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housewife fucked by brother in law

has happened between my neighbor and me. I was 28 years old when this
event took place in 2009. My physique was good, around 60 Kg weight and
5’5” height, handsome in looking. My house is in Nagarbhavi (Bangalore) society about 12 km away from the city. There was one bare plot close to my house. A person purchased it and built a house.

the construction was going on his family members were regularly coming
to see the progress in its construction. That time his wife speaks with
my wife. Her name is Swati (name changed), gorgeous about 32 years old,
62 kg weight and 5’6” tall with firm breasts and a D shaped tight sexy
ass. Well shaped may be 40-34-40, stout, good in looking and little bit
fare in color. She has flat belly deep naval, plump and thighs with lots
of space between them.

think nature has made her for fucking. She is postgraduate and was
taking classes of primary school students in their house. Later on as
she become more familiar with my wife; they used to speak for longer
time on this and that. She saw me many times but I never talked with
her. But one day when they were talking, I went near to them and she
told me about their bedroom size and other things and we had a
discussion on it.

talking, she was frequently looking at my crotch. When the house is
ready in 2008; he, his wife and their two kids came to live in it. She
started to come in our house almost two or three times in a week for
exchanging cooking materials. She used to sit and talk with my wife and
also with me for longer time. Many time I noticed that she is looking
eagerly at me from her eye corner. I feel her sexually hungry.

have gotten very friendly with her. In the seating position, either on
chair or sofa, she was frequently crossing her legs with slight lifting
of sari. While doing so I saw glimpses of her panty and small wet patch
on it. One day she came to our house. I was in our bedroom and naked.
While going in the kitchen she saw me and laughed. She blinked her left
eye and went further; I was ashamed of and not given any attention.

feel that it might have happened unknowingly. After two or three days
she asked my wife if I can look at their sewing machine and repair it.
So my wife told me to look at it and fix the machine problem. I
hesitated and refused to do it. But she insisted on it and I went in
their house. I opened the sewing machine and asked her to give me a
screw driver. She brought it and handed to me. But while moving away she
brushed her boobs on my back.

sat with knees up near to me and was looking constantly at me with a
smile on face. She pulled up her sari to her knees. I looked at her
below down through the opening, there was no panty, outline of her pussy
and a patch of hairs on pubic area was visible. The view was not that
much good. I didn’t give much attention towards her act as I was not
expecting it from married women.

I finished repairing and ready to leave, she asked me for a tea. While
sipping a tea we discussed about their family and relatives. She told me
that she has two brothers, father and mother. Her both brothers are
wine addicted and being a sister they are not giving any attention. I
told her that you may consider me just like your brother. That time she
became nervous and tear came in her eyes.

houses are such that their kitchen windows and our stair hollow blocks
are facing each other. The distance between the two windows is only
around 6 to 7 feet. We are staying on 1st floor. While moving down or up
on the stair; we see each other clearly through hollow blocks fitted in
the rear wall of staircase. In this way about two months were passed.
One day when I was going up; she looked at me and laughed.

ignored it and thought that it might have laughed due to a joke between
their family members. Next day she played a same trick and I came to
the conclusion that she is doing all this purposely. Every day around 5 pm
my wife is going for walk. On that day when nobody was at home; I sat
on our middle stair steps she was also in their kitchen. . I was on
Loongi and Baniyan.

she saw me, she laughed and started looking at me constantly. I haven’t
dared to speak. My penis was hard rod and had made a tent. My penis
size is about 7” and diameter 1.5” when fully erected. Slowly I lifted
my Loongi up, spread my legs so that she could see my hard cock clearly.
She laughed and spoke “are you alone at home? I said, yes. Then she
enquired about my son and wife. I told her that my wife has gone for
walk and son at his friend’s house.

while I noticed that she is looking at my hard cock through the block
holes. She was adjusting her head such a way that she could be able to
see the cock more clearly. I started rolling my left hand along the
length of rod. Her eyes were sparked by looking at my huge cock. She was
biting her lips with eager. Then she asked me for a tea. I went to
their door.

