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Hot Indian wife gets with another man

Hi my name is khalid, I live in Mumbai, married for 5 years to a beautiful and sexy women, we both are 27, before our marriage I had a lot experience in sex while my wife was a virgin.

Well things went hard at beginning as Indian girls are always protected from outside evils and are taught that sex is evil and then after marriage they are again told to service their man, so it took me time to train my wife in art of sex, she learnt all matters of sex anal, oral, all positions that in all hundreds of women I have had sex I have never experienced so much pleasure with any other women.

If I call her names during sex she enjoys more, I call her slut, bitch, if I talk about two cocks she enjoys more, she screams at me that why don’t I get her another cock.

Now she has a very sexy body, all my friends and cousins look at her with lust, but they don’t have guts to approach her, in a way I think man will always remain fools, they don’t know that women need, what they need is cocks.

Now I even tried hinting to a cousin of mine, but he could not do anything, what do they expect that that I come and tell them openly to fuck her, or she holds their cocks.

So one day I decided to make it a fact with a stranger, whereby there will be no risk of us being known, so I made her wear a skirt and shirt with buttons in front and visited a sleazy theatre where they show those Indian adult movies, I had visited these theaters before my marriage, you can have your cock sucked free by a your neighbor or whore might do it for 3$, the light is dim and no interference.

One inside the theatre we sat ourselves in the back area where only one man was sitting about 5-6 sits away from us. The movie was already 45 minutes gone, we could see a lot of flesh.

My wife was embarrassed and nervous to be in such a place but after 5 minutes I placed her hand on my 7″ inch cock she started fondling it, and I started playing with one of her boobs soon I could see she was get excited then my eyes fell on the guy who was near us, he had his cock out and was playing with himself while looking at us, this was making my wife more excited, my wife was trying not to look at him but after every few seconds her eyes were on his cock which she could not see clearly due to darkness.

So I slowly started opening all her shirt buttons and pressing her boobs while she took my cock out of my jeans and started playing with it, I started pinching her nipples and she started moaning, I then asked her if she wants to see his cock in light as she could not see his cock in the darkness, she asked me How, I said he can use his Mob light and show you his dick, she asked me how can we pass that massage to him, I said that easy, but do you really want to see it and I pinched her nipple and she said YESSSSS, so I opened her bra and used my mob light on her tits and she tried to hide her boobs, I told her I you want to see his cock you will also have to show him something, she agreed and I again did same with my mob, and showed her beautiful tits to that stranger, the man become so excited that he started masturbating harder, then I started sucking on her boobs while my mobile light showing him all, and then I showed him my cock to indicate that he do same, so that what he did and me and my wife could clearly see him jerking his 8 ” cock harder.

My wife had become so excited that I put my hand inside her skirt to play with her choot (pussy) through her panty, her panty was wet and I put my had inside her panty and started playing with her clit while she had one hand on her tit pressing it for the guy while her other boob was being sucked by me.

I then asked her, do you want both your nipples sucked together, she was a bit hesitant but agreed , so I indicated they guy to come and sit near her, and the guy came in such a hurry that I had to laugh, I told him just play and suck her tits, so both of us were sucking her boobs and I told my wife to hold his dick , so she placed her right had on his dick while left on my dick and he also placed his hand under her skirt and started caressing her lovely thigh, my wife was moaning, I was sure everybody could here us , but were so excited I did not care, now my wife had her both tits sucked, and had both cock in her and while both of us were playing with her choot (CUNT).

We all three came together so hard and then,my wife was so embarrassed that we just went away from the theater took a cab and ran from there, I hope this is just a start of other things to come.

After this experience our sex life was better and we had become more open with each other, We were thinking of another such experience but I did not want to visit a theatre, I wanted something different after thinking for many days I recalled something which happened to me about 7 years ago in Virar Train.

For those who are not familiar to the train System in Mumbai, Virar train has capacity of carrying 1800 passenger but due to over population at any given time it has minimum of 6000 passenger.

Before my marriage I used to travel in this train to go to work, at that time I was still young and did not have this belly I carry now, I used to get girls very easily but in that train I learnt that even man were attracted to me.

It used to be so overcrowded that you get surrounded from all sides and you have to keep at least one hand up to hold the Handle and any sudden movement will get you Pervert Exploits from other passenger, One morning I felt a guys hand on my Lund(Cock), well I just thought that its not intentional but as I did not react slowly he started playing with my cock which responded to his touch, I could have moved but as the touch was not different then a girl touch so I let him have his fun.

I used to travel in this train for a full year and this period at least once a month got somebody to play with my cock. Once I got a women to do that also, It so happened I was standing in my normal place and a couple entered in the train as these were last stop it was not that heavily crowded or women do not enter the Gents compartment, So after they came in they stood near me, The guy was standing in such a way that that no one could see me nor could he as he was facing away from me, The lady started touching and playing with my Lund, They were only there for 2 stops but whew it was hot.

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