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How My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission – Pt. 03

It was still dark and I was behind the curtain of the main hall. They were kissing rubbing each other like a mad couple. Mom’s back was towards me and he had removed mom’s gown and Rajesh uncle too removed his lungi. He was fully nude.
Rajesh uncle pushed her panties down and was finger fucking her as well both were kissing. Mom’s holding his cock which still I was not able to see. I could see mom kneeling down and this time I could see what I really wanted to see.

It was so big that mom held his cock in both hands and started licking his dick head and pumping his cock she then took it in her mouth as much as she could and sucked him lovingly.

I knew that means I too have to take his cock in my mouth. It’s almost 2 years now that he didn’t thought of her and what the hell he is waiting for her…… just fuck her hard once….. let her cunt taste his fucking cock.

Uncle put mom on the down and moved between her thighs and raising her legs to his shoulders, he rubbed his cock head along her slit and pushed just the head in. He bent forward and grabbing her 36 C sized boobs in his hands, he raised his hips a little then rammed the entire length at one go all the way in her slippery cunt hole.

She moaned and cried softly with pleasure wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling her to her.

“… uuuhhhh… hhaaaaiiiii… khoob jor jor se chooddddhhh Rajesshhhh”

“Kitne din ho gaye tumhaari choot chode huwe renu jan abhi 10 din roj tume chodunga”.

“Jada bat mat koro or jaldi se chodo, humare kumbharkarn utne se paheli, aj to uski chuti bhi hai, din bar ghar pe rahegi”

“Smita ki bhi umar ho rahi hai chudwane ki…… kaho toh yaheen laa kar chod daaloon ussey bhi tumhare saamne?” he had stopped fucking her for a minute to see her reaction.

“Kaya bol rahe ho…. oh to avi vi bachchi hai”
“Faltu bat mat bolo. Chuchi dekhi hai apni beti ki. Tumse vi bara. Or gand vi vari ho rahi hai uski.
“waise tuje itna fikar kuy ho rahi hai, tu to sali 18 sal ki umar me apne teacher ke sath chudwa li”

Mom said to him, “achcha baba achcha, agar chod sako to chod lo use vi, mujhe koi eairaj nahi hai, lakin ek bat yad rakhna koi jabardasti nahi chelegi.”

I was going mad hearing the same. He was fucking her and telling her tales how she was fucked when she was young. Both fucked for the next 30 min with all the randy talk and in spite uncle was fucking her he was pestering mom to help him to fuck me.

Uncle told that I am growing and before someone fucks me he would like to enjoy my tight pussy first. He also told her that if she didn’t help him to bed me he is leaving back for Dubai and will never come back again. Uncle in fact blackmailed her telling that. This was really damaging as mom knew which I came to know later on that it was uncle who was taking care of us rather than Dad. Even the house loan which was mortgaged is taken care by uncle.

At last mom said ok. She said she will help him so that he can fuck my tight pussy. Uncle told her that if I object then he is going to walk out and won’t touch her or me again. Uncle then ordered her to move my brother out of the room telling her that he is going to fuck me right now. Mom was shocked “you want to have her now?”

Uncle was adamant telling her yes my sweet fucking cunt I am going to fuck your Smita right now.

Mom was shocked but she didn’t have any option. I rushed back to my room. My heart was skipping hard. I am going to feel what a women feels. I heard Rajesh uncle telling her don’t worry Reena she is going to love it and any objection from her I won’t carry one step forward. If she shouts other than the pleasurable moans you can do anything what you want to do with me.

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