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How my wife shared with my boss and co-workers

My wife and I were not sexually precocious. The first time we kissed anyone was at the senior prom, when it was part of the ceremony. We kissed each other. When we attended the same university we occasionally dated other people. Usually we dated each other.

We did not make love, because my wife wanted to save her virginity for her wedding night. That was fine with me, because I assumed she was saving it for me. I was right. Our first time the evening of our wedding was the most delightful experience I had yet enjoyed. By then, however, we had practiced the agreeable preliminaries with each other, so we both knew what to do.

For the first year of our marriage we usually made love several times a day. We practically would have enjoyed spending all of our time naked, and in bed.

However, honeymoons come to an end. After several years sex between us began to become routine, despite the fact that my wife was any man’s dream. Her beautiful face was the most obvious part of her beautiful body. From her large firm breasts with the pink and perky nipples, she tapered to a taut stomach, and narrow waist. Her hips were beautifully rounded. They framed her smoothly shaven vulva. That consisted of a slight mound, a well defined slit, and no clit hood. Her thighs were slender and athletic. Seen from behind her bare bottom looked almost like a Valentine heart. The backs of her knees were delightfully dimpled.

I had every reason to be appreciative, and was. Nevertheless, I was surprised by fantasies of establishing a Ménage à trois with my boss, whom I admired. I could not understand why, but the thought of those two having sex together began to excite me. I thought it was best for it to remain a fantasy. If I discussed it with my wife, she might think I was falling out of love with her. The truth was that my love for her was becoming deeper and more profound.

From company parties and picnics I could tell that my boss was attracted to my wife. Nevertheless, without my wife’s approval I had nothing to offer him. Moreover, our company was experiencing extensive layoffs because of the economy. I did not want my boss to think that I was trying to incur favor with him illicitly. I wanted my job security to be due to hard work. As the youngest member of his group, and the most recently hired with no experience at all but a college degree, I felt the need to prove myself. Finally, he was married.

Consequently, when an important project was behind schedule, I volunteered to work late one evening to complete it. I called my wife, and explained the situation to her. She understood, but I knew what the urgency in her voice meant.

I finished the project sooner than I expected, and drove home. When I got there I was surprised to discover my boss’ car parked in front of our house. When I got inside it was obvious what was happening in our bed room. My boss had used my diligence at work as an opportunity to seduce my wife. At the age of twenty-five my wife was having sex with her second man.

I was unsure of how to respond. I had every right to play the role of the jealous husband. I could almost certainly get my boss fired for this. Perhaps I would get his job. That would have been hypocritical. It may have ruined my marriage. My fantasy was being achieved. I have to admit that I was aroused by my wife’s squeals of delight.

I sat in the living room and waited. I considered leaving quietly, and returning in two hours. However, before I left, they opened the door and walked out. My boss had put his clothes back on. My wife was completely naked. When she saw me, she ran back into our bed room, and closed the door. My boss smiled at me. “Don’t get angry at your wife,” he said. “She tried to resist. But when I asked permission, she gave it to me. I wanted to do this for a long time. Your wife is delightful. You’re a lucky guy. How did the assignment go?”

“Better than I expected.”

“Great. See you at work tomorrow,” he said before leaving. His words belied his nervousness, but his body language and the tone of his voice revealed it.

When I went into our bed room my wife had put on a bath robe, and was crying. “Go ahead and divorce me,” she said. “I deserve it.”

“I don’t want to divorce you,” I said. “Do you know something? For at least a year this has been a delightful fantasy of mine. I did not tell you, because I thought you would be angry at me.”

My wife stopped crying, and showed the beginning of a smile. “Really?”

“Really. Tell me how it happened.”

My wife began. “At work I was feeling really sexy. I could hardly wait to come home to make love to you. Your call was a real disappointment, but I know that your job is important. After your call I took off my clothes, drank a few glasses of wine, and waited for you in the living room. When I heard a car drive up I thought it was you. I wanted to surprise you at the door, completely naked, and surprised your boss instead.

“He walked in, and held me gently, but you know how strong he is. I could not get away from him. He kissed me several times. I shook my head back and forth, saying, ‘This is wrong. Please let me go’. The wine and the desire I had been feeling for you went to my head. When he asked permission to have sex with me I did not want to anger him because of the layoffs. I hoped that I would be able to strengthen your job security without you learning about it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Yes. I know that sounds terrible, but I did.”

“I am glad. If this happens again, don’t do it if you don’t want to, but don’t feel that an obligation to me stands in your way.”

“I’ll remember that,” my wife said. She walked over, and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she said. “I don’t deserve a husband like you.”

“Sure you do,” I said, removing her bath robe. “Right now I’m so excited I might shoot into my under pants.”

“Don’t do it there,” my wife said, feeling my erect penis. “Do it here,” she said, while fingering her slit.
We did. I was too aroused to last very long. After enjoying a most loving period of afterglow, we did it again. My wife lost track of her orgasms.

The next day my boss called me into his office, told me to close and lock the door, told me that the customer had just called, praising the completed project, and asked, “Are you going to tell HR?”

“No. Believe it or not, this has been a fantasy of mine.”

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