Thursday , March 30 2023

Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 2

“Sionna, I dare you to lie down, with your face up, by Pippa’s feet. I’m going to set your butterfly clip up a notch, and you’ll lick any pussy that sits on your face!” Jaqui said.

“Julie, I dare you to sit on her face, while you keep Pippa hard with your mouth!” Lynne added.

“You and you…” Suze said, pointing at me and at Marissa, “Strip your dresses off, and sixty-nine each other for us to watch!”

“Karen, you and the nurse use this double ended dildo on each other!” I requested.

“Katarina, you, Catwoman and the leather Domme… take turns spanking Pippa’s arse and inner thighs!” Karen dared.

We all began doing as dared… and soon, the garden was a hotbed of writhing sexual action! Candy, Rita and Tina wandered onto our patch, and were soon involved… touching, licking and kissing our bodies. Marissa and I soon had TS cocks in our cunts… and Tina made up a threesome with Karen and Suze!

Katarina, Tracy and Lynne administered Pippa’s CP in a variety of ways. Initially, they simply spanked him, using an open palm. Once his cheeks were nicely warm and reddened, they upped the ante a little, and began strapping his rear with a leather belt. Having patterned his bum with red and pink stripes, they chose to give him a sound birching. Using the bunch of twigs that had been collected earlier, they placed a good couple of dozen strokes across Pippa’s backside… and her inner thighs. Julie stopped her blow job, and pointed at Pippa’s rampant member, saying:

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