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Hot Mom Ruchita’s Banged

December 23 2010: 2 am morning..Pitch dark.. painful moaning of a bitch outside the window… It broke his sleep. The moaning continued which prompted him to look outside the window. An angry growl.. In the darkness beyond the boundary wall of his house’s backside in the bushes he could see a dog trying it hard to get into that bitch .. Her wailing didn’t please him. Another dog watching them with his erect penis and open mouth waiting for his time to come. But it seemed forever. The bitch tried hard to get off by wriggling and running and moving but was forced by angry growl of the dog on top of her and the other seemed to be biting her neck. Ricky felt bad.. It reminded him of not so long memories that he tried to forget.

Something similar which happened.. It made him feel bad but at the same time got him goosebumps at that chill of the night..Memories of moans and screams.. Of someone close to him.. .. He regretted of having watched it.. How he wished he hadn’t been there to see this..he felt enraged. At least if he wasn’t there, his head would have been clear and his mood wouldn’t be like this at all.!!

Two months back. It was beginning of October. His cousin sister was home with them to go for an outing.. She looked very beautiful,just one year younger to him. He 20 and she is 19. They had their farm house at the outskirts of the city. his dad wanted to come to but he had to fly to Singapore for some business meeting. His dad’s hard work gave them all the riches he had, plus his dad got himself a beautiful and hot girl named Ruchita , his mom. She was more than an angel to him. Having a beautiful, hot and sexy mom, made him a proud son of hers among boys. They never told him that they liked his mom, but their eyes n stares were more than enough!! his school watchman used to talk vulgar about her, and even his watchman’s friend!

His cousin sister wasn’t bad either. She had told him before of boys stalking her. But he guessed this is life for him. Having such beautiful women around him always whom men and boys can’t resist.

So they were all set for their trip to the farm house supposedly some 30 kms from their city where they lived. They reached there at around 11 am. Got all unpacked. his sister(cousin sister) went out strolling in the garden looking around the plants and beautiful flowers. his mom went up to get fresh. She changed from her Saree to a loose fitting shirt and pajamas. While he walked around with his sister. they enjoyed their stay in all. they played cards, carom, badminton and talked and all stuff. Mom really wished that dad was there. Well being an adult he surely know why. Two days passed. And they were all set to return home and left around at 9 pm from their farmhouse. they were just about to pass the toll booth in a few minutes when their left tires got punctured. his mom was worried as they still hadn’t entered the city,or it would have been easy to get help. they just couldn’t figure out what made the tyre to go flat. his mom asked him to go a bit further the road to look for any garage or place to rest. Unfortunately there wasn’t. he returned, his sister soon said that she saw a hotel behind which wasn’t far away. But still they had some bags and also how could they leave the car right there?? That’s when he realized that the hotel owner must have put some nails on the road by purpose to bring customers to his hotel. his mom saw two men with shabby clothes Walking towards them. From their clothes dirt u could say that they were mechanics. She told him to ask them for help. he saw them looking at them and coming at their direction and the other lean man was staring at his mom from top to bottom and told his companion something and they both murmured in unison. he told them about the car.

The leaner man said”Haan bhabhi hum mechanic hain, acha hain ki humne aap ko dekh liya nahi toh is raat main apko yahan koi nahi milta.” Idiots! he told them the problem, he initiated and they ignore him and start to talking to his mom!!

His mom smiled at them and they looked at each other and smiled.Those two asked him to push the car and they three pushed the car and took it to the garage. The garage and the hotel were both side by side. The hotel didn’t look very good, but they had to rely on it.

On the way he noticed The bigger man Kept looking at his mom in the rear view mirror . his mom and sis were walking behind them. he knew these bastards were hungry for her body. his mom had worn a red sleeveless t-shirt and a white jeans with black belt while his sister was in her Capri and black shirt. Even in this dark his mom’s skin shone like anything! She actually was milky fair, Round heavy boobs and a figure like any Indian actress. She used to frequent gym regularly.

After reaching the garage his mom and they took all the belongings from the car and went to the hotel. There only three people were present. The manager,his assistant and his son. All three were playing cards. When the boy saw them he mentioned to his father. All of them looked at them but then stared lustfully at his mom and his cousin sister. The elder two were continuously looking at his moms boobs and her hips.. Yes mom is very sexy. He even used to masturbated thinking of her, but then thought it was bad so stopped fantasizing of her. his mom asked them for a room for them. The other of the elder man went up and the manager told them to sit on the wooden plank. his mom told “Acchcha saaf ruum dena ”

“yes madam bas ek minute” .They told them that since it was late they would have to do with tiny rooms. But for that they would charge them more. So mom booked two rooms. One for herself and other for him and his sis. his mom whispered to him to take care of sis. he nodded.

They went up .The room didn’t have much space. A bed a bathroom cum toilet and nothing else. They didn’t like that at all, but they had no choice. . He and his sister settled in their rooms. They were about to sleep when mom came to their room and checked if all was well. Then said goodnight and went away. An hour or so passed and his sis well asleep. He just looked out at the window . Dark night . Pin drop silence. Suddenly he heard some voices. Some female voices. He went near the door And heard his mom talking to someone. He placed his ear on the door

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