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How I Become A Slave Of A Stranger Man

After returning from Goa I was very eager to meet with Mr. Richard ji
to have some more sex i was really missing him very badly. He is a
real sex guru for all women.
Now we just chat in phone and in my mail id.Priya28f@yahoo.Com over
there I Manoj and Richard I chat with him. Sometime when Manoj and I
we both chat with him thn with Manoj laptop webcam still I show him
some strip dance our live sex. Sometime he order me 2 suck my husband
Manoj penis and he enjoy our live sex… Sometime he also shows us how
he does sex with some of his girlfriend …Honestly; I was feeling so
jealous and horny also at the same time…
On the month of December One day evening Manoj went to his office and
i was alone at my flat I was watching some movies. Suddenly my bell
rang I went to the door open the door and i saw Richard ji is standing
outside the door. I was so surprise. I gave him a tight hug and
welcome him inside my flat.
Then we came to our room sit in the sofa. I ask him how you are. Why u
have not inform me before coming here. He reply me don’t u remember
or what? I am your Master and you are my slave… So u must inform me
you are everything not me. That sentence of Mr. Richard makes me feel
more slave type.
He told me still now also u has not welcomed me. I told him ok my
Masters tell me how I should welcome you. He reply me u have to suck
my penis until my sperm came out. I feel bit shy and honey I open his
pant and take out his 9inch penis then I start playing with his cock
slowly i start kiss that then i start touch that with my tongs and
licking the top portion of his penis i start sucking his balls then I
take that inside my mouth start sucking and he hold my head from back
pushing towards his 9inch penis form front he was also pushing his
penis inside my mouth for 15min I was suck that then slowly he came
inside my mouth…He order me now swallow that .I swallow that .I ask
him now do u like my welcome he say yes my sexy slave im happy…
We wake up from bed and I gave him the towel he went 2the bathroom for
shower. And I went 2the kitchen for made some food…
Richard ji came out from the bathroom. And I made some tea snacks. We
went 2our bedroom and start gossiping & have our tea and snacks.
Richard told me I have something 2show you on your DVD player so I on
that I saw that is the video recording of my 1st time when he was tie
my eyes and he made me do sex with his 1 friend ..After watching that
I start remembering that time, I feel so horny that I was ready to
have some sex with somebody whom Richard will chose but in front of my
He holds me form back. he put his hand inside my pant and start
fingerings me so softly I was feeling that amazing. He told me would u
like do be have some more sex with some of my friend I say no. He pull
my hair and bite in my lips so hardly then told me shut up u my bitchy
slave I will decide that what when where u will do what. I say yes
Master. He starts fingering me then so roughly but I start enjoying.
He ask me do u like this I say yes Do what u want 2do..Then he start
biting and licking my lips neck .He took out his hand from my pant
which is very juicy he put his those figure inside my mouth and told
me to taste your own juice I did that. Then he told me why are you
wearing cloths? I told u na last time you will be always naked in
front of me at home. I say yes and i open my all clothes then he told
me to lie in the sofa then he start biting so hardly my nipple I was
just moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yaaaaaaaaaaa
ufffffffffffffuuuuuuuuf fffffffffffffffffff moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
muuuuuuu oooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeee fuck me Master
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am your naughty slave I will do
everything what ever u will told me 2do..Fuck me
nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Then he start rubbing his
penis to my vagina which is very juicy .I again told him fuck me
Master please he told me u want to b fuck then u have to beg for that
.I beg him Master please fuck me. For 25 times then he start fuck me
slowly I was telling thanks Master fuck me harder then he told me for
that u have 2 cal now your husband that I have came 2 your place and
what we r doing now. So he took my mobile and called Manoj..
Manoj received the ph and ask me yes sweetie tale me what? I replied
him do u know i am feeling so sexy and horny because Richard is
fucking me. He get shock and ask me Richard ji oooooo our Master?” I
reply yes my sex Master Richard have came 2day evening.. Manoj ask me
so what are you doing now I reply now my Master is fucking me. He
reply ok. then I cut the ph. Then Richard start banging me so hardly I
was start shouting in pleasure pain.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooooo
harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr Then Richard take out
his penis and told me come suck it i suck that… After that he make
me sit in Rockygy style and start fucking from my asssssss & slapping my
ass 2hardky then he told me 2sit that way only I’m coming.i say ok
on that time only I understand that some plan is going on his brain.
Then I saw he went 2his bag and he took out a reptiles killer electric
racket. He again came 2me and start fucking from my ass again. I was
again shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuu fuck me Master
fuck me Master more I want more harder aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuu
suddenly he on that electric racket pull my hare from back and start
slapping me with that electrical racket in my ass I get current in my
ass so badly 1st time I say ouch don’t slap me with that .while
fucking me from my ass he again slap me with that and he told me shut
up I like this…if u want to be fuccked thn you hav to manage this I.
he continuously fucking me from my ass and slapping me from his hand
and that racket all over my body i was shouting because in racket
there is current. And I was getting so hot in pain and pleurae . first
that was so painful but later that was amazing atlas after fucking me
for 1hrs he came in to my mouth and I swallow after that we lie in the
bed and we sleep..

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