. We were pretty excited when his colleagues (1 girls and 1 guy) were explaining us about our preferred honeymoon destination. They complement us as very sweet couple. We both blushed and said we will let you know soon. After this we went at a place to sit in mall.


Both were holding each other’s hand but we were quite. Tina broke the ice and said it is so much fun to go on a weeklong trip. I got a feeling she was thinking about me. But we were brother & sister so how can we go like this. This thoughts make us upset. We had dinner together and were looking at each other very often. Tina left for home on her bike and after an hour I went home. To tease me Tina said, where were you bhaiya? Did you have any girlfriend? Mom and dad both started smiling and we went to our respective rooms to sleep. But I was not able to sleep at all, Tina’s face was coming in my mind and I started fantasizing about me getting married to Tina and we go on honeymoon.


Just by thinking this I got very erect. I took my mobile and sent Tina a SMS “I am not able to sleep, as you thoughts are coming in my mind. I feel so unlucky that we cannot go for honeymoon”. Immediately I got a reply from her “Even I am thinking of the same, it is so nice to think of our honeymoon”. I replied “Can you come out of room in kitchen, I wish to kiss you.” She said no, we had it in morning, and it is a risk.


I started making a plan for honeymoon. Next day on Sunday I told her I want to talk can we make some plan to go out for a talk, we told mom that we are going for coffee and we went at CCD. Tina was surprised what I have to talk and why so urgent. I told her, I want you to be my wife I want to spend few days as husband and wife. I know we cannot marry and we cannot act like as a couple daily and in front of everyone. I want to take you for honeymoon to some honeymoon destination. She was shocked how suddenly I made a plan and how I said to be his wife and honeymoon. Tina got a confused expression on her face. She said it won’t be possible bhaiya, its fine to have fantasy but in reality it is not possible. I tried my best to convince her and finally she said yes bhaiya even I would like to spend few days married girl and what can be more wonderful to be on a honeymoon where we will have no restriction and complete freedom but practically how can we plan out this.


I was desperately waiting for her yes which she said. Now I started explaining her plan. I will tell at home I am going goa with my office friends for a week, which actually is a plan but I will not go with them. A day later you will tell home that you are going to Bangalore for office training for 3 days and there you have a friend’s wedding as well so will be back in 1 week. Tina asked so which place are you thinking of? I said I want it to be like a real one so how about Kerala. She was very happy to hear Kerala, but said she needs 1 day to think she will confirm me in night. There should not be any doubt or risk involved in it. I told her give me confirmation soon so I need to look for the tour plan and booking as well. We got up from CCD, hugged each other and went home.


Now, I started looking for honeymoon packages for Kerala. I was in heaven thinking of going on a honeymoon with my real sister. I don’t want to go with any travel company from pune because it may be insecure with our identities. I called few travel companies from Kerala itself because I was sure been local they will give the best package and service. I gave them the information we want honeymoon package with private car. We will start our tour from Kochi and want to end up with 5 nights and 6 days at Trivandrum. I also informed about the rooms that we need to be honeymoon special. I was expecting few quotations in next few hours.


So my next step was to inform about my Goa trip at home. As it was Sunday we family have lunch together on dinning. While having lunch I told mom my office friends are making plans for Goa in next week. I will be going with them for 6 days. My parents are cool so they immediately agreed. I saw a cute smile on Tina’s face. But to my surprise Tina also spoke about her training at Bangalore for 3 days. But she told a date later than mine. I don’t know why. My parents agreed to this as well and with happy thoughts I went to my laptop again to check if I have got any emails from travel companies. Out of 3 quotations I liked 1 very much and wanted to show it to Tina to and she happily agreed and I made the advance payment online. I asked Tina why she said a day later to go, she said it will be 14th feb valentine’s day and she has to do lot of things.


