Tuesday , June 6 2023

Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife

My name is Ranveer and I am 25 years old. I am happily married to a beautiful girl for the past 3 years. My wife Kritika is 6 years younger to me. She got fair complex, big eyes, long face with long hair and fairly good height of 5.6. I work for a MNC as chief executive engineer which involves lots of travelling. We live in Pune and I usually travel to Mumbai every month for my work. My wife is house wife. When I am not around she passes her time by watching movies and reading books. She is a very charming and loving. Only thing she hates in this world is cockroaches. She is very scared of cockroaches. She has given me maximum pleasure in bed and I never complained. But since I travel a lot and I am away from her every month for at least 10 days and sometimes even 15-16 days and I am left without sex for those days. During my travel when I have strong desire to have sex I go to a pub and look for a temporary hook up. Since I am good build with a good look, I easily get girls. I usually delete all the communication texts/calls/emails details with these girls before heading home so that my wife does not get to know about it. I have sex with other girls not because I am not happy with my wife or she is not beautiful. She is the most beautiful girl I could have ever got. I never had sex with other girls when I was in Pune. I was very happy person – good job, beautiful wife, lot of travelling and sex with other girls was an extra incentive until one day!

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