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How I Seduced My Mom Jeevitha

I wouldn’t say that she is the most beautiful woman I ever saw, but I knew I always admired her beauty secretly. Hi, I am Sibi, 23, India. The lady I’m talking about is none other than my Mom, which for many people is a taboo, but for me, is fun. I have read many stories on incest here, and so, I decided that I should come up with one. I assure you that almost 85% of it is true. The remaining 15% consists of changed names of people and cities, and a little bit of spicing up.

I was 16, studying in a town near Bangalore. My dad used to work at Hyderabad. We had (still have) Shops there. My mom was a teacher in our school who loved her profession so much that she didn’t agree to quit her job. So, with mutual understanding, dad was there with his parents and mom was here with me. I had written 07th class exams and I had holidays of 3 months before joining college. Dad called us there, and my uncle (my dad’s younger brother) was to come here from Hyderabad to take us there. My Mom, jeevitha, was in her very late 30′s. She was beautiful. I did not know her vital status at that time, but she was a model for a woman of her age. She was fair, around 5’5″ tall, black eyed and looked best in her deep blue saree, with some nice breast and a really attracting ass. Many students of our class would eye her when they saw her anywhere in school. Most of the students never talked to me as they knew that they couldn’t mingle with me while they talked about my mom. Whenever anyone in school saw her, they’d try to see the small uncovered gap between the waist and blouse from her side. And I know, many students tried to find her bra strap and the news would spread soon. Many students would have a treat to their eyes if they saw her bra strap through her blouse.

I too eyed mom, but I always felt bad when I regained my senses. So, I thought of her, but could never get the strength to masturbate keeping her in thoughts. Finally, one day my uncle (My father’s younger brother) arrived. He stayed with us for a couple of days before we planned to leave to Hyderabad. Since those were holidays, mom would stay at home, I’d go out to play cricket, and uncle would have no other work but to watch TV. During those couple of days, I had noticed that she was a little bit negligent about her dress. But my uncle’s behavior didn’t change. I didn’t suspect any foul play those days because I never knew about it. Uncle sat on the floor for dinner/lunch, and mom would serve him food. I’d sit on the dining table and I would be staring at her ass, not knowing that my uncle would be getting a treat from her cleavage. Slowly some nasty thoughts entered my mind. I was wandering if mom and uncle…… But I had no one to talk to. I feared that if I told anything to my friends, someday they’d spread it. Those couple of days for which he was to stay with us was extended to another week as the results were to be announced. Mom told about it to Dad and he had no problem with it. During the next 7 days, I began to give more thoughts to mom’s suddenly changed behavior. Since we were staying in a home with a single bedroom and a hall, my uncle slept in the hall watching TV, but I noticed that mom was going to the toilet quite often. My doubts were gaining confidence daily. Then, after some days, I got my result, and off we were to my native place Hyderabad.

There were no direct trains to Hyderabad. We had to go to Madras, halt there from 2.00am to 1 pm, and then we’d go to Hyderabad by the 1 pm train. When we reached Madras, my uncle booked a double room for the three of us in the railway station. As soon as we reached the room, I told that I’d bring some mineral water and I ran down. I had a cigarette (I had started it already by then), and two and three. Then I realized that I was getting late. I took the mineral water and made a move towards the room. I went inside; I threw the water bottle on the bed and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed my teeth to avoid the cigarette smell. I came out of the bathroom, and suddenly I realized, They both had changed their dresses. My mom was in her Nighty, and uncle was in a Lungi baniyan. I could clearly notice that my mom wasn’t wearing a bra. Dirty thoughts crept in. Did she change her dress in front of him? How would he have reacted? I slept, tired due to the journey and the relieving cigarettes after the journey. I remember that mom slept beside me and uncle told that he’d spread some bed sheet on the floor and would sleep there. I wonder how I fell into such deep sleep. Suddenly in the night, I woke up. I sat up on the bed. Within seconds I heard heavy breathing. I could not sort it out. I looked towards my mom, but she was not there. I looked towards the empty space in the room where my uncle was supposed to sleep. I saw him in almost no light (the night lamp was switched off too). All this happened within seconds. I searched for the switches, but I couldn’t remember where they were. “Uncle” I said. “Hmmm” he replied in a grunt. I asked him where the switches were but he didn’t reply. I remembered that the switches were on the wall towards the other side of the bed. I tried all the switches, and what is seeing was what I expected. My uncle was on my mom, Missionary style (I didn’t know the name of the position at that time), they had managed to cover the bed sheet over their bottoms, they were in panic, and I saw my mom’s left breast. He was panting for breath and so was my mom. I switched off the light and sat on the bed with a thud. I was a mixed bag of emotions. I knew I’d see it, I knew this would happen to me, But it was my mom and my uncle. Suddenly, the glimpse of my mom’s breast came back into my mind, and I really wanted to switch the light back on to see her once more. The flash of her skin shining due to sweat and her erect nipple, her face when I caught her, everything mesmerized me. Suddenly, the Light was Switched on.