She asked me to leave from home at 13th she will also leave on 13th but will stay at her friends place and on 14th Morning she will meet me at Airport and then will go together. I don’t know why she is planning this way. So finally I booked Pune – Kochi flight on 14th Feb Morning 6:00 AM. So we were all set for our honeymoon. Now the Shopping started. Same evening Tina went with her friend for shopping and I ordered few clothing and shoes for me online. I wanted to tell Tina to buy couple of saree and nice dress, but it will be too much demanding so I dint say anything.


Days were passing it was 12th Feb and I am supposed to leave from home and will be waiting at friends place. I see Tina was shy like never before, she talked with me Bhaiya I hope everything will be fine and god will forgive us. I hold her hand and said yes. I talked with everyone at home I am leaving see you next week and left the house. Tina in the evening went at parlor to do full body wax, body polishing, manicure, pedicure, facial and all. On 13th she too left the house and went at her friend’s house who stay near to the airport. Tina told her friend that she has a flight early in morning so she will stay here.


Tina booked a mehndi wali to come at her friends place in the evening. Tina put the bridal mehndi on her hand and on her legs as well. Tina slept in another room and told her friend not to get up, She will manage and will be leaving early she has booked the ola cab as well. My heart was beating fast as I was at airport early morning. I got a call from Tina, that she has taken the cab and will reach airport in 15 minutes. Finally I see an ola cab coming and like always Tina gave me a surprise again. I saw her coming out of cab. She was wearing baby pink color chiffon saree with sleeveless blouse. She had mehndi till her elbow, her hair were open and she did straightening as well, she was wearing red and white color bangles which newly married girls wear. She had a sindoor as well and a mangalsutra. She was looking a perfect newlywed young bride.


For a minute a thought came in my mind to leave everything and get married with Tina in real and settle somewhere away from all the relatives. I met Tina; she was shy to be in front of me in like this. Even I was feeling shy, my real sister is my wife now and we are going on a honeymoon. We both were quiet and went inside and did the check-in. There were few couples as well but we were looking the best out of all, especially when Tina was so nicely dressed. We were feeling very shy to talk to each other. Tina was blushing like a real new bride. Time came to board the flight, Tina took the window seat. My hand was touching her hand, it was very smooth like milk. Finally the flight took off and Tina hold my hand and this made both of us little comfortable to talk as a married couple.


In flight talk


ME – Tina, you are looking extremely beautiful and very sexy, how come you got this idea to be?


Tina – I was very excited when we discussed about been like a married couple and go for honeymoon. I always dreamt about the perfect honeymoon and I wanted it to be the perfect. My husband should not look at other girls.


ME – But this is extraordinary, I am impressed.


Tina – I know, I was at parlor for 2 times in this week, I did a perfect newlywed shopping, you will see. I took this bangles, I took sindoor and bindi to be like a married girl.


ME – Wao, Tina I really love you. You have made me think of getting married to you in reality.


Tina – Lets not talk about anything else, we are married for next 6 days.


She smiled and put her head on my shoulder. I kissed her head said I am feeling very lucky to have you.


We reached Kochi by 8:30 Am. Tina took out her goggles and was looking a high class girl. I still cannot forget her first look with pink saree. We had already booked the package and the cab was waiting for us at the airport. We took the cab and it took us to Munaar. It’s a hill station around 3 hour’s journey from kochi. We signed the formalities at the reception and a room was allotted to us. It was a spacious room with a big balcony view of the valley. We got settle down and looked in each other eyes. We again became conscious about our relation of brother and sister. The girl who tied rakhi to me every year is now in my front on a honeymoon as my wife. We came close and hugged each other with affection.


We started kissing each other but very slowly. Slow kiss is one of the best kiss. Tina loves kissing a lot. It was so nice about this kiss, her left over of lipstick was smelling wonderful and taste was just awesome. Little bit of her thick saliva was getting on my lips and inner part of lips. This kiss went for 10 mins and I tried to take a step ahead. But to my surprise Tina asked to stop and said no; Let the first night be like a real first night for you. I was not sure how it was going to be, but we had a bath and took a nap hugging each other. It was very cold in kerala, we got up by 2 PM because we were supposed to go for a Kundal Lake for pedal boating.


