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How My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission – Pt. 05

Around 11 am that morning, suddenly I heard Uncle was calling my name from inside the bathroom. As I entered in the bathroom I saw uncle was standing under the shower being half naked. I turned my face and saw mom was opening her petticoat and blouse. After removing all her dresses shamelessly in front of me, she told me “ab khare khare dekh keya rahi hai. Chal jaldi se kapre utar ke meri tara puri nangi ho ja.

I said “mom sharm aha rahi hai”

She said “ Sali randi…chudwane ke time me to bahut chilla rahi the. Chal nakhra mat kar jaldi se nangi ho ja. I was still hesitating. Then mom came near me and removed all my dresses forcefully. To break the ice She took one of my breast in her hand and said “Sali rendi, kitni bari bari chuchi banayi hai tune”. Then she started playing with both of my breasts. After pressing for few minutes she said “ tu vi khel na meri chuchi o se, dekh achchi lagegi. I also started sucking mom’s soft breasts. Then uncle came near us and hugged both of us. Then he also started biting our breasts saying “Sali ma beti dono nei kitni mast chuchi payee hai.

Then Uncle fucked me and mom together. First it started in the bathroom and then on the bed.

Uncle was daring, in fact he was going to stay for a week but he stayed for a month that time and we were fucked if dad was there or wasn’t there.

In the afternoon if dad was there he could sleep in the hall and mom took guard when Uncle finished fucking me. In return I use to take guard also, when she was getting fucked by him and so on.

He made us hungry for sex and hungry for him.

1999 dad expired in an accident in his factory. Uncle brought us to Bangalore selling of what we had in Bombay. He married mom in 2002 in spite there were lot of ifs and buts.

Mom’s second honeymoon was in Goa. We three went together at Goa for 4 days and night. My brother Sandeep had school so he was at aunty’s place.

I still remember mom’s second honeymoon. We had wild night. Wild stuffs going on out there.

Uncle got me married in 2005. Every day from the time my marriage fixed till I left, Uncle fucked me daily. The worst or the best part was that I had sex with Rajesh uncle on my wedding day morning as well as the next day.

In Wedding day I was dressed and uncle couldn’t resist. Everyone had left it was me mom and uncle. Uncle just lifted my heavy sari and fucked me from behind. In fact next day due to family ceremony I have to come back to parent’s house and uncle didn’t let me go without fucking me.

He wanted to gift me with some ornaments and nobody suspected as mom too was there. He fucked me for 30 min. In fact I cried as I was not going to get anything what I had from Uncle and mom. When we came out my husband and his family thought as the marriage was over so I was crying.

Everyone had praised Rajesh uncle a lot though I was step daughter I was married well off in a nice way. In fact our relatives too thought he was great person not knowing he was marrying of his girlfriend that he loved the most.

My husband Somenth is a wonderful person and a wonderful lover. But he wasn’t a beast what my uncle was. I too had became prey to a beast so what Somenath love hasn’t consumed my lust or passion as my uncle does to me.

Now whenever Rajesh uncle and mom comes to my house to stay for a day or two we had our share of moment at least 2-3 times. I did what I wanted the most.

Mother always use to tell me that she thinks as if she was the gate keeper for me and uncle.

So to Sonali, No regrets having sex with my step father or my loving uncle whatever. I have two kids one is off course because of my husband Somnath’s love. The other one, the younger girl came from to Rajesh uncle’s fuck.

At the same time Mom too had 2 kids because of Rajesh uncle’s fuck. The funny part is that my daughter’s father as well grandfather is the same person. That’s really funny.

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