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Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife

My name is Ranveer and I am 25 years old. I am happily married to a beautiful girl for the past 3 years. My wife Kritika is 6 years younger to me. She got fair complex, big eyes, long face with long hair and fairly good height of 5.6. I work for a MNC as chief executive engineer which involves lots of travelling. We live in Pune and I usually travel to Mumbai every month for my work. My wife is house wife. When I am not around she passes her time by watching movies and reading books. She is a very charming and loving. Only thing she hates in this world is cockroaches. She is very scared of cockroaches. She has given me maximum pleasure in bed and I never complained. But since I travel a lot and I am away from her every month for at least 10 days and sometimes even 15-16 days and I am left without sex for those days. During my travel when I have strong desire to have sex I go to a pub and look for a temporary hook up. Since I am good build with a good look, I easily get girls. I usually delete all the communication texts/calls/emails details with these girls before heading home so that my wife does not get to know about it. I have sex with other girls not because I am not happy with my wife or she is not beautiful. She is the most beautiful girl I could have ever got. I never had sex with other girls when I was in Pune. I was very happy person – good job, beautiful wife, lot of travelling and sex with other girls was an extra incentive until one day!

I was in Mumbai for work and hooked up with a girl for. Usually I delete all texts but this time I forgot to do that. When I returned my wife accidently checked my phone. She read my texts. I was caught red handed! I did not have any excuse because those texts were very explicit in nature and no explanation could pacify her. I thought it is better to confess and say sorry with a promise of not doing it again but she was not ready to listen. She did not talk to me for a week and it was becoming unbearable. I loved her very much and could not bear her anger. For the entire week she was in tears and whenever I try to talk to her she did not let me. She declared that she would never allow me to sleep with her! Finally I broke. I was repenting but she was not looking at me at all. I cried like a kid. I explained to her that it was just a one night hook up and I would not do that again. She gave in. She could not bear to see me in tears and finally forgave me (but she never forgot what I did).

My life was not the same now. Whenever I would go out she would always suspect me. She would always check my phone and emails. When we would go out and if she found me staring at other girls, she would sneer at me. Even at home for every now n then she would remind me about that one night stand. It was agonising for me. I loved my wife very much and could not tolerate the way she was treating me. One day I thought I should get my wife’s background checked because she is very beautiful and must have had a boyfriend or at least a brief affair. I knew that she did not have sex before marriage as she lost her virginity to me on wedding night! I contacted some of her friends and tried my best to get any information related to her past but unfortunately she never had any boyfriend or any affair. She is from a very traditional family where these things are forbidden. She never went outstation without her family not even for a collage trip! I was disappointed. I was very scared whenever my wife would check my phone. I have completely stopped going around with other girls. I’d lived in that atmosphere of fear and anxiety for three months. Finally I thought that I need to do something.

I thought that my wife never had any affair or sexual encounter before marriage but what if she gets hooked up with another man for one night stand! This idea just excited me. But I was apprehensive coz it was very dangerous thought. First I could never bear another man having sex with my wife! Secondly there was a risk of losing her if other guy turned out to be a good one! But on the other hand I did not want to be treated like a Rocky and my wife suspecting me all the time. Not only mine but her own life became equally miserable. It was natural for her to suspect me whenever I was in Mumbai. I thought I have to do it even if it involves risk of losing her. And it was a risk worth taking!

I knew that if I tell her to go for one night stand she would never do it and would make my life more despondent. But somehow I had to get her ready for this and I discreetly started working on it. One day I teased her that what she would do, if she gets someone who is better than me. First she was surprised as she did not expect this kind of question from me. To my disappointment she replied that she is not characterless like me! And I got ended up with a long sermon on morality! But I did not give up. I started talking about other guys in bed with her. It was little awkward for her. Once when I came back from Mumbai I told her that I had a dream that she had sex with a very handsome guy in my absence and I felt betrayed. Since I have been talking to her about other guys and already asked her what she would do if she gets someone better than me, my wife laughed and said that at least I realised how bad I felt with mere a dream of her with another man! And jokingly asked me how I would feel if she actually does that. I took her in my arms and kissed her and I said “My Love. I know you would not do that”!

Now every week I would cook a dream and would tell her that I am seeing her with other men in bed! She would just laugh and sometimes she would tease me saying that she actually might do that! This encouraged me as I was going in the right direction. My life was changing for better. My wife would mention my dreams often now and not my affairs with other girl. As n when she would suspect me when I come back from my trips, she would threaten me that she may sleep with another guy! Every now n then she would tease me going with another man! My idea was working.

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