enquired about their other family members and she told me that her
husband has went to Hyderabad for some work and will not come until next
two weeks. My penis was still erect, she was looking at it and smiling
and I was also looking at her boobs and crotch while we were talking.
The tea was ready and she went in and bent down showing her round ass
towards to me. Lining of her tiny panty was visible. She was in a low
cut shear gown.

cleft was visible. Her nipples were protruding out through the shear
cloth. We heard a sound nearby and I left her saying thanks for a tea.
She waved her hand and said good bye in low sound. Next day morning
again I played a same trick and went down. But that time all were at
home and she told me that someone will see us, go away.

clearly I came to know that she is interested in me and I started
thinking about her boobs, vagina, clitoris and ass. That night I dreamed
about fucking to her and hardly slept for 2 or 3 hours. She told me
afterward that same was her condition. At morning of the third day I was
on our terrace and I went there purposely so that I can see her and
nobody will see me. She was washing clothes in their open laundry.

boobs were half open and cleft between them and a bra was clearly
visible. I said hi to her and waved my hands. She laughed and asked me
to come down. I went down and stopped at a place so that nobody will see
me except her. Mean while she finished washing, went inside and started
to do a work in the kitchen. I was sure that she was alone.

entered in their house through kitchen door, hold her hand and pulled
her inside. She came with me; I kept one hand on her boob and pressed
it. When I was going to take her in my arms, she told me that her father
is coming and you should go. Immediately I ran from their house. Next
day morning, at 9 am, I told my
wife that I am going down to do some work in the garden. Swati heard a
noise, came at kitchen window and laughed. I asked her, is there any

shook her head and said no. Then she opened kitchen door. I immediately
entered into their Kitchen, hold her hand and pulled her away from the
door. Then I put my one hand on her waist and another hand on her boob
and hugged her tightly to me. She pulled my head towards her and kissed
me on lips passionately. At the same time I put one hand inside her gown
and pinched her breast nipples lightly.

was not wearing a bra. I fondled and pressed both the breasts. This was
going on for 2 to 3 minutes. Then she said, father is coming, please
go. Immediately I left her house. Again next day morning I stood on
middle step of the stair and started looking at her through the holes.
She laughed and blinked an eye. She was quite confident about to develop
extra-marital relations with me and was looking horny.

went down and she signaled me to come in their bedroom from back door.
There are two bedrooms in their house. The bedroom which is on backside
has two doors and one is opening from behind. She opened it and I went
inside. She bolted both the doors from inside and started a fan. I
hugged her tightly and she to me. I planted kisses on her chicks, lips
and interlude our toungs passionately. She was in a gown.

pressed her both boobs and pinched nipples by putting hand inside her
gown from above. She was not wearing a bra. As we were not having
sufficient time, I lifted her gown up, also there was no panty. She had
come prepared for a fuck. Her pussy was nicely shaved. It was sexy and
soft. Only the upper part of a pussy was visible. I asked her about a
panty and bra.

told me that she has removed both for me. I ordered her for spreading
the legs. I kept one hand on her pussy mound and started caressing
passionately, another hand on her one boob and mouth on second boob. I
was sucking a hard nipple delicately holding it between my lips. She
kept one of her hands on my bulge and was pressing it slowly. She
aroused and started making a noise in low voice saying me that

am yours, please fuck me, my pussy is waiting for you since I saw you.
She was caressing my hairs. Both of us were breathing fast. She helped
me to remove my panty and saw my hard, erect penis. Her eyes were
sparkled by seeing my big tool. She moved her hand along its length; saw
at me and laughed. Then she asked me to hurry up.

asked her to bend down on knees. I followed her and went behind; saw
her ass and a pussy between her ass chicks. Her outer cunt lips are not
thick, but the clitoris is almost one inch long. I pulled clitoris and
pinched. She arches her body I opened the pussy lips to see inside of
the hole and the clit. Her love hole was small and reddish in color. I
went mad by looking at her pussy.

the time my rod became iron hard, straight, erected to its full size
and was throbbing. I put one hand on her hip, spanked another hip and
entered my middle finger in to her cunt hole and moved to and fro. The
liquid came out and cunt became slippery. It was her first orgasm. Then I
inserted two fingers and started finger fucking.

moaned and groaned I loved to do this, the faster and harder I did she
moaned louder and I responded to it. After one or two minute I stopped. I
opened her pussy lips by one hand; I guided penis head at the opening
of a hole by another hand and pushed. She ached, it was not going in. My
penis head is huge and round, bigger than the size of remaining part of
the penis.

