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Hot wife sex With driver sex story

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My name is Aarati . I am married for two years. My Husband is a big businessman. He works in his own personal office along with his staff from where he manages all his business empire. Today I was going to visit my friend travelling in my car. I was sitting alone in the backseat and our young driver was on the steering. The temperature was too hot. My husband was in his office. He called me to check where was I going. We lived in our posh locality. Our home had large lawns and a garage where we kept out two cars. He took the costly car with him, and my car don’t have Ac and its old one which belonged to my father-in-law. I told him so many times “you have so money, please give me a new car”. He promised but till now I am driving this one.

I told my driver to stop and told him. Ï am coming in front next to you. . He told me its much hotter here as the engine is here. “No problem, we can chat a little, you don’t have to turn your back while driving.”I decided, not to go to visit my friend. I wanted to freshen up . I told him to go to our farm house. There are fruit trees. I thought, I will take bath in our pond. We were going to our farm house where no one lives and the area is very lonely. I check my purse and found that, yes I have the keys to the gate.

He called somebody and I found he is changing the route. Then some unknown man waved his hands to stop. And he stopped the car. He said “He is my uncle , he wants to go with us, I will drop him nearby, can he come in ? He is nice man,. At first I hesitated. The man was very ugly and dark but he looked very strong. I thought for a moment, but as he was his relative, I said okay, but don’t tell anybody that I allowed a stranger in my car. They smiled, “no we won’t’”. He called another person in mobile. Wait for me in the LIC square, Then when he reached LIC square another .

Another man came near our car. He looked at my boobs and said ”so beautiful woman” and then got inside the car. They said where are we going.driver said to farmhouse., we will have fun”. I knew about this plan all along, but pretended as if I don’t know anything. Only driver knew I am aware. The man was not his uncle but a car mechanic he knew and another one was his friend who is very naughty. Before entering the car he inserted his hands inside and felt my boobs. I pinched his hands, get inside, this is not the right place. Then even in the car he got up and tried touch my boobs from behind. After struggling for one inute I let him grope my boobs . He felt my shape and size and was satisfied. “ ” madam aapka choochiyan”,, kya hua meri choochiyon ko. “. “bahut sundar hai aapki Chhoochiyan”. I replied . “Tumne sirf choowan hai dekha kahan”.

We reached the farmhouse. I opened the gate locks and said come in everybody. I locked the door. There are some fruit thieves who cross the boundary wall. I told them to check the area. After 5 minutes they came and said all clear. We went inside the house. We sometimes have party here. I brought some costly wine from the store. These poor people never tasted so much before. I took off my saree and in front of them and went to the pond in my saya and blouse. I dipped inside. I was relaxed from the summer heat. All of them were inside the house. Why they are not coming here to watch me?

I found it difficult to move in saya, so I got up and removed saya and blouse also. I was only in bra and panty. I found they were hiding behind a few trees and were actually watching me. I pretended as if I don’t know about their presence and dried my self with towel. I went inside and wore a blue shiny sleeveless blouse and blue silk saree. I did all I can to look beautiful with my lipstick, shades and perfumes. I called my hubby and informed him I am in my friend’s home so don’t worry if I am late. He doesn’t know which friend I am visiting, he doesn’t wants to know. I behave so nicely in front of my family.

I went under the shades of a tree. They came near me one by one. We sat down and had our lunch which we purchased from a good restaurant in the road. They poured the drinks in a glass. And we started talking. The talking became nasty. My driver wanted to have sex with me but never got any chance before. This was his first chance . as I got up and went in a corner which is not visible from the gate. I let my pallu drop.

He hugged me tightly and we started to roll on the ground. There was deep kissing. He grabbed my blouse and opened it. Then he opened my bra. He kissed my breasts and fondled them. The others joined and started to suck my nipples. I was not pregnant after two years of marriage. They wanted my milk which I didn’t have. I said make me pregnant. You will get milk. I became completely naked. And he opened his pant chain and brought his dick out. He separated my thighs and messaged my vagina. “aapka choot ko main apna lund daloonga, aaj aapko jamke chadunga main”. “aap kitmi gori hain, aapke dono choochiyan kitna sundar aur gol hai, gori gori choochiyan lall ho gaye hain, madamji”.

His erect penis was huge. He pushed his dick inside my pussy. It went half inside. He brought out a little and gave another push, now it was fully inside. Putting his hands over my boobs he went on doing my cunt’s chudai , he had fucked me . it was awesome having sex with my driver. I told him throw your liquid inside me. I felt his warm sperm flowing inside my pussy.

Then the mechanic and the helper whom I knew before cam and asked me love them. I opened their shirt and pants and made them naked. I held their head and forced them on my boobs. They rubbed their dirty mouths over my boobs. I held them as they kissed my boobs hard. They pulled my nipples. I rode over the mechanic and penetrated his dick in my pussy. I did up and down , my breasts were bouncing till we both came together. After half an hour I laid on the grass in Rockygy style as the helper fucked me.

Others watched my shaking boobs. They tried to pull my boobs and my nipples from sideways. I asked others to do foursome. Driver on my mouth , the helper went down, changing his position from behind. and the mechanic from behind , on my ass. He held my mouth and put his penis inside. It was full of semen and my own vaginal juice. The helper was having difficulty so I fucked him with strength balancing myself after he cummed on my mouth. I stood up to make it easier for both of them .

Now the helper was happy, he kissed my lips and my breasts. Holding both of my breasts he pushed his erect penis inside my cunt. The mechanic meanwhile was unable to hold my breasts , so he pulled my nipples and entered his dick in my asshole. It was a bit painful at first, but I wanted to do this. I was desperate. The double penetration was going on. My body crushed between two ordinary men. I am a rich woman, and I am having hardcore with poor men. My cunt and my ass was filled with their sperm after few minutes. We lied on the ground tired. We went back home. I decided to do this with them again and again. Maybe they will make me pregnant, and finally I can have someone’s baby in my womb.

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