Tuesday , March 21 2023

Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 3

Susan got the video camera going again, and Mistress went over to talk to the two guys who had just fucked me… and who were about to leave.

“Will you both come back to my home tonight? Our group consists of my three lady friends…” Helen said, indicating the other three women, “Me… and my subservient TV husband. He’s agreed to be our sex-slave all this week, and I intend to use the time to cuckold him… with as many men as possible!”

“Sure ‘Lady,’ I’m sure that Mike and I would love to… as long as we can use your submissive hubby too!” One of the guys replied.

“Yeah, we’d like that…” Mike added, “I’m Mike, and this is Dave. Would you like us to invite a few more guys? I’m sure that some of our mates would be interested!”

“Yes, we’d like that.” Susan replied at once. “How many more could you bring over?”

“Including us, there’d probably be about eight of us guys.” Dave replied. “Both our girlfriends would probably like to join in too, if more women are ok with you…”

“Sure,” Helen replied, “the more the merrier!”

“Great, we’ll make a few calls… where do we meet you?” Helen gave the guys our home address… and the party… make that the orgy… was scheduled to start again for those of us who had gone out, in two hours!

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