Tina got dressed up in salwar suit and was looking a perfect newlywed wife. She asked me to put the sindoor on her forehead. It was a very romantic moment for me, been a real brother I was putting sindoor to my sister, she wore the mangalsutra as well and with her newlywed looks we came out of our resort. Our cab was ready and we went at the dam for boating. Due to fog the boating was not available but we spend very good time there at the garden and eating. There were all honeymoon couples. Later we went at blossom garden and came back to report by 8 PM. We both knew that in few hours we will be having our first sex of our honeymoon. I had already kept varieties of condoms with me. I got fresh and wore my Bermuda and t-shirt, Tina asked me to go out for some time while she take bath and want to get ready.


I went outside for a short walk and after 45 minutes got a call from Tina please come in your wife is waiting for you. My heart was beating like never before. I was not at all sure how she will be and this will be our first sex in honeymoon. We had sex 2 times till now but it was just to fulfill the sex desire, it was all from my end. Tina was not much active and it was with a tension of getting caught. But this is going to be something different. I finally reached the room, the door was not locked from inside.


I went inside and saw my sweet little sister is dressed in like a bride in red saree, she had little jewelry, nice makeup, and glossy red lipstick. The bed was decorated with rose petals. It was so unbelievable to see that Tina took this honeymoon so seriously and made it so perfect. I went close to her looked in her eyes and yet again the shyness was on her face, she was not able to look directly in my eyes and her lips were shivering as well. Tina smelled wonderful; I hugged her and whispered in her ears “I Love You”. Kissed on her checks and out my fingers on her red glossy lips and touched them with my lips.


We started kissing nicely and while kissing I started removing her earrings. I made her sit on bed; her lipstick was disturbed and was on my lips as well. I took off her pallu her blouse was showing her white milky cleavage with mangalsutra hanging on it. Her hair were tied with clutter, I removed it and made them free. I started putting rose petals from the bed on her body and removing it with my mouth. I unhooked her blouse and removed it completely.


Tina was wearing a very nice silky red bra which made me more erotic and I removed it with a rush to eat her melons. This was the first time I was sucking her boobs very nicely and Tina was enjoying it too. I started licking her chest with my tongue and saliva all over neck. She was moaning in pleasure. Her open hair, disturbed sindoor and lipstick were making her looks more erotic and like a perfect newlywed wife having sex. I removed my t-shirt and I slept on her boobs. Her boobs were crushed by my chest and erect nipples touching my chest were making me hornier. Again we looked in each other eyes and gave a smile, can’t believe we real brother and sister have crossed the limit so much that we are on honeymoon. We kissed in passion exchanging out tongue and saliva in each other mouth.


I slowly took off her saree and petticoat and my lovely sister was in her red panty. She started feeling shy; I took off my pants and was in underwear with a full erect 7.5 inch dick popping out. I went down and started kissing her from her knees. Her legs were smooth as milk. She had done skin polishing before coming to kerala. Every touch of mine was making Tina moan in pleasure. I came till her thighs and started removing her panty. Now I can see her clean shaved pussy. Pre cum was flowing from it. It was the first time I was looking at her pussy so closely. I started kissing her pussy, Tina started moaning in pleasure. I put my middle finger inside her pussy and started licking her pussy. While kissing I removed my underwear. I kept on kissing her pussy for 10 mins and her shoot cum from her pussy. Even in Ac we she was wet with sweating.


I started kissing again inside her pussy and slowly moving up towards her stomach and then her lovely boobs. I was kissing her right boob and my hand was pressing he left boob. My dick was about to enter the pussy, I asked Tina if it is fine without condom, She said yes but wait. She made me sleep on bed and came on top of me. Her horny looks were making me hornier. The mascara of her eyes was disturbed and was looking dam sexy. Her open hair, mangalsutra, her juicy lips was all amazing. For the first time Tina took the control and started kissing me passionately and then licking my neck and biting my nipples as well. My dick was never so erect before and I was sure she gonna give me a blowjob.


