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How I fucked sexy Namitha

Hello this is nav, a good looking software engineer working in an mnc in bangalore.

The beauty queen of this sex story is an it recruiter and we happened to meet because of a job requirement for her client. To tell about her, her name is namitha with an awesome and lusty body, just by looking at guys will go weak at their knees.

This incident happened to me very recently. I was looking for a job change and fortunately, she came across my profile which matched her client requirement and we both got in contact. I took the interview and got selected. But on the day of joining, I got an emergency from my cousin and hurried there. That day I forgot my cell phone at home.

Namitha tried calling me and sending email but I could not reply so she sent me a message on whatsapp using her personal number. Evening when I reached home saw her message and that is when my sexy princess’ photo. In her dp she was wearing a pink shirt with black trousers and it was just so awesome. I called her immediately and said will join the next day to office.

Next day when I joined I messaged her in whatsapp to confirm that I have joined to which she replied ok and all the best. Next day morning I started sending her some well-wishing forwards message to which she used to reply and we started chatting daily. As days passed we started chatting on various topics and shared personal things with each other.

Now I got to know that she is from andra and stays with her friends. 1 day I deliberately sent her a nonveg message and was wondering what she would reply. Surprisingly she did not scold me. Just replied as you naughty. This encouraged me to open the topic of romance and sex with her.

At first, she was shy and was uncomfortable to chat with me on that topic but as kept on sending her nonveg messages she started asking me the meaning of what they meant and I used to explain her with full enthusiasm. With this, we daily started to have sex chat and sometimes we used to share some intimate photos of each other.

Guys, she has a perfect figure and awesome curves. The more we started to have sex chat the more uncontrollable we became and decided to meet. My good fortunate that my birthday was nearing and my family has gone to native (my family contains my elder brother, sister in law and their son). So I was living alone at home.

We both decided that we will celebrate my birthday at my home in the eve after office. I was desperately waiting for the d-day to arrive. I was making all arrangements for our meeting. I had bought red roses. Decorated the bedroom with petals and balloons. Had bought candles. And wine. It was her request to bring wine as she wanted to taste it.

On the day of my birthday, I did all arrangements and was waiting desperately to meet my lady love. In evening when I went to receive her I was shell-shocked. She was wearing a red tight top which was exposing her boobs so nicely and the deep neck of the top was showing the cleavage perfectly. The moment she got on the bike I raced it as I was unable to control myself.

On our way to home, we were discussing on what we will be doing in evening and decided that we play a game. On reaching home I took her hand and welcomed her within, the way a guy asks the girl for a dance. I showed her the home and she was like impressed the way I had maintained being alone.

Then we hugged each other and I thanked her for coming to home to which she replied it was her pleasure. We had some soft drinks that I had bought earlier sat down to play the game. We were playing carrom and the rule said that if I put a coin than I can order her to do anything and she has to do it and vice versa.

She knew my lusty intentions and winked at me when I said the rules. We started playing the game she put the first coin and asked me to do 20 push ups. Which I did. Next, when I put the coin I asked her to play her move sitting on a lap. Guys the moment she sat on my lap a 250v current passed from my body.

Her soft and fleshy thighs touched mine and I immediately hugged her from the back. We were in this position for a whole 2 minutes. While hugging I was cupping her breasts on top of her dress to which she let out a small moan as aaahhh. This encouraged me and I lifted her in my arms and took her inside the bedroom.

The moment we entered bedroom she was surprised to see the arrangement made by me and immediately asked if this was the arrangement for a first night. I made her sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on the ground and was lying my head on her lap. She was caressing my hairs so nicely. Guys it was the best feeling of my life.

Slowly I raised my head and kissed on her forehead then I kissed on her 2 soft cheeks. Then planted a kiss on her nose, then I tasted her juicy lips. That moment when our lips touched each other’s it was so awesome. We slowly started to kiss then it turned into smooch and later started exploring each of our tounges. It was so awesome. We were exchanging our saliva.

We kept on kissing each other continuously for 10min. Neither of us was ready to loose the lock. While kissing I slowly started playing with her boobs. The milk factories (the name I gave to her boobs) were totally aroused and the nipples were erect. I slowly was lifting her top and was making circles on her belly button. This was arousing her even more.

The moment we released our lip lock she took my head and placed on her milk factories. I started kissing 1 boob and cupping other. Slowly I removed her top and my god it was such a scene for me. She was wearing a purple colored bra and the boobs were nicely placed inside them. I started licking the bare skin at the cleavage and also unbutton her bra.

I made her sleep on the bed and pounced on her sexy milk factories like a hungry Rocky. I was kissing them biting the nipples. While I was doing she removed my shirt we both were half naked. When I started to move towards her love hole she said let’s do 69 and we will undress each other. I agreed and immediately we got into 69.

I started kissing her on top of her jeans and she imitated me. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans, she did the same to me. I started pulling her jeans down and she was doing the same thing what I was doing. By this time 6.5-inch rod was rock hard and was ready to tear out my underwear. I started pulling her panty using my teeth I could see her love hole has already poured out some juicy.

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