Sunday , May 28 2023

How I got fucked in a gay sauna

After my last venture to the gay sauna, I couldn’t help going back!

Last time I got fucked in the steam room while sucking on a strangers cock. I had a load splashed on my face and got my dick sucked and exploded in a guys mouth.

This time I was still getting a lot of attention in the change room, this time I decided to go for a wonder around and see what else was happening. This time I went on a friday straight after work, it was really busy this time. I went upstairs from the change room, there is a room on the left that has nothing but a big bed in the middle. It has a light trap at the door of the room, which made it pitch black. But i’ll get to that.

I decided to go for a look in some of the other rooms. I went into the second room on the left hand side, it was a room that had a small hall way that went in a square, linking back up to itself. The hallway had small rooms around it with lockable doors. Designed for people to go into and have some fun! I went off to the next main room, it is a maze, really skinny walk ways that have smaller rooms off of it. there is a series of connected glory hole booths. But i gave this room a miss after a quick look.

I went back to the first room that I saw. My ass had a craving for cock and thats exactly what it was going to get! I went into the pitch black room and sat down on the bed in the middle. The bed was raised off of the ground by about a meter, when i say “bed”, it was really a mattress covered in a thick plastic. I positioned myself with my feet on the floor and stomach flat on the bed, positioning my ass for everyone to touch on there way around the room.

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