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Humiliation Of Shruti

Shruti is newly married to ramsankar, who is a jeweler in pune. Shruti a beautiful girl of 22 is in sharp contrast to ramsankar who is a fat, short and forty years in age. But he has inherited a big jewelry shop, after his parent’s death in a car accident. When ramsankar approached shruti’s father for marrying shruti, impressed by his wealth he said yes. Soon after shruti and ramsankar got married.

From the very beginning shruti noticed that ramsankar is guided by his three friends mani, krishna and ahmed. They were much younger and handsome as compared to ramsankar. He was in fact bullied by them at every instance. They were also fascinated by young gorgeous shruti, who is a modern young woman and enjoyed short dresses, hot pants and other revealing dresses at home. They used to come home on slightest pretext and used to touch her whenever they get a scope. Ramsankar knew this but afraid to speak against it, sometimes he even enjoyed. Shruti who hated ramsankar for his ugly looks and failure to satisfy her sexually in bed, used to like the mischievousness of these young handsome men.

It was the festive season of navaratri and mani proposed that they should go for a road trip to goa. Shruti was super exited. She came near mani to thank him for the plan. Mani playfully pulled her and made her sit on his lap. She was wearing a very short cotton dress, which rode up and revealed her white panties to everyone. While mani hold her thin waist and pulled her more in his lap, every other eye in the room was stuck to her crotch area. Even ramasankar’s one inch dick bulged in size. Mani toyed with shruti and made her sit on his hardened dick. Shruti tried to release herself from the firm grip of mani but failed. She sat like a baby on his lap knowing her panties were visible to all. She got released only after giving a kiss to mani’s cheeks. But mani was not satisfied, he wanted more from this stunning beauty. He had a plan and shared with krishna and ahmed.

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