I was fucking her first time, her vagina walls were not relaxed. I
pushed my cock into her forcefully. I felt like tearing her pussy. She
made a noise ouch I said “just relax my dear baby. Slowly I inserted two
inch of it in her. Then I moved it to and fro. My penis was slowly
going in then I suddenly plunged it forward. She made a noise ohssshhh.

entered my rod into her to its full length and stopped. It might have
touched to her womb. She was enjoying fucking and said yes, yes I want
it, don’t stop, please do it for your randy lover, you are a good
fucker. “Meri gand zawadi hai, tune meri gand fad di hai, aur fado ise,
tuhi meri gand ko thanda kar sakta hai, pahele kabhi aisa maja nahi
aaya, Kaha tha itane sal

cunt is hot, you have teared my cunt, tear it further, you are the only
one who can satisfy my pussy, I have never enjoyed like this, where
were you for last many years). Now she was relaxed and I was fucking her
with my enormous piston. This gave her courage and as she is an
experienced woman, her hips began to move forward and backward in

was trying to thrust her hips back as much as possible on my crotch.
Soon our movements speeded up.  Her vagina wall was tightening around my
penis. I caught hold her both boobs by my hands and started pumping her
pussy violently, Each time when penis tip hammers to her womb, she was
making a noise ohssshhh. Mean while she said fuck me, fuck me, dear fuck

and harder tera lund bahot bada hai, meri gand usse chahati thi, tera
lund mere gand ko bahot accha thokata hai, abhitak mere patine kabhibhi
meri gand aisi thoki nahi ” (You have a big dick my pussy wanted it,
your prick is pounding my pussy properly, my husband have not fucked me
like this at yet). You are my dear. Immediately she had an orgasm. I

came in waves and she gave out a heavy moan. Her uterus, G-spot and
cunt lips were well lubricated. I positioned myself and moved such a way
that my cock rubbed on all sides of her vagina. It gave me immeasurable
pleasure. I fucked her almost 10 minutes and finally I told her that I
am cumming. She told me to come inside; I want you become a father of my
child. I shot my semen deep inside her; when it was over slowly

started removing my penis, but it was not coming out due to contracted
vagina wall. Perhaps she wanted to take all semen in. Her pussy was
filled with my cumm and her juice. Finally as soon as I removed it, some
semen was oozing out through the love hole and the love hole was almost
to my penis size. She cleaned my penis by a napkin. I put on a panty,
kissed her and ran away to my house.

closed the door behind me. After half an hour she opened kitchen
windows, saw me and laughed. She was little bit shy. Satisfaction was
flowing over her face. By waving hands, in low voices she said to me,
now you are mine”, we are made for each other. On the same day afternoon
she gave me a miss call. I went down to see her. She was at their
kitchen door and told me that nobody is here and asked me to come in.

soon as I entered in their kitchen, she closed the door, took me to
their bed room, hugged me tightly and started crying. I was frightened
and asked her what has happened? She said nothing and told me that she
wanted a fuck right now. We caressed each other. I removed her sari,
panty and bra. She was totally naked before me. Then I asked her to
remove my dress.

took off my belt, removed my panty and T shirt. My penis was ready and
stood erect. She kissed its tip and leaked. She used another hand and
pulled on my balls down. She was really mad. She then took the rod in
her mouth and started sucking and licking to its full length and her
fingers were pinching my balls. She was not ready to leave it. My penis
head was now just like a cherry.

