Sunday , November 27 2022

How Raping my Aunt Happen

From the time I discovered the female form I was in deep lust over my mother’s older sister.
Where my mother was 5’1 she was 5’7. My mother was curvy with hips and breasts that drew attention. My aunt was slim, smaller breasts, nice hips, very long legs, but it was the shape of her ass that just caught my attention. When she would bend over it formed a perfect heart shape. She always wore either knee length dresses or skirt and blouse. When she would sit her hem would go up showing off her long legs. When I was 10 her husband died of cancer.

Leaving her alone with my cousin who was 2 years older than me. I would spend my summers over their house. Just about the time I was 12 I discovered the scent of women smelling my mother’s panties. From there I smelled every woman’s panties I could get my hands on. I smelled the panties from all my friend’s mothers. On visits to my aunt’s I was able to dig around in the clothes hamper in the rest room and get my hands on hers. The scent was so sweet, and they had yellow stains on them. I remember licking them, sucking on the gusset trying to get the taste from them. They were silk with long leg with lace on the ends. I knew that summer was 2 months ahead and I would be spending part of it over there. So that summer I enjoyed myself every time I took a shower, I had the hamper all to myself smelling her fresh panties daily.

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