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How my wife shared with my boss and co-workers

My wife and I were not sexually precocious. The first time we kissed anyone was at the senior prom, when it was part of the ceremony. We kissed each other. When we attended the same university we occasionally dated other people. Usually we dated each other.

We did not make love, because my wife wanted to save her virginity for her wedding night. That was fine with me, because I assumed she was saving it for me. I was right. Our first time the evening of our wedding was the most delightful experience I had yet enjoyed. By then, however, we had practiced the agreeable preliminaries with each other, so we both knew what to do.

For the first year of our marriage we usually made love several times a day. We practically would have enjoyed spending all of our time naked, and in bed.

However, honeymoons come to an end. After several years sex between us began to become routine, despite the fact that my wife was any man’s dream. Her beautiful face was the most obvious part of her beautiful body. From her large firm breasts with the pink and perky nipples, she tapered to a taut stomach, and narrow waist. Her hips were beautifully rounded. They framed her smoothly shaven vulva. That consisted of a slight mound, a well defined slit, and no clit hood. Her thighs were slender and athletic. Seen from behind her bare bottom looked almost like a Valentine heart. The backs of her knees were delightfully dimpled.

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