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Housewife Sona blossoms sexually

It all started when Prem saw this very attractive lady in one of the community meetings. The minute he saw her, he decided that he was going to marry her. Though she was two years older than him, he persuaded his parents to talk to her parents for the marriage.

His parents were hesitant for this relation but on Prem’s persistent requests they met with the parents of the girl. They knew it well that her parents would not at all object to his boy. After all he had the best of reputations (character wise), had the looks of a chocolaty hero and was successful in business as well. He was more like a jackpot for any girl. As expected, the girl’s parents agreed and their marriage happened within a month.

Prem made sure that his wedding was itself a memory for his bride, Sona. He spared no expense and effort to make it a super success. Sona, coming from a lower middle class, was apprehensive about the expensive marriage. The way Prem handled everything, especially her side of the guests, relaxed her much. You can even say she started to fall more in love as she saw him take care of everything and everyone.

It was all like a fairy tale. He saw her, he liked her and he married her.

Before the feeling of being married sunk in, their first night knocked on the door. Prem talked and talked while Sona waited in anticipation of ‘things’ to come. Sona felt quite shy to take the initiative but she was forced to (the night was turning to dawn). She slid close to him so he could get the hint and take ‘some’ initiative. It was not to be. Sona was forced to take his hands into her and guide it onto her bosom. It is then that Prem realized that he was supposed to do these things. Prem was a virgin at this moment and did not know what to do next. Mustering enough courage, he pressed her boobs like the b grade porn movies. Five minutes into the foreplay, he was nude and trying to push his dick into her cunt, again just like the porn movies. The touch of his dick on her cunt made him excited enough to cum. He controlled somehow. He somehow slid his dick into her cunt. The way her cunt was clutching at his dick, made him cum in 5-10 strokes. He rolled over and, within a matter of minutes, was asleep. It left Sona irritated. The thought that her husband was so excited inside her that he came in 5-10 strokes made her quite happy too.

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