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How My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission – Pt. 04

I was freeze and before anything could happen Rajesh uncle was on the bed and his hand had pulled down my panties making me turn on my back and his left hand fingers were in my cunt and he started moving in and out and he kissed me holding my hairs tightly with the other hand.
He removed his finger and brought it near my mouth and told me to suck it. I said no uncle but he inserted the same in my mouth and I had to take it.

Uncle removed his lungi and he was totally nude and what I wanted to see badly was so close to my eyes. Yes it was big, it was a huge steel like rod, and it was in front of me. It might be 9+ inches and at the same time thick. My hand could hardly cover the same.

He gripped my hairs and shoved his cock as he was playing with my breast. “come you will start loving it” he said in a husky voice. I had to open my mouth like hell and the pungent smell made me mad. I could sense it was the mixture of his semen and moms fuck juices smeared on his cock.

I didn’t know what to do but within a moment I started sucking on his cock nicely, the way he wanted.

The weird or the nicest thing was that Rajesh uncle could make me suck for 30 sec to a min and then remove his cock and give me wet kiss leaving his saliva in my mouth and again making me suck his cock was wonderful.

My cunt was already oozing sensing this huge cock is going to hammer my cunt just like the way I saw mom getting fucked by him.

After 5-10 min of sucking his cock, he whispered, “my Smita is going to get fucked now”. He went on his knee placing my legs on either side and smelled my pusy, telling me that he is going to love fucking me. His head sunk in and without any word spoken he was sucking me inserting his tongue as deep as he could and his hands were on my breast.

He kept on sucking me like hell for almost 10 min making me cum 2-3 times. Finally he got up and when I saw his face moustache nose speared with my cum.

Slowly he made me bend and his lips were on mine kissing me making me lick of my own cum. Opening my lips with his he inserted his tongue deep in my mouth and kissed me for 3-4 min continuously.

Kissing and licking my face with his tongue has forgotten me that he was my uncle.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock. Holding his cock I just moved and seeing the bulbous pink head gave a shiver in my body. I was holding his cock in both my hands and still the head of cock was out that was the length of his cock.

His hands came on my head and he pushed me more towards him and my mouth opened and took his cock in my mouth again. This time the pungent smell only aroused me more.

Rajesh uncle made me lie on the bed and moved down parting my legs. He kept his cock near my cunt lips. “Baby I am going to fuck you, Terko yeh chaiye teri chut mein” he said moving his cock. He was moving his cock very slowly against my cunt lips.

Slowly he inserted his cock in my cunt and pressed it making it sunk deep in my cunt and as he fell on me I felt as if his cock was tearing me into two pieces. “Ahhh fuckkkk uncllleeee ahh”I shouted. As I was in a bit of pain and pleasure he placed his mouth on mine so that I don’t shout more and started moving up and down slowly.

I moved my hands on his back, which was filled with sweat and started rub it till his ass and move back again on top. It took almost 5-10 min of adjustment and hell of pain of his huge cock in my cunt and after that it was just pleasure and I too moved my hips to match his rhythm.

He was kissing me constantly and I was moving my hands all over his sweat filled body. I was just moaning to “ooohhh and ahhhh” which only excited him more and also egged him to fuck me “ahhh uncllleee its wonderful ahhhh”. He fucked me hard and he too was grunting,

I loved his dirty English and hindi mix

“Smita teri choot kitni mast hai, you real fucking good ahhh, you like my cock in your choot”.

“Ohh yesss unclleee”.

“Yeh! That’s better! Love to hear the same Say it again loudly!”

“Fuck me!” I shouted. “Fuck me, Uncleeeee ahhhhh! Fuck meeee, just fuck me!”

He flung his head back and laughed. “Then take it, baby! Take it. Smita you really got a tight cunt ….you bitch, DO you like to be my bitch baby!”.

I was stunned to hear the same, at the same time was enjoying his huge dick in me.

“Say it!” he said. “Keep saying you want it, whore, keep talking!”
“Ohhhh yes unclee!” I moaned. “Fuck me Uncle…… keep fucking me….. hard………like this……… Ohhh yes! yes! Unhhh! OHHHHHHHH!”

“Ohhhh….. god…… oh god….. oh god…… oh god….. yes……fuck me …..fuck me…. fuck me…. Ohhhhhhyes Uncle…. Yes…… Ohhhh……. Unhhhh…… Ohhh…. Oh…. OH OH OH…. YES!” I went on.

“Yeh! Take it! Take it! Take it!” he grunted, slamming his hips back and forth between my parted legs. Incredulously, I was orgasming, my body arching sharply under his.

My orgasm reached a crescendo and he stroked furiously in and out of my cunt, making me gasp and groan. He fucked me like an animal giving me few more powerful orgasm.

Finally, gasping, he pulled his cock out of my cunt and he sat on my breast. “Come on, whore … suck my prick … I want to cream in your face,”. I sucked his cock again, taking his cock deep in my mouth. I sucked him deeply, hungrily, slowly, my head rolling from side to side, moving back and forth.

He gasped softly as the heat surged from his loins. I too moaned, sensing his orgasm and, holding back, opened my mouth wide under his cock, “yes baby come oooohhh, baby”.

The jizz spurted from his cock and shot into my eager mouth and spattered my face and hairs as I jerked his cock in my fist.

Uncle moved down sleeping on top of me. I could feel his cock still hard between my legs. He came close to my lips and started kissing me with his cum in my mouth.

He held me tightly and moved his tongue all over in my mouth. He groaned and said, “Fuck that was good I love being orgy you bitch”.

I said to him, “You should have emptied the same in my cunt, just wanted to feel how it feels inside”.

Uncle patted “don’t worry baby you will feel each and everything but for that you have to be protected so nothing happens to you”.

I knew why he wanted me to yell so that mom can hear and feel the pleasure too.

We came out. Mom was bit disappointed but that day we three were in the bathroom around 11 am after mom dropped my brother Sandeep to one of our neighbours made all the tension between us just vanished. Those three hours changed our life.

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