the time I was finger fucking her. Then we took a 69 position and
leaked each other genitals. I flicked her clitoris and she gave me a
good blow job. After that I told her to lie on a bed and climbed on top
of her. She spread her legs more widely for the easy access, took my
penis in her hand and held its tip at her vagina opening and slowly I
inserted it into her. She put her legs on my shoulders.

was lots of space between her thighs. I played with her boobs, sucked
the nipples when I was inside her. I started pumping her vagina
furiously with all my power. A plak, plak, plak sound was coming from
her cunt and that made me mad. I kept on stroking her very hard. She was
looking at me constantly during a whole session and moving her ass up
when I was about to insert a cock into her at its full length.

whole room was filled with our bodies slapping. She asked me to go fast
and hard and I increased the speed and banging hard on her pussy. I
went on fucking till she reached at her orgasm. Soon she frantically
humped and wave of orgasm flooded her. Then suddenly she started
clutching my prick inside her, she moaned and with a strong jerk she

I was hammering her cunt, deeper and harder, for almost fifteen minutes
and finally spurted a semen load at the opening of her womb. When I was
removing my cock, she tightened it by contracting her vagina wall; she
wanted more and more of my cock! This time there was no oozing of semen
from her vagina hole. We remain still and lie there in each other’s arms
for half an hour and exchanged our body heat.

had a great fucking desire. She brought me in the bathroom, applied
soap to my penis and crotch, washed and dried it by napkin and finally
she exclaimed “what a good penis you have?” She said this is the best
fuck she ever had in her life and thanked me and hugged me, we were
still naked and we didn’t want to separate. I asked her whether her
hubby’s penis and mine is same.

said his is small and yours is almost double. She told me that she was
dreaming to fuck me and have a life time extra-marital relation from a
very first day that she saw me. She kissed me, and said “You can have me
whenever you want!”. After this event we fucked almost every day and
night, at least two times, in her house as long as her hubby was away.

fucked in all positions and enjoyed a real fucking. Always she wanted
me to fuck her in Rockygy style and put semen at the opening of her womb.
One day she told me that her monthly is stopped and obviously I was a
father of her child. We had a serious discussion on it. I told her that
if the child looks like me then there will be a problem. She realized
the situation and dropped it.

on we saw a blue film on their TV when her hubby and children went to
their native place. I gave her a long fuck. I taught her how to fuck in
different positions; and now she is a good fucker like a professional
whore. We are habitual and we know each other’s needs very well. She
always takes liberty and women know how to take liberty whenever she has
a desire.

dear Swati has a great drive for fucking and she is always ready for me
when she gets a liberty. Many times we fucked in our houses, in the
garden during night and in the open field even in a day time. From the
day she has developed a sexual relation with me, she became more healthy
and attractive. Her husband has a suspicion on us but luckily all is
not known to him.

were fucking at least once in a week with same eager and energy.
Interestingly she managed a gap of two or three days when she has me
after her husband had her for a fuck. T my request, many times she
showed me a full view of her naked body at the terrace door hiding her
from others. I know each and every birth mark on her body.

she uses to show me her pussy with parted lips by seating down on floor
with knees up. I also showing her full view of my muscular body and
erected penis through our bed room window. In one summer we went for
ride on a bike. After travelling a long distance we were thirsty. There
was a well and sugar cane field closer to the road. We parked our bike
and sat on flat heap of tiny stones under the tree near the well.

place is circulated by big heaps of material taken out at the time of
well digging. Nobody was going to see us. In the seating position, I
opened my trouser flap and she removed her panty. I took my cock out and
she gave me a good blow job and I also finger fucked her by putting
hand inside her sari. Then she asked me to fuck her. I took her inside
the sugar cane field and fucked her in Rockygy style below the open sky in
the bright sun light.

