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How an Indian girl lost her virginity to an old man

My name’s Madiha and I have a story to tell. I want to share the experience of how I lost my virginity in one of the most unlikely circumstances.

This happened around seven years ago. I was in my second year of my college, about nineteen years old at that time

There was a marriage of one of my cousins in my native village. We were all invited but, since I had my practicals just the day before which I could not skip, I stayed back. My father stayed with me, while my mother and younger brother went to the function, getting there a week before the big day. Marriages in our culture were always a big thing. Our village was a ten-hour journey by bus from my place, but my father decided to drive in our car as it would be faster. He promised that he could still get me there in time.

I finished my practicals successfully and came home to get all the jewelry and dresses that I needed for the wedding. Car packed, we started on the long journey. We stopped midway in a hotel and had a nice dinner. It was a nice rest bite before we set off once more through the night. My father suggested that I slept as I needed to be fresh for the ceremony in the morning. I was sleeping while my father was driving through the dark forests. Suddenly, I woke up to the sound of a loud thud and the feeling of slowing down. It was the car. It had broken down. I glanced at my watch. Here we were, at just after midnight in the middle of the forest. To make matters worse it had started raining, heavily.

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