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Hot Sex With My Neighbors

I could hear the bang, but was it in my dream or was someone knocking on my door. Took me a second to realize it was the door. Getting up I could see that the thunderstorm that they had said would be coming has started. Looking thru the peephole I saw it was Allie. One of my neighbors. I opened the door, she looked scared. I didn’t get the chance to say anything, she said “ can I sleep on your couch tonight.” I said “sure, are you ok”. She said “ I am just scared of thunderstorms “. “ I am usually ok with Kelly being home”. “ But she is working and I do not like being alone when we have thunderstorms “. I told her “ ok, I will get you a pillow and a blanket “ She thanked me and walked to the couch.

It has been about a year that I have been living next door to Allie and Kelly. And this is the first time that either of them has been in my apartment. I was once in their place to help move something. But that is it. I was surprised she chose to come to my place to seek a secure place. I was not complaining, both of the girls are extremely attractive. I had heard from one other tenant that they were flight attendants. And they normally work together. Kelly had taken an extra shift. So that is why Allie was alone.

Took me about ten minutes to get back to sleep. It must have continued to thunder and lightning because when I woke up I found Allie sleeping in my bed. I didn’t even hear her crawl into the bed. She was still sleeping when I came back from the bathroom after taking a piss. She didn’t even have a blanket on her. And I noticed that she also sleeps naked. Guess I didn’t know she didn’t have any underwear on under her robe when she came to the door. I will say that only times I have seen the two at the pool wearing swimsuits. And they both have amazing bodies. Trying not to wake her I got back into bed. Just to relax and not try to wake her. I did notice that she was totally shaved. It also looked as though she never had any hair grow on her pussy.

Trying not to wake her, my dick was getting hard seeing her lying there naked. I wanted to just put my dick in her pussy, but also don’t want to be charged with Molestation. When she finally woke up I think she was shocked that she was in my bed and that she forgot that she had opened her robe during the night. She said that she usually sleeps naked. She looked at me and could see that my dick was hard. She wanted to see it. I didn’t hesitate and whipped it out. She was surprised at the size. She reached out and took it and put it in her mouth. It didn’t quite fit but she was trying. She then wanted me to fuck her. I held on to my dick and she mounted it. I think we fucked for a long time. She wanted me to fill her pussy with cum. I wasn’t sure about cumming in her pussy. She assured me that she was on the pill. So I shot my load deep in her pussy. She licked the rest of the cum off my dick and thanked me. She then put on her robe and when to her place.

I didn’t see the girls for a couple of days, which was not unusual since they worked during the day. I was coming back from my usual walk and they were at the pool. I waved and Allie smiled. She must have told Kelly about the other day because I saw her smile at me also. So I just headed up to my apartment. Needed to shower and get ready for the rest of the day. I was just about to get into the shower when I heard a knock on my door. I threw on a pair of shorts and went to the door. I didn’t bother to put on a shirt. Hoping it was the girls. I opened and it wasn’t them. It was the building manager. He handed me a piece of paper. He was dropping off at all the apartments in the building. It was a notice of the pool being closed for a week for maintenance. I thanked him and headed to the bathroom to shower.

Just about to get into the shower and someone knocks on my door. I turn off the water and then put on my shorts, and head to the door. Looking thru the peephole I see that it is Allie. I opened the door, and she is asked if she could come in. I told her yes. She entered and she asked me “ is it ok to stay here for a little bit, Kelly and I had a disagreement and I had to get away from her.” I said “ sure, no problem, but I am about to take a shower, so I will not be that long.” She said “ would you like to have company in the shower.” I said “ sure let’s go.” So we head to the shower and then we get in. I instantly got a raging hardon and she reaches for it and starts to stroke my cock, I reach down and start rubbing her clit, she starts to moan and I want to fuck her so bad. She turns around leans against the wall, and asks me to fuck her hard.

I place my cock against her clit rubbing it to get her off. She is moaning and then I put my cock in her pussy, she is matching my thrust and then I shoot my load deep in her. In my rush to answer the door I forgot to take a small dildo I had stuck on the shower wall. It wasn’t until we finished that Allie say it. She looked perplexed as to why it was there. I had to tell her that I had a fetish and that I liked to use it and put it in my ass when I was feeling really horny. She just looked at me and said “ok, we all have things we like to do.” She wanted me to show her how I use it. I took out a small bottle of lube and put it on it. Then leaned against it and put it in my ass. And continue to work it in and out. She reached down and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I was really surprised that she was stroking my cock. It felt good and I started to moan and told her that I was going to cum. She put my cock in her mouth and swallowed my whole load.

She decided to stay the night and we fucked a couple more times. She wanted me to use my dildo on her ass. She said he had never tried it in the ass. I grabbed it and also the lube. She was ready for it. I placed to against her asshole and slowly put it in. I also put my cock in her pussy, she was having an orgasm and moaning. I shot my load again in her. In the morning we once again took a shower together. She said that she did want to do one thing. I looked at her and she had my razor. She wanted to shave my balls and cock so that there would not be so much hair. I agreed and she must have done it before because she was done before I knew it. She wanted to show me how it feels, so she took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock and also licking my balls. She once again swallowed my load.

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