I was ready to cum, I ordered her to take it in your mouth. She
obediently followed my order and took every drop of it, showed me with
wide open mouth. It was white and thick; she gulped it in one move.
While coming back to home, she told me that she wanted a girl child from
me so that in the form of a child our sweet memories will be with her

is treating me as a boyfriend and she assured me that our relation will
last long till she is alive. I never asked about her age. Now the
family moved to another nearby city due to a transfer of her hubby. But
we never forget to meet and fuck at least once in a month. Four months
before to this date (31st Dec. 2011) I brought her in the nearby forest. We crossed a small hill and sat under a big tree on a blanket. I asked her “are you Ok?

said, jab tak tu mere sath hai to muze koi chinta nahi ( I have no fear
whenever you are with me). She removed her trouser and tiny panty just
before me, pussy was cleanly shaved and was shining, sat down and pissed
and I was looking at it. I helped her to remove her bra. Her breast
buttons were erect and pointed. We lie down on blanket and immediately
started our work. She sucked my toung. She is great for sucking.

massaged her boobs and thighs by my palm, kissed each part of her body,
fondled and sucked her boobs, finger fucked her by four fingers at a
time. I asked her to kneel down. She took my whole cock in her mouth,
gagging slightly. She gave me wonderful blow job, no teeth and only lips
and tongue playing circles around my head, it was amazing.

nobody was going to hear us I started spanking her with no mercy. With
every spanking she was dripping out a liquid from her pussy. Her ass
became reddish due to spanking. But she never asked me to stop it. I
fucked her in Rockygy style and asked her to lie down. I banged her from
behind with her one leg up. She then moved on top of me, guided my penis
by her hand and fucked me by circulating her ass in rhythm and moving
up and down.

took her down without uncunting and moved on top of her, parted her legs
wide. I hammered her with all my power without stopping. She placed her
legs on my shoulders. Sound was coming from our body slapping. I
crushed and fucked her such a way that she will remember our love making
forever. She was screaming like a whore. This was the first time I
heard her scream.

pubic hairs and genital parts were totally sticky and slippery due to
her constantly flowing love juices. Finally I pressed her pubic area so
hard, my cock went deeper into her, she closed her eyes, moving her ass
up she screamed loudly and I spurted hot semen load into her womb.
Simultaneously she had a long intense orgasm and she was tightening her

longitudinal (contraction followed by relaxation) waves passed through
her vagina. She was milking me. After that I relaxed on her body. My
dick was still in her vagina. We both were heaving and kissing. She was
caressing my back. I lied on her flat body, I didn’t know for how much
time, my prick was limp and I took it out. This time not a single drop
came out from her pussy.

might have taken all semen in her womb. Her pussy was reddish, swollen
and cunt hole was clearly visible. We both sighed. We were hot and
completely wet from our body sweating. In low voices she said “Agar tum
mere pati hote to mai har rat tuze chodhne ko kaheti” (if you were my
husband, I might have asked you for fucking in every night)

hugged each other in our arms and remained in slipping position almost
for one hour with my middle finger in her pussy. My penis was in her
hand. The air stream was cooling our bodies. There I asked her, why you
have not tried before as soon as we come to know each other? Then she
told me, it was in my mind from very first day we became a neighbor, I
was frequently coming to your house only for that purpose, but

was frightened that perhaps you will consider me as bad women and will
tell about my character to your friends. What about it now? She said, I
have a faith on you and you are my dear lover. You are so good mentally,
physically as well as sexually. I asked about her college life and
boyfriends if any. She said, yes, I had one but we didn’t fucked. Are
you lying? She said, no; I swear there is nothing to hide from you. Was
he handsome?

smiled and said no, he was weak and short. Are you not satisfied by
your husband in bed? She mentioned that the love is important rather
than satisfaction; sexual satisfaction is required for long lasting
affectionate love and she is a devoted lover. After that she asked me to
fuck her again. My cock was not standing. She made it to stand but was
not that much hard. I didn’t want it but for her satisfaction I decided
to go for it.

sat on blanket and asked her to sit on my lap. She came closure and
kept her hands on my shoulder. Her Pussy was just in front of me. I
kissed on her pussy. It was salty. She lowered her ass slowly and I
guided my cock towards her love hole. It was going in. When cock was on
his right way; my prepuce strained. Then I put both the hands behind and
below her hips and lifted up.

