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How My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission – Pt. 02

I was almost sleeping but I could feel uncle roaming his hand all over my body and inside the blanket and he had pushed one of his between my legs lifting my gown. His hands too were inside my gown. I was mad literally feeling him. I could feel his dick hard on my ass I could feel as if he was dry fucking me.

He thought that I sleep like a Khumakaran so I don’t know anything but I enjoyed each and every bit. I was really afraid too as below both my parents were sleeping along with my two year old brother.

In fact after that incident, almost 2 years, uncle did returned to India in every alternative month, but he didn’t stay with us.

One day mom was speaking on the phone and was overjoyed and I came to know that Rajesh uncle is coming to India again and this time he will be staying with us. We went to the airport to take him and seeing me he was telling “Smita how tall you have grown” and he hugged me and my legs went weak feeling his strong body on mine.

As he was talking to dad and mom his hands was still on my hips as if I was his girl. That night as I went to sleep with my eyes awake, I knew nothing is going to happen between mom and Rajesh uncle as dad is there, but I know something is surely going to happen to me.

I was wearing a small sleeveless gown and I could see Rajesh’s uncles eyes were traveling all over my body every now and then. The night came and I was the most desperate of all.

I went to sleep Rajesh uncle was outside talking to mom and dad. I couldn’t sleep as I knew today something was wrong with me or my thoughts. I just went off to sleep and I could feel Rajesh uncle lying next to me on the bed. For the next 30-35 min nothing happened. Mom and dad too were sleeping on the floor.
I knew my thoughts were bad and Uncle didn’t have any intention and I went off to sleep. I don’t know at what time but almost after an hour or two, after I went to sleep, I could feel something holding me.

I had turned sideways towards the wall and Rajesh uncle was pretty close to me and his legs were between my legs. I could be feel his flesh on mine and this has immediately triggered me like hell.

My gown was hiked up and Rajesh uncle was wearing a short Bermuda. He was pressing his erect cock on my buttocks. His left hand rested on my waist, the palm and fingers entered my gown and were on my naked stomach.

Uncle was silent but I felt him pushing his hips on my butt and I could feel his huge cock which I had never seen or touched rubbing on my ass cheeks. Accidentally unknowingly I held his hand and he moved his right hand under my body. I knew he was hugging me from behind. Suddenly he placed a kiss on my cheeks.

He has kissed my cheeks many a times but this was different. His lips were on my cheeks and I could feel his tongue licking my ears the backside of my ears and I heard him whisper in my ears.

“Bura to nahi lag raha hai tume Smita?”

I didn’t know but I said “hmmmm”
As I said he made me turn towards his side. He made my right leg lock between his legs and his hands were on my buttocks inside my gown rubbing and molesting my bare buttocks and something his fingers entered my panties from behind.

I was going mad.

He was pushing me more towards his cock and slowly made me lie on my back and he started coming on top of me.

His both hands beneath my body and slowly started pressing his hips on my already wet cunt with his cock. That’s a different issue that we were still fully clothed.

“Do you like it?” Uncle asked me

“Hmmmm yes.” I whispered in a moan

For few more minutes he kept on humping me slowly kissing my face neck and kissing my forehead. Then slowly his lips came on my lips and I opened my mouth and that was the most wonderful kiss I ever had.

He was very slowly chewing my lower lip with his lips and then slowly moving his tongue inside my mouth and again chewing my upper lip and again inserting his tongue in my mouth.

This was wild for me and it was wilder as both my mother father and 2 year old brother were sleeping right below the bed where I was sleeping and top of me was my fathers cousin brother.

His mouth locked on my mouth for pretty long and his hips was rubbing on my crotch from one angle to another. Uncle lay sideways still kissing and his hand has shifted down and his palm and fingers were on my naked loins.

“Please, uncle hmm” is what I said

“What, Smita you like it?”

“Hmmm yesss uncle”

Our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. At the same time uncle’s fingers caressed my cunt, stimulating me more. I raised my hips and was getting disappointed as he was just playing with it and not inserting his fingers. I know its heaven as I felt, when one of my boyfriends did it to me.

Uncle whispered in my ears telling me, “I want you baby”

I said to him, “Put your thing inside me, uncle.”

“What you really want me to do that ”

“Yes uncle”

“No darling. Not until your mom gives me permission or else it won’t look good”

I was shocked to hear that “You mean you will ask mom for permission?”


“You think mom will give you permission”

“She will. She never said ‘no’ me. don’t you trust your uncle?”

Before he could say anything else I started kissing him again and this time in a haste I spread my leg and uncles long thick middle finger slipped inside my sloppy wet hot cunt. I opened my thighs widely.

I could feel he slipping another finger inside my cunt and I had a bit of pain with his thrust but my hips were rocking up and down welcoming his fucking fingers.

“Like it?” he asked, stopping the kissing momentarily.

“hmmm love itttt,” I panted in whispers. After 4-5 minutes I shuddered with orgasm. My first orgasm with uncle and my moan was getting bit louder and uncle sealed the same with his mouth.

My cunt juices flowed freely, wetting his fingers and my dress. After a full minute my climax subsided.

“Liked it?” uncle asked

“Yes, yes, yes. Love you uncle”

We hugged each other and went to sleep

I was woken up by around 5:15 am in the morning. Mom was in the kitchen preparing dad’s Tiffin as he had first shift and he leaves around 5:45.

The moment dad left, Rajesh uncle got up and I was behind him. Mom and Rajesh uncle were in our hall with just the small 0 watts red lamp glowing.

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