Friday , December 9 2022

How my extra sex life took off – My introduction into swapping

Hello, Im Susan, I think I had better start by saying Im 41 years old, married to James for over 20 years, and have one boy who is now in university, and haven’t been with another man while James and have been together.

when I was at college I messed around a bit and had sex with two of the boys there, not really a big event, I was drunk most of the time,

After college I met James and I fell in love with him very quickly, I soon became pregnant, and we got married,

So for twenty years I had never been naked/nude or even topless for anyone else other than James, I didn’t even think about it,

Now I leap to the year we took a cruise and met up with Shirl and Peter, we became good friends and we kept in touch,

The following summer we told them that we were going on holiday at a certain resort for two weeks and Shirl asked if they could join us, seemed like a good idea as we got on so well, anyway everything was planned and off we went,
The first full day we oriented ourselves at the resort and other amenities,

Our second morning was such a warm morning that we all decided to use the swimming
pool, which was very private I must add,

I wore a red bikini not very skimpy but showed off most of my (how could I put it,) not slim but not full figure, but Shirl came out with one that barely covered anything,she was kind of plumpish, both James and I must have looked a bit shocked but Shirl said hell its private here isn’t it,

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