did upward and downward movement with my support and my penis buried
into her. She started moving up and down. I felt my penis going in and
out of her vagina. It felt like heaven. I could see her face filled with
joy and her big breasts dancing and brushing my face. Soon she
frantically humped and wave of orgasm flooded her. Then she put her both
legs around my waist, hands around my back and head on my shoulder.

sighed and relaxed. She was looking in my eyes and kissing softly on my
lips. I was massaging her ass cheeks. Her vagina was twitching and I
was throb my cock. We were in heaven. We stayed in that position for
long time and then I asked her to kneel down. Her pussy was dripping
juices. I started fucking her in Rockygy style with powerful strokes. With
each thrust she was moaning. My cock was moving in and out.

don’t know for how much time I was stroking her but finally I shot a
load and took it out. Our mixed viscous juices were coming out through
her love hole. I was too tired and heaving heavily. Then she took the
cock in her mouth and sucked and dried. It was paining. Then we took a
food which we brought with us. We feed each other. We were there for
three hours.

was not ready to leave the place. While coming back I asked her “Are
you satisfied? She said “Yes, I am”, jab pagal bhais ko achha bhaisa
milta hai to bat banati hai (Obviously this happens when a randy female
buffalo and strong male buffalo comes together) Agale janam me tu hi
mera pati hoga, ye meri khwoish hai” ( You will be my husband in next
age, this is my ambition)

I asked her for fucking, she never said no. In spite, she is quarreling
with me for a fuck. She has a great drive for fucking and she is really
a reliable fucking machine. After three weeks, she called me on phone
and told me that she is pregnant and I am a father of her coming child.
Later on I came to know that the child is a daughter.

husband is happy for having a daughter to them and he is eagerly
waiting for her birth but actually he doesn’t know about a real father
of their child. This story is 100 percent true and is based on my real
experience, all names changed for privacy. If you like it, you please
send me a response mail on. Do not forget to write for the sake of
friendship and may be for something else.
After this encounter all was silent at both the end suddenly one day my
B.I.L called me as he was getting so horny that he phoned me straight
away and almost pleaded me to come to his vacant apartment. It’s
difficult to for a married lady like me to go out like this.

I also needed to fuck him because, for long time we did not see each
other (only 9 days by the way) so I got permission from mother in law to
go to my close friend Rakhshi. With little hesitation she asked me
okay. I called my hubby n asked the same and after his consent I went to
B.I.L apartment where he was eagerly waiting for me.

He welcomed me with great lust in his eyes and did not even waste a
second and made me completely strip. I cud see a big bulge in his
Bermuda and went down to take care of my little friend. It was already
rock hard I got hold of it like a cricket bat n started rubbing it with
my both hands sliding up n down the big shift.
I like his head very much, it shines n swells n looks very fine so I
took it in my mouth and remained still for couple of seconds and then
blew hot air which made him harder n harder then I lowered my mouth a
bit to take it further inside and licked the shaft. He was now shoving
it all the way inside my hot and wet mouth and pre-cum started to give
its tangy taste.

I did not like it very much but showed as I was dying to drink his
juices because he always tried to give me so much pleasure. Men really
have lots of treasure in their shaft for ladies but need to know the
proper use of it. And I m telling u guys if you know the art of using it
u don’t have to be a millionaire to lure the opposite sex.

You just need to know the WANT of your sex partner as to what she needs
and expects you to do on bed and if you do what she wants you can have
her forever. I believe sex is just not the mean of pleasure but it’s a
name of acrificing for other. The more you sacrifice for your sex
partner more she will get the pleasure and it’s vice versa for ladies
also, do what your guy likes.

Coming back to the story first he congratulated me for having such a
body and said mujjo (my nick name) aaj aisa kam kartay hen k jindagi ka
majaa aajaye . This made me real horny n said okay do whatever u like .
Hearing this he was more than happy he dropped his bermuda and came out
the thick meaty shaft.