She moved at my dick, holds that in her hand and was confused how to start and what to do; she looked in my eyes with lust and confusion. This moment was so different to see my real sister holding my dick in her hand and want to suck it. Tina first gave a small kiss on the head of my dick and then took a bit in her mouth. She was little uncomfortable with the taste of my cum but then it was all about been husband and wife on a honeymoon. I was heaven when she took my dick in her mouth, this was the first time for me and as well as for her. I was difficult to hold my cum and don’t want to cum in her mouth so I asked her to move. I hold my cum and rolled on bed on top of her. My dick was touching her pussy and my body was on her. Our lips started again kissing each other exchanging a lot of saliva and the most passionate one. Hearing “Fuck me bhaiya” made me crazy and took her legs up and was started inserting my erect dick in her pussy. It could have been difficult to go inside but the pre cum was making it much easier.


I inserted it deep inside and it was the most awesome feeling for both of us. It was like I am breaking her virginity and it all happened in most wonderful. I keep it deep inside and slept on her body and us both smiling to each other and started kissing with our tongue in each other mouth. I started my pace and Tina started the moaning slowly, and soon I increased the pace to which Tina responded with loud moans, we were not afraid of anyone for noise. We were in heaven with this sex adventure, while fucking we were kissing each other, exchanging saliva. I was about to cum and confirmed again and she nodded oh yesss cum inside me fuck me bhahiya and with a loud moan I cummed deep inside her pussy. We both hugged and stayed in same position for few minutes and then we looked in each other eyes and kissed again. I removed my dick from her pussy and cleaned with tissue paper and went to bath to clean. Tina also cleaned her body changed into a nice new night gown. She kept her mangalsurta as it is and did some very light makeup and put just lip gloss. She came in the blanket hugged me and kissed me. We both said finally we had a nice start to our honeymoon. We slept hugging each other.


Next morning we woke up together and got ready for next destination, Tina wore 1 piece dress and asked me to put sindoor on her forehead and we moved to another location. We had lot of fun in these 5 days and almost had sex 2 times a day sometimes even 3. It was our last day of honeymoon and we both were upset to go back home and specially Tina as she will have to wear normal jeans and top with no makeup no mangalsutra no sindoor but we are brother and sister and this is the fact. Just before leaving the hotel Tina hugged me tightly and had tears in her eyes and said we have crossed the limit not one could imagine what have we done, but I liked it and with tears in her eyes she smooched me really very hard and we both were out of control and got lied on bed.


While kissing Tina took of my belt and opened my jeans and came down like a hungry slut and started giving me the best blow job. I was about to cum, and I asked her to move but she was not stopping at all and was sucking it she will never get chance to do so. I cummed in her mouth and still she was sucking me some cum was coming out of her mouth and rest she swallowed I think but she was still sucking me. This was too one of the best feeling which I will never forget in my life, my sister sucked me like hell. She made me hard again and while sucking she came in 69 position which was an invitation to suck her pussy, I started sucking her pussy wildly and same way she was sucking my dick. It was more than 20 minutes she was sucking me.


Tina was out of control and was moaning very loudly and screaming fuck me and turned towards my face kissed me and our saliva was coming out of our mouth, I inserted my dick in her pussy and for the first time put my finger in her asshole. We both started moving on bed, Tina was enjoying it all and so do I. I cummed a lot in her pussy and slowly removed my finger from her ass hole. We both were exhausted and hugged each other and kissed. We noticed our room door was open, we forgot to close it and we even had a doubt that someone saw us. Tina was moaning very loudly.


Finally we got ready and came out of our hotel and went at airport, we both took the flight to pune. Tina went home first and I stayed at a hotel and went home next day so no one will have doubt. Tina was home when I reached, she was wearing suit. I asked her why so formal at home then she said that she has love bites all over her body. Now our relation is entirely different we don’t feel shy of each other and been brother and sister. While writing this story I showed her the Part 1 to Tina, and she had no problem in sharing it to the world.

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