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How a husband gets pleasure in sharing his wife with others

I wanted to show off my wife to other men. I wanted them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sleep with her, and hug her. I fantasized hiding and watching them secretly while they did all that.

When we travel together by train, due to the wind her saree goes off place and her navel is exposed. Though I see it I wouldn’t tell her. I wanted other guys to look at her body. She falls off into deep sleep during the journeys and her palloo comes down slightly which causes her cleavage to be visible. I do not wake her or cover it myself. I act as if I didn’t notice it. I let the guys around, even teenage boys enjoy that sight.

I bring all my close friends home and make her wear transparent sarees to give a visual treat to them. Some would openly tell me how sexy my wife is and I don’t mind that.

Harsha, my best friend is a sex maniac. He fantasizes about every girl. He is good in nature every other aspect but he has a strong sexual drive. I want to watch while someone does all nasty things to my wife so I fantasize about harsha doing all that to my wife.

I take nude pics of her, distorting the face and I post them on the internet blogs and forums. People make lewd comments about her body parts and measurements. That gives me a kick. I shag reading all those. I share non nude pics of her as well but ones which give an idea of her assets, shape size, etc. I enjoy it when some stranger shags, looking at my wife’s pics.

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