I had told u that he measured 7” and I feared what if whole of his shaft
goes inside me, it can tear me apart. He asked me to rest my hands on
the drawer and arch my back with my legs little apart. Came behind me he
opened my butts and started lubricating my asshole with some kind of
jelly. It gave more fear and closed my eyes.

He kept spreading jelly on my hole and then inserted one finger slowly. I
shrinked my hole a bit so he stopped and kissed on my neck n licked it n
made it all well, doing this he kept inserting his finger this time all
the way in then again kissing me more he inserted two fingers this time
and kept motionless for a while. Let me tell u he was an expert of
doing all this.

Now I was feeling relaxed even he inserted two fingers inside. Then he
touched my clit n began rubbing it with his jelly coated fingers this
gave me great pleasure. With that he placed his pole head on my tiny
little hole and shoved only the head inside I was expecting whole of his
shaft at once but NO the xperienced fucker gave me time to feel the
head inside and adjust his girth.

Then again kissing my neck and naked back he shoved a little more he was
about 3 inches in when he rubbed my clit and this time I achieved the
climax. And to my own surprise I begged him to shove his iron like rod
all inside me and fuck me with it as hard as possible. He then did what I
wanted but still slowly he inserted his huge shaft all the way in and
again remained motionless n really giving me great pleasure by rubbing
my clit and filling my tight asshole with his hot pulsating meaty shaft.
I never had anything better than this one and pleaded him to fuck my
asshole. He increased his speed now but with very short strokes oh god I
still can’t describe what I had.

I was moaning like crazy cat and thrusting my ass back against his belly
asking him to fuck faster n stronger. He held me tight with each hip n
stroking me with all his might now the sweet short strokes changed into
long heavy strokes as only the head would remain inside and then with
one single thrust he would go all the way.

He maintained this speed for 5 minutes and then he announced he was
cumming. But I never wanted to finish such great fucking of my ass and
said no please fuck me fuck my ass with your big shaft please, please
but it was too much for him to control because I cud hear his
oughgggggggggggg aghhhhhhhhhghhh type of sounds and then he started to
cum inside my ass I cud feel his hot thick cream hitting deep inside me
this was a great sensation and I tell u that every girl should try anal
sex at least once to know the pleasure but the guy should be like my BIL
polite and experienced otherwise it may become a nightmare for the
lady. My BIL called me at his apartment that he had some surprise for me. Upon
reaching there I saw my BIL with one couple. They were husband and wife
and I had seen them in my family parties as they were the close family
friends of my BIL. They are good looking strong and well dressed people.

The husband is around 36 years of age while the wife seema is in her mid
twenties. I always like them as couple but was wondering what surprise
in it to see the couple. I looked into BIL eyes and enquired about the
surprise in reply he just smiled and came closer to seema and gave her a
big hug.

She planted her lips to his lips and gave a long French kiss in front of
her husband kamran. I then realized the surprise. The two were involved
in exploring each other body while kamran was heading towards and he
got hold of me and lifted my shirt to squeeze my breasts through bra.

I hesitated and tried to resist but he had already started kissing me on
my lips and shoved his tongue in my half open mouth. The heat was on
all over my body and mechanically I reciprocated but shoving my tongue
into her mouth. He sucked my tongue for about tow minutes and unhooked
the bra to free my big globes.

The nipples were erect to the perfection he sucked them and licked
around the areola. This was really pleasurable for me so I began to
enjoy. On the other side brother in law was having time of his life as
seema was sucking his long hard shaft in her mouth and rubbing his
balls. They were stark naked and I cud see the big milky jugs of seema
were rubbed hard by BIL.

As I told you he is an expert sex player and how well he satisfies the
ladies is outstanding. Seema was not far behind in giving pleasure as
she was using her soft lips on his big shaft very well. I can see her
husband watching all this with great lust in his eyes and his shaft was
rock hard.

