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Hot sex with Lucy aunty

Hi this is Deepak again from kongunadu, this narration is all about how I ended up in to sex for the first ever time in my life and became my journey as sex addict. Now coming back to the story, this story starts from my annual holidays.

I think school goers of South India knows more about annual holidays. that is a two months of heaven for any school goers, as my native was in karur, I use to visit my aunts house in erode for almost every annual holidays, and we have a small group of friends there to play and enjoy in the ground there,

my aunt was staying in centre part of erode, but this story is not about my aunt its one of the neighbor aunty in the flats, a family of christian lived to opposite of my aunts house,i love all of them in their family except a boy who was 23 yrs old at that time, he always has the habit of dominating me while playing and he teases me always,

and each when I go to my annual holiday the big temple pooja also comes the same time. One time while we were playing pouring water ( manjal neeratu vizha), I intentionally spilled some water on his new looking dress, he straight away slapped me, and I made a collateral damage by complaining it to his mom and dad, and he got so screwed up because of this,

from that time onwards we both become good enemies, he always teased me, and then from next year he was studying in some hostel I couldnt find him I his house while in there, Then after 5 years when I reached my 12th,,,,,hi parents and he came to our house in karur, and gave us his invitation for marriage, that time he talked to me so sweetly, but I missed the marriage due to my public exams,

then after the exams I visited my aunts house, for 3 days I couldnt see him and then I get the news that he is on a trip to Andaman for his official project. Then after 6 days its the day for water pour (manjal neeratu vila ) again I was preparing for that and we friends usually go to the terrace and them pour water on each other,

this time I was having a mug of water waiting behind the tree for my friend to come that side, I saw someone was coming suddenly I came outta nowhere and poured the water on a beautiful lady who was with a travel bag, she was full wet I couldnt take of my eyes at her wet assets I was really shocked to find that she is not from this area,

out of fear I just ran in to my house and after some time I just came out seeing the lady by her face again I was about to run inside, she caught me this time and made me follow her in to their house by reaching the back side she poured a bucket of water on me and started laughing, I was really coming back to my senses and neighbor aunt also laughing at us, then we started playing like friends, I started calling her lucy akka ( sister).

From next day onwards, we become good friends and were talking about my future plans in studies. Lucy : what course u wanna study and where? ME: ece in any college but only in Chennai I told her, Lucy : Why do you prefer Chennai, she asked, Me: because I can enjoy life, to which she smiled and asked about my gf history, to which I became really sad and told her I am not having luck in that things yet.

Then she suddenly told me you can enjoy life even here but u have to look for opportunities. by saying that she rushed in to her house with a naughty smile, I just couldnt understand her queues, then after two days my cousin and my uncle got chicken pox so we did our traditional things and lucy akka also helped us.

My aunt asked me to get some neem leaves for some procedure so I was going to our back yard with a small plastic stool and after sometime lucy akka too followed me saying she will help me in plucking up the neem leaves, at first I didnt get my hands to the leaves but I managed to get some of the leaves but it was no use as they need a lotta leaves for that,

by seeing me lucy akka smiled at me and said move deepak let me help but please hold the chair and me carefully, I said ok and was holding the chair she lifted her saree and tied in her waist part, so that I could see her dark waist and navel clearly, I was in full concentration on her navel, she plucked some leaves but I didn’t care to collect it,i didn’t see her noticing me,

after some time she called my name “deepak ”, I came out of the navel dreams Lucy : what were u looking at deepak ( enna pakra deepak) Me: nothing sister (onum illa ka chumma ) Lucy : come on dont make me fool, this time her sound increased I startled (naan enna lossa)

Me : I was mum for at least 2 minutes with my head down, I suddenly heard a laugh reak down and was looking at her she told me are you feared of me deepak ( enna da enna pathu bayandhutiya), to which I didn’t react but inside I was feeling a big relief, She might have developed sympathy for me she called me Lucy : give me your hand ( kaiya kudra)

Me: for what akka ( edhuku ka ), she leaned down and got my hand and placed it on her lusty dark navel, I was in heaven even in that hot summer I was feeling my hands getting in to ice bar, I noticed her face, she blushed and turned back to her job, I watched the navel closely ever before, sweat drops all over her navel made my dick really big,

I just wanted to lick all the sweaty drops on her navel at that time, she called me to get the leaves now, I just came back to my world,,,that day I masturbated 3 times. Next day also same thing continued but this time I was more confident and as soon as she told me to hold her chair I placed my one hand on her navel and another hand on her tiny ass, she turned and smiled at me instantly,

She came down and stared kissing me on my lips, this is all happening right in front if a ditch where waste water flows,she stopped and asked me to get the leaves and come to her home, I followed her and as her mil and fil also got chicken pox, we cant mate in her house too, she called me to the terrace, you guys can imagine, it was too hot by 2 clock at afternoon,

she was not even a single shade to get some shadow, but perfect place to make illegal love as there would be nobody on terrace at that time. She caught me by my shirt and kissed me on the terrace, I could not even stand there because of the hotness but I have to because of her hotness, she licked me from lip to my full face, I was going wheeew,

she got my penis on her hand and playing with it, at that moment I lost my sensations about Fahrenheit, we both started sweating heavily she started to suck my dick like a child suck a candy, with in minutes I just bombarded my cum in to her,mouth, I said I was sorry and was about to leave, She got me by my dick and tole me that its my chance now,

she lied on that hot surface with out any hesitation,and pushed my head straight away in to her hairlicous pussy, I was struggling first then after sometime she guided me by her commands and now I got my rhythm, she suddenly pulled my head and placed my lips on her boobies and made me eat that,,,then with out waiting she got my dick and she crossed her legs over me,

deepak now look at me and kiss me, While I was kissing she cuddled me so that my dick enters her pussy,,, really it was so tight,,, she didn’t moan at all but I was in pain, I just made my effort and followed her commands, after 7 minutes I cummed in her again.

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