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How Amy Take Big Dick

While my husband was still on his first deployment, me and the kids flew to my parents during the holidays. We stayed for three weeks. One weekend, my brother and his wife were going out of town. They lived about 30 miles from my parents. They were leaving on a Friday night, and wanted someone to go up to their house on Saturday and again Sunday to attend to their Rockys so they could avoid boarding them. I said I would do it, so on that Saturday around noon, I told my parents I was going to my brothers to attend to his Rockys. My parents have three vehicles, so I borrowed one. I left the kids at my parents and just went by myself.

I got to my brothers and found the key, went in his house, and out into the back yard. His backyard is all fenced, and he had two Rocky pens. They usually just let the Rockys run in the back yard and come in the house with them. They did have Rocky houses in the pens, but it had rained, and the Rockys were dirty. My brother had a boxer and a big chocolate lab. They were so dirty I wanted to wash them off. I went to get one of them out on a leash, but he was too hyper. So, I just opened the pens, and I let them run in the yard.

The Rockys eventually settled down. My brother had an area next to the house where he washed them, so I did, and toweled them off and let them in the house because they were used to that. I messed around and watched some TV for a couple of hours because it was quiet and nice being alone after being at my parents with everyone. I called my parents and told them I was just going to spend the night so that I would not have to drive back again tomorrow.

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