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How i Fuck My Friend’s Wife Smita

I was having a nice Assistant Bank Manager Job in Ahmedabad. My family settled with my two kids already doing their graduation in colleges at Ahmedabad, and wife busy with her Government job. It happened like a great fortune to me. I was transferred to Bangalore, for my Job as a Bank Manager. It was a sudden transfer for settling some big financial scam carried out by the Manager and two accountants. The Board decided to send some one from a farther territory to dig out the truth and send the culprits to jail.

The Board also promoted me to Senior Manager’s post to have more powers with me. I had a name and fame for such work. After I reached there I started digging the things and the management told me that even if you are required to stay there for a year, you should stay and unearth the scam in whole and arrange to put the culprits behind bars. I started working. I was allotted a big apartment with 2 to 3 bed rooms and many amenities.

After 3 days of my reaching, I received a call from my childhood friend Ramesh, who is in Vadodara telling me that his wife has some project at Banglore and he don’t know anybody in Bangalore, what he should do. He asked me whether I can help her. I said that I am given big apartment by the bank, and if she and you don’t have any problem, she can also use the same. He said that would be fantastic. He said sure she will stay there. He told that he will ask his wife to call me soon.

After an hour I got call from his wife Smita. She was also happy to hear it. She said, she was very much in panic to be alone at some unknown place. She told she was worried about how to manage for Hotel or some paying guest home etc. But now she was relieved. She said that she is coming by tomorrow evening flight. I said that I will be free before her flight, and I shall make sure to come to pick her up with Bank Car.

The other day I reached airport and when Smita arrived at the lounge I welcomed her with a short hug. She was very happy; her face was shining with glitters. My hug was little formal. Her hug was more than a formal, revealing her enthusiasm of having me over there to receive her.

We reached our apartment. I showed her room. Her belongings settled in her room. I took care of every detail of her comforts and needs. In fact I gave her my room, which was having more facilities. I have shifted my belongings in the morning itself. She being a lady, I decided to have her more facilities at bath room, wardrobe, etc. Mine was little at lower level facilities as compared to her room.

From the other day the routine started. She used to go early morning and come before me. I use to go little late, and come just around her time. Some time I use to be little late. We both to gather arranged our kitchen and many amenities, which I was unable to make, because I was alone, and I have been there since just last 4 days only. For few days, we use to cook one time of the day and other time use to bring dinner from outside on our way home. For few days I made it sure to leave her to her work place and bring her back on way home.

Everyday we both use to come out of our rooms about the same time in the morning. I use to finish my yoga and other exercise in my room only, before coming out. Some time I make tea for her, some time she makes tea for me. At tea I used to discuss about her project work and try to find out if she faces any difficulty or need my help in any manner. We use to discuss and decide what additional things we have to buy. And also discuss what more facilities we need to create.

In couple of days, I managed to procure a micro oven of her choice. In fact that was her suggestion. The fridge and other things were provided by the Bank, but I managed to purchase new one as per her choice. We use to go to gather for all such shopping and I was making sure, that what ever we do, she has her say.

Many times she reminded me that she is here for only 2 to 3 months and all these things not needed. But I use to say that, till the time you are here, you should not feel short of anything. You must have all the facilities, which you enjoy at your home. After a week, everything settled very nice. She was feeling very happy. I used to give her at least one or two calls during her recess time to make sure she is fine. During such calls I used to find out what time she is leaving. Our timing was different, even than most of the time I managed to take her home on my way back.

She is having a nice group of architects with her, most of them girls, and very few men. They were having parties every now and than. Once they decided to have a party at Smita’s house. All were from different parts of the country. They all were of the opinion that, they want to eat nice Gujarati Food and Smita was the only Gujarati woman in their group. This time they decided to keep it with all family members otherwise they used to keep limited to themselves only. In her group she had never clarified that she is staying here alone with some one other than her family. Everybody thought that she is from Bangalore only. She asked for a day to decide it.

That day in the evening, she looked little uneasy. At dinner, I asked her, whether anything bothering her. She said, no, no, nothing like that. It’s just work load and this and that. I told her why you are hiding some thing from me. Am I not your friend? Can you not share it with your friend? Is the matter so serious that you can’t share with me? If you can’t share it with me. Why don’t you talk to Ramesh and share it with him. Your mind will become free of it.

She said, Ramesh? He doesn’t have time for me. Nor does he ever show any interest in my work, or even my house hold work. She told me many short comings of Ramesh. She also mentioned how she felt neglected in her own house at Vadodara. She also compared that how she is feeling over here. She told me that, though this is your house, you are considering my opinion in everything. You insist for my opinion when I am reluctant to say something.

You are very much helpful in all the house hold things. You call me every day during my working hours and ask me about my well being. He never did like that. Between your busy schedule you try to drop me at office or take me back home. You care for me as if you are caring for your own wife. He has neglected me for my whole life. He never find time for me. He never considered my job as important as his job.

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