It was my uncle in his lungi. He sat beside me. “So u saw it….Huh?” he asked. I was quiet. Mom was in the bathroom. “I’m sorry”, he said. I had an erection by that time. “Please forgive me, it was my entire mistake. Mom had nothing to do. I had forced her”, he said. But I knew it wasn’t like that. Mom started crying in the bathroom. I shouted, “Stop crying mom, and please console her, uncle….I think I should leave you alone for sometime to sort it out.” I rushed out of the room and locked it from outside. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be around, I assure you”, I said and walked away. I did all this just to have a smoke which I wanted desperately. I smoked 1 cig trying to figure out what just happened. Then, I smoked another as I was excited and wanted that moment to last longer. I closed my eyes just to remember the glimpse I had seen minutes ago. I went back to the room (Of course I had eaten some food on the platform to avoid cigarette smell). Mom and uncle were waiting for me. We had a small talk and I told them that they need not worry because of me. I suggested that we should sleep and we slept. We went to Hyderabad, had a nice time and after 20-25 days, my mom and me returned home because the school would start. Conversations between me and mom were not like they used to be. They were reduced to almost a nil. I wanted to break the ice but feared if she would feel disheartened. I knew that she too wanted to talk, but she must have been afraid that the talk may remind the both of us about the incident. That incident changed me for ever. I started masturbating thinking of her. I started to look at her with more interest. I began to search for chances where I could see her nude (although I didn’t get any). Here and there I’d get a glimpse of her fair skin when she used to change her dress. I never used her panties or bra while masturbating because I never had the guts. Almost a week passed by after we had returned, and it was Saturday. We sat for dinner and as usual, we weren’t talking. She was wearing a cream saree with pink and blue flowers. Before dinner, she was preparing for it and was roaming about in the house. I don’t know why, but she looked gorgeous. There was a pink flower (design on the saree) right on her ass. A thought entered my mind,’ may be her ass is as delicate and as fragrant as this flower’. Guess what, I had an instant hard-on.

While at dinner, I said, “You look beautiful.”

“Hmmm..?” she raised her head.

“I said you look beautiful.” And we both started laughing. There were tears in her eyes and I felt the same. She scolded me that I didn’t initiate the talk and so did I. We had our share of clarifications to be made, and we did it.

“So you forgive me about that day sunny?” she asked.

“I don’t remember anything about that day, except that you were beautiful.” Words slipped off my mouth. We had our dinner and after sometime, we went to sleep. As I already told you, my mom and I sleep in the same room on the same bed. The night lamp was on; she turned towards me and asked, “What did you see that day?”


“then why did you switch off the light as soon as you switched it on?”

I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t speak.

“Tell me, please.” My mom placed her hand on my stomach.

“I saw you naked”, I said.

“you saw me naked?” she withdrew her hand.

“No, not completely.” I said.

“Then what?” I looked at her face and she really seemed keen to listen to whatever I said.

“I saw you, sweating. Your eyes were closed due to shame. You were not facing me. I could see your left breast. Your skin was shining.”

“All this in that small moment?” she asked.


“Didn’t you see your uncle?”

“I didn’t have any clue at that time, mummy.”

“So you think you have a clue this time, good night.”

I didn’t get what she said. “Good night.”

Sunday morning, and it was time for breakfast. I hadn’t seen mom till then that day. She came with the breakfast as I was sitting on the dining table. I was stunned for a moment. My mom’s style of dressing had ‘changed’. The pallu of her saree Didn’t cover her breasts. It went in between as the seat belts of cars do. Her breasts were poking out of her blouse. The saree was tied a little lower than where she used to tie it earlier. In moments, the breakfast was on the table. Her breasts were so close to my face. “Do you mind eating?” she asked, and I looked at the breakfast. She walked away towards the kitchen, and my gaze was fixed over her ass. Thoughts attacked “She said “Do you mind eating”, her breasts were so close to my face. What did she mean by saying so?” the result, a hard-on. She went to take bath and She returned with a towel wrapped around her waist. She had worn a red bra. She ran from the bathroom to our bedroom. I was in the hall, sitting on the dining table, watching TV. I rushed behind her to check if any think wrong happened. She was facing the other side checking out for dresses and suddenly she turned towards me and said, “What’s it?” I was about to fall dead. She looked damn hot and all I could see was that flamy red bra of hers and an orange towel wrapped over her waist. Her curvy top was open to me and I am not sure if I could see her nipples.

“You rushed in, I thought something was wrong”

“Nothing, the front door was open, that’s why.”

“Oh.” I didn’t bother to turn around and walk away, instead, I stood there. She took a Black Panty from the almirah and wore it, “What are you looking at, you have seen me in a much more compromising situation than this.”