It was an average tool measured 5” and though thicker than my hubby but
much thin than that of my sweet BIL. Kamran then sat on a nearby chair
stroking his shaft with his hand he asked me for the oral pleasure. I
did as directed and sucked him like mango. First I chew his head and
teased him with my hot tongue.
He never before had such sweet technique and heaved his hips to take
more of my hot mouth on his meaty rubbery shaft. I then sucked his balls
and shoved my index finger in his asshole. His tool was now rampant and
he made me on all fours and came behind me and licked my milky

Then shoved his tongue into my fuck hole and closed his lips on my clit
and sucked it greatly. I thought I would die if he continued sucking my
clit. But he did not stop at all and made me scream with joy. The sound
drew attention of the couple five feet away on the bed. They were making
it Rockygy style when they paused a little to see what happened to me.

The both came close to us and BIL shoved his big shaft into my open
mouth I was now being fucked from both the ends. Seema under me and
started sucking her husband balls giving him great pleasure, this only
increased the speed and he fucked me like bull. She at times sucked my
clit and squeezed it with her fingers.
The couple really did it masterly on my tight cunt. Then both the men
changed ends and now BIL took charge of my little cunt he shoved his
long hard shaft into my hole in one go. It was up to the hilt, he then
fucked me his short but sweet strokes and slapped my asscheeks.

Seema now came out started licking my BIL asscrack and made it all wet
with her saliva he liked it very much and fucked me real hard. Kamran
was fucking my mouth like crazy and then his cream started to come out
of his nuts and without even telling me he filled my mouth with his hot
thick cream.

I choked and could not take it in my mouth and it fell down on the
carpet but to my great surprise seema licked it all with her tongue and
then cleaned her husband shaft taking him into her mouth. Time came for
BIL to discharge his load and seema once again was ready to take it in
her mouth. So he took out his shaft and placed it on her rosy lips.

Jets after jets of jism came out like a fountain and most of it went
into her waiting mouth and her whole face was covered with rest of his
thick cream. The sight was really sexy. Then seema crawled over to me
and kissed me on my lips the thick cream was touching me face and she
liked it with my face and put it into my mouth I liked the cum taste of
two men.

It was a unique taste. We were all nude when BIL started kissing to
seema and said Bhabhi you are very sexy you are my whore I always like
to fuck you. I like your sexy ass. I like your melon like breasts
hearing all this I looked at her husband but he was so aroused that he
asked BIL to fuck his wife with all his might and show us that you like

I was really astonished to see all this but lust started to play its
roll and I took kamran’s limp shaft in my hand squeezed it. It was
already getting hard and he made me sit on his lap reverse and cupped my
breasts and kissed my neck and bare back. I cud feel his shaft against
tiny hole of my ass giving me great sensation.

But more sensational was the scene on the far side as BIL was being
sucked greatly by seema, who was licking his shaft and dropping her down
to take his pole deep inside her throat. Juices were oozing out of his
prick and little drop of his pre-cum cud bee seen at the corner of her
lips then he made her rest on her back on the bed opening her legs wide
apart he started licking her clit and went deep inside her cunt with his
tongue. She was moaning with pleasure and said oh come on suck my clit,
lick my hole lick my ass hole pleeeeez Fuck me in front of my husband
give me your long shaft much bigger than him. Let him he what fucking is
all about.

Kamran was still enjoying it all and worked hard on my nipples and made
them all red. Then he lifted me bit and aimed his rock hard shaft into
my pussy. Juices helped me to take it in and I started jumping on his
shaft. I adjusted my strokes with BIL strokes who was now giving
pleasure to seema by old fashioned belly to belly fuck.

The rhythm of my strokes were same that of my BIL and we both fucked our
partners with same speed and finally after 6-7 minutes of great fucking
both the man spent almost with 10 seconds difference. I cud feel my
whole belly filled by his hot thick cream and did not stop jumping until
he emptied his balls inside my hot wet cunt.
BIL lay panting on seema continued stroking until he finished to the
last drop. It was really great fucking and sucking session for all four
of us and we kissed each other and departed as it was time for my hubby
to reach home. That night my hubby fucked me 2 times in different
positions but he did not satisfy me at all as he needs time to be good
sex player like my BIL. He is really my Jaan my everything.

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