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How I Care For My Mother – Part 2

Hi, I m Abhi, 25 year old from Los Angles. I m 6 ft tall fair skin with athletic body. I stay at Los Angles (LA). After the death of my father, i took my mother with me from India to LA. My mother is 50 years old, fair skin,long black silky hair. She is 5.7ft tall and nice attractive sexy figure even at this age. Her name is Sunita.


After she came out from the shock of my father, we decided to go out on weekend and visited sea beach and book room nearby. After spending few hours at sea beach and long sea bath, we came more close. We teased and touched each other during bath. We were opened up well and had great sexual pleasure. We felt hot and horny and indicated for the sex.


We left for the room from sea beach holding each other hand and crossing the fingers and walked from market. We looked like a boy friend and girl friend. When we were walking our body was so close and brushing with each other. I saw some ladies inner items in one store and ask my mom to have something. I forced her to buy some nice sexy bras and nickers. I said her that such inners will make your looks sexy and young. She said me that you want me young and sexy. I said yes my darling. You are my honey and i want you in sexy looks. I asked her to bought colored inners.She took black, pink, red and purple .She bought few. Than we reached at our room.


No sooner she closed the door, i hugged her from behind and hold her nice big soft boobs and started pressing and pushing. I adjusted my tight cock on her round ass and brushing the cock as well. I turned her towards me and plant a kiss on her lips. She responded well and kissed me as well and now kissing deep and passionate. We kissed for few minutes.


She said me honey, press and push my boobs slow. I m enjoying your boobs mom. Do not call me mombut call me by my name. Ohh Suni,i like you. Nice sexy body you have. I love you Suni. I love you too dear. You have nice strong body. By the time she kept her hand on my tight cock and start massaging and pressing. I was enjoy full now with her.


I took her to bed and removed her t shirt and nicker and i removed my cloths as well. We are now naked and watching each other. I grabbed her boobs again and start playing with. She kept her hand on my tight cock and massaging. She said me that you have big and thick cock dear. Fuck your Suni slow as her pussy has not taken the cock since few years.I kissed her and said that i will fuck you nice and slow honey.


We hugged tight and pressing and massaging and kissing each other well. We start moaning slow ohhhh ahhhh ohhhh ouch ohhh Suni …. ahhhh ohhh Abhi and caressing each other. I lay her on bed and moved my fingers from head to toe. I feel her body shivered as she was hot and horny. I was hot as well.


I lay on her adjusting my tight cock on her pussy lips and brushing my cock on her hairy pussy. I asked her to hold my cock in her hand and adjust on her pussy hole. I hold her tight and kissed her deep and passionate. She said to insert the cock slow. I inserted my cock inside her pussy and she moan slow ohhhh ahhhh ouchh ohhh dear insert still slow……. my pussy is tight and yet not that wet. I asked her for oily cream and she said to apply in pussy and cock.


I took the cream and applied inside her pussy with finger and applied on my cock. I hold her tight and pressed my cock inside her pussy and my cock traveled by 5 inch inside her pussy. She moan slow ohhh ahhh ouchhhh ohhhh very thick cock you have ahhhh ohhhh slow darling…….. fuck me slow my love and i kissed her deep. Now she feel good and i inserted my cock more and fucking her slow.My cock was coming out and going in in slow speed. Now we both enjoying fucking.


I hold her tight in my arms and took out my cock and pressed cock inside her pussy with power and inserted my cock full.She felt pain inside her pussy but controlled herself. Then she asked me to fuck. I start fucking her with speed and enjoying. We started moaning in joy ohhhh ahhhh ohhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh Suni …. what a tight pussy ohhhh Abhi my darling what a long and thick cock you have. Ohhh fuck me more deep ahhhh ohhhh fuck me deep and hard ahhh ohhhh ahhhh .


She is also lifting her ass up and taking my stroke. Ohhh Abhi fuck me deep and hard ahhhh ohhhh more deep and hard Abhi ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh Suni ahhhh ohhhh i enjoy fucking you…ahhh ohhh fuck more deep ahh more hard fuucckkk meeeee ahhhhh ohhhhh Abhi i m cumming ahhhh cumming ahhhh ohhh Suni I am cumming too and i increased my speed. I was stroking the cock with more speed ahhhh Abhi i m cumming ohhh Suni i m cumming tooo Ohhh Abhi fill your Suni pussy with your semen ahhhh ohhhh yess darling I am filling your pussy ahhhh ohhhhh Suni ahhhh ohhh and i blast all my cum inside her pussy and she cummed heavy as well.


We hold each other very tight and kissing each other allover in joy and appreciation. We again started deep and passionate kisses and brushing the body. I moved my hand near her pussy and grabbed her pussy. I felt her cum and i was massaging her pussy. I asked her to hold my cock and massage. She hold the cock and said me that your cock is loose now. I said you massage the cock and make it ready for next fuck. She looked at me and smiled sexy.


Next part follow ………


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