I didn’t say anything. Thoughts attacked. “Was she running with a towel around her waist? What would have happened if the

Towel would have fallen down?”
I could see some hair under her belly button. So, thoughts, “Doesn’t she shave? Does she like hair ?”

And the result, as expected, a hard-on. I didn’t bother to cover it. I didn’t get such a thought. Mom gave a stare at my groin, and I regained my senses. I hurriedly turned back and was walking out of the room. In the meantime, mom wore a Petticoat (Skirt). She called me, “Sunny?”

“hmmm?” I questioned back.

“Come here baba.” I moved towards her with all intentions of hiding my hard-on.
She didn’t bother. She held my Shorts and briefs together and pulled them slightly down till my prick appeared and stood straight.

“What is this honey?”

I was ashamed.

“Did u feel like this that day?” She was referring to the day I caught her with uncle.
I didn’t reply. I felt I could be killed.

“Are we not friends, when you can forgive me, I too can forgive you honey. Tell momma, did u feel like this that day?”

Without any drama, I replied with a dry mouth,” Yes mummy, but…” I was trying to assert myself when suddenly, She broke into a big loud laughter. I felt like a donkey. I too started smiling, but I was a mixed bag of emotions.

“Want to see it again?” she asked, pinching me slightly on my nose. You know I couldn’t reply. She just placed my left hand on her right breast. I was out of my senses. My palm was holding her red bra when she was wearing it. My eyes had excitement, and I can’t explain what I felt. All I remember is that My breathing became heavier by

Time and my breath were hot. My mom started moving her hand to and fro on my prick with her right hand and with her left hand, she unhooked her bra. My right hand was fallen dead. I pulled the right cup of the bra down and lo, her right breast was exposed completely. I didn’t dare touch her nipple though my hand was on the breast. Soon she removed the cup over the left breast, and then I Realized that she had another breast too. She moved a couple of steps backward and removed her bra completely. She then held my right hand and placed it on her left breast, right on her nipple. It was then that I played with both nipples holding them between my thumbs and index fingers. She again set her right hand on my dick, and I cummed in her palm, spurting semen uncontrollably. I dropped hands off her breasts when I came. I was shivering, rather shuddering. She made me sit on the bed and went out of the room. I took my time to regain senses. She was back within moments. She had cleaned up her hands. She entered the bedroom wearing a skirt (and a panty too). She asked me to lie down on the bed. I threw myself with a thud. She suckled my limp dick and I was feeling ticklish. I could not do anything but look at the ceiling while she sucked me dry. My limp dick was being played like a bubble gum with her tongue. A little aah’s and ooh’s went out of my mouth. Sometimes it so tickled that I laughed. I wanted to sleep, sleep for a really long time. This was the highest excitement point I had ever reached, but the best was still to come.
I just thought I’d take a look at my mom and I raised my head. My mom had stopped suckling it and she was looking me in my eyes. My dick had defied all laws of physical tiredness and gravity, and to my surprise, it was erect again. “Aahhh”, I said and let my head rest. Mom climbed the bed and sat beside me. She sat close to me and her breasts were close to my face. I could see the fair skin and black circles and erect nipples. I really wanted to hold my prick. When I extended my hand to my prick, mom held my hand and stopped me. She shook her head and I understood that she didn’t want me to hold my prick. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of tiny drops of sweat between her breasts. I wanted to touch it. I raised my hand and mom thought that I wanted to hold her breast. I simply placed my hands between her breasts and gently node circles on her body with my palm. I told her that I liked her sweat and she simply smiled playfully at me reminding me that I was still a kid. I replied with a smile. It flashed to me that my legs were able to move freely. I don’t know when mom got rid of my shorts and briefs. The kid in me died. I transformed into an adult. I don’t know what crossed my mind but I suddenly held both her breasts in my hands and rolled over her like a beast. I put my mouth to her left nipple like a greedy Rocky and did everything to get the whole breast into my mouth. It tasted salty due to the light sweat. I moved to the other breast. Her left breast was shining due to my saliva. When I played with her right breast, The saliva on the left breast was touching my face. I behaved as if I’d get no other chance in my life to play with breasts. I was over her when she made some expressions that I was hurting her, but I ignored her. I started pressing her breast; I knew she felt the pain and pleasure. I cummed again, less quantity of semen this time. I got off her. “Over?” she asked. I rolled off her, ashamed. She sat on the bed and looked at her skirt (petticoat). My semen was on it. I knew that I was going to be fired for behaving rude. “Hey, don’t get upset sunny, I know it was your first time”, she said running her fingers over my head. “Sorry mummy, I couldn’t hold myself”, I said. I sat up on the bed, with my limp dick leaving the last drops of semen on the bed sheet. Mom looked at it and smiled. She got off the bed and walked a couple of steps further. She gave me water to drink. As I kept the bottle on the floor, I saw her loosen the knot of her petticoat. I had only two places to see, 1 was her hands working on the knot and 2, were her eyes that were looking me in the eyes. The petticoat dropped down, and she stepped out of it. I couldn’t take my sight off her fair silky skin, and her black panty. I don’t know if she said anything because I was not listening to anything anymore. She walked closer, and my view was restricted from her waist to her knees. There was this black panty, a designer one which had some floral designs in black, those two nice thighs, fully fair skin, and hair, a lot of it was on her thighs. I started feeling the sweat on my forehead. I wiped the sweat off. My mom placed her hand on my shoulder. I felt as if I was waked up from sleep suddenly.

