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How My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission – Pt. 01

This is Smita telling you my first incident which happened because of the other woman and you will surprise to know who the other woman was.

I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We were staying in Jogeshwari E in 1 bedroom flat. Yes we were from a lower middle class family. Father burdened with loan because his partner, one of his childhood friend, who cheated him and took his business forcefully with the help of some local mafia and political leader. Father joined a company where he used to work in shifts. His salary was low and we had our difficulty financially.

I had another cousin uncle who happens to be my dad’s first cousin. In fact he was very young at that time. But he took most of Dad’s expenses, in fact our housing loan most of the time was paid by him. He was having some business in Dubai. He use to get exported items from other countries.

Sonali I don’t know how to tell a story, I am just telling you my stuffs. Ok, my uncle Rajesh was pretty close to my family. He was staying in Dubai, he had another shop in Bombay. So every month or every alternate month he use to come to Bombay.

Ok this incident happened when I was 18 years old. Rajesh uncle was very young, 25 or 26, He started doing his business when he was 19 years old and was pretty well off.

In fact he had gifted us an air conditioner to cope with this Bombay heat. It was there in our single bedroom and when uncle comes I use to sleep on the bed with uncle and Mom my two year old brother and dad use to sleep down as this only bedroom of ours had air conditioner.

Father was working in a company and he had shifts, sometime morning, sometime afternoon and sometime evening.

My mother Reena too had early marriage, she was just 15 years old when she got married and I was born within one year. So this incident happened in 1995 when I was 16 years old. That time my dad was having night shifts and he was leaving around 11 pm. That day Rajesh uncle had just come in the afternoon.

He went out in the evening and came back at a night. We had our dinner and I went to sleep. I was considered as a Kumbharkhan as I go to sleep I don’t get up let it be anything.

But luck or un-luck or whatever was that day, as dad was about to leave something fell and I got up but kept my eyes closed. Rajesh uncle was sleeping next to me. I was sleeping on my back and I use to have a blanket as the AC use to be full on when uncle comes as he sweats a lot.

I felt mom sit on the bed and Rajesh uncle saying are you sure she won’t get up. Mom told she is Kumbharkhan if you drop a bomb too she won’t get up. I didn’t know what they were up to. I just slowly opened my eyes and I was shocked to see mom on lying on top of Uncle.

I at that age of 18 years old, staying in Bombay, knew ABC of sex and I was even touched many a times while going to school.

I was afraid to open my eyes but when I again slowly opened my eyes mom was below, between Rajesh uncles leg. I understood she was sucking of his dick. I had all kind of goosebumps. I was getting wet hearing their low moans.

I shut my eyes again and when the bed started to jerk I saw mom was sleeping under Rajesh uncle. She was just laying beside me. Rajesh uncle was fucking her and I could literally hear mom say, “aaahhhh… aaahhhh… uuuhhhmmmm… Rajeshhhh thora ahista chodo na baba”. “Itna jor jor chod ne se meri to dam nikal ja rahi hai”. Rajesh Uncle bola “ab kitna dino ke bad tume chodh raha hu, control korna muskil ho raha hai year”.

This went on for 20-30 minutes. I could feel as I was sleeping on the vibrating bed. Sometime their body was touching on mine. Then they both went inside the bathroom and came back, I didn’t knew when, as I waited for more then 20-30 min and then went off to sleep.

In the morning when I got up I saw both mom and Rajesh uncle weren’t there and when I tiptoed outside I heard they were in the kitchen. There mom was standing and doing something and Uncle was playing with her pussy lips from behind, lifting her gown. Uncle was sitting on a chair just behind mom. Some time he was giving kisses on her pussy and sometime just sniffing her hole. This was really my first view of live sex in daylight.

For the next 5 days uncle fucked mom daily, whenever they thought they were alone, not knowing I was viewing them. On the 6th day dad had a day off so that night nothing happened but something else happened.

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