“If you have time, look at my face”, she said, holding her left nipple between fingers of her left hand. I looked up.

“I removed the skirt because you dirtied it. Not for you to see. You must be planning to eat me with your eyes.”

“Such a treat mummy, you are beautiful, I swear by God.”

“Sounds like you are growing up honey”, she said she went back and turned around. She held her fingers on the waistband of her panties. I was excited.

“Tell me one truth, and the treat may get better”, she said and inserted her thumbs inside her waistband of her panties.

“Weren’t you staring at me when I was serving food to Uncle?” she asked.

“yes mom”, I answered without thought.

“and why were you doing that?” she asked as she slid her panties half way her ass. I was dumb folded as I could see her

Ass crack which was hairy.

“I ww-wanted to touch it”, my tongue was dry and couldn’t move freely.

“would you like to come here?” she asked I went there like a Rocky. The panty was off to her knees. I went to her. She bent in front of me and got the panties out of her legs. All I knew was that my mom’s hairy ass was widely exposed for a minute. That white skin and that hair, that slight smell made me mad. I stood behind her like a statue with an erect dick.

“want to touch it?” she asked. I just placed my hand in her hand. She led my hand to her ass crack and left it there. I gained courage and I knelt down while she spread legs. “This is it?” I kept my index finger on her asshole. I did not think any further. My senses dragged my mouth to her asshole. I didn’t care about how it tasted or how it smelled. I was trying to poke my tongue into it. My mom held it tight. “Let it loose mummy.” I said. “But u r trying to lick it”, she said.


“Don’t insert your tongue inside”. She had already held the wall for support. I knew she’d fall for me. I got her. I made her turn towards me. Her cunt was in front of my eyes. It was looking like a hard area covered by hair. But when I touched it, it was so soft, like butter. I was about to stick my tongue to it when I gave a look to my mom’s face. She was smiling as if she helped her son find some priceless treasure. I looked at her and smiled like an adult this time. I stood up and held her by her hand and lead her to the bed. This time I pushed her onto the bed and she fell with her buttocks facing the ceiling. I spread her legs and let my mouth do the work. I licked her feet and back and neck and buttocks, I licked her armpits, and they had light hair. I left trails of my saliva all over her. My mom was breathing heavy. I overturned her and worked myself all over her breasts and belly and her cunt. The slight moans became audible. The aaaaahhhhs and oooohhhhhhhs continued. The sweat over our bodies made my movement easy. The kisses were deeper than the earlier ones. I then got down off her and placed my face right in front of her hairy pussy. I licked and found it aromatic, saline and sticky. I did a 4-5 minute licking, although I didn’t like it all that much. After I felt that there was enough Sticky juice on my face, I inserted my finger. Then, I remember, mom gave a jerk. With a single finger I started slow digging. My actions gained speed.

“Son, please continue it. I want to give it out. Please”…. And those aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhs began to mix with the jerks her body got due to fingering. I inserted two fingers and within seconds, she flooded. My fingers and hands were already dripping of her juices. And her orgasm splashed on my face. I ran to the bathroom to wash my face. I came with a clean face and clean hands. I came to the Bedroom and what I saw was funny. My mom raised her head and was smiling. I smiled and we joined in laughter. She had her legs wide, the bed sheet wet and she didn’t care about it. I went to her.

“Take your shirt off at least for formality, can’t you see I’m naked?” she said and we both laughed. She made me remove the t-shirt. “I’m tired, work for yourself”, she said. I wondered if she asked me to masturbate. “come on”, she held my hand and suggested I climb over her. She took the pillows and placed them under her ass, so that it became easy for me to give my last shot to her. I positioned myself, and slowly Inserted my prick Inside. It felt as if my dick was going through a grinding machine at first. Two thrusts and I were in. My mom held my ass and suggested that I should do some movement. Something crossed my mind and I pulled myself out and turned her over. I spread her legs and said “please mummy.” She gave a smile and I slid myself in. Her pussy juices were the lube there. Just two shots and I came. I lay on her with my palms under her breasts between her breasts and the mattress. My prick must have become limp and slid out of her asshole.

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