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Hung man deeply satisfies another man’s wife

It all started in High School, I suppose. It was then that I learned I wasn’t like most of the other boys.

My growth spurt hit me early, and puberty proved profoundly beneficial. I shot up to well over six feet as a young teenager, and that helped propel me into varsity basketball even as a freshman.

My height wasn’t the only blessing puberty bestowed on me. As you might guess, I enlarged horizontally as well.

Truth be told, my penis grew so exceptionally that it scared me. After all, I was technically still a kid. It was worrying enough that I remember desperately showing the “condition” to my mom. I needed to know that I was okay, that I was normal.

“Honey, that thing is a blessing from God.” She said, laughing.

I soon learned her meaning, both from the positive rumors and giggling girls at school, and from the envious and fascinated stares from the other kids in my gym class.

My newly grown manhood quickly became a never ending source for my blossoming confidence . That confidence eventually turned sexual, and opened the door to a rather adventurous college experience, where I enjoyed countless women. It was actually during my time away at university that I first learned what it meant to be a “Bull”. My roommate at the time was a bookworm, not involved in athletics and with a physique to match his interests. The communal dorm showers didn’t do him any favors in my mind. He was plain looking and with small, beta male endowment. Somehow though, he had landed a very attractive girlfriend. Allie seemed rather conservative by nature, but was always very flirtatious with me. One drunken evening she slipped into my top bunk, insisting that she had always wanted to have sex with a black guy. She also insisted that Joey, asleep below, would let me have sex with her if I wanted. I took it in stride, and confidently fucked her. Allie screamed, moaned, and came in pleasure. Joey obviously awoke from his slumber, but he wasn’t mad. I still remember his wide-eyed expression and his small dick tenting his boxers as he watched me fuck his girlfriend for the first time. Allie clawed into me, complimenting my muscles and my dick, cumming hard multiple times in front of her boyfriend. It continued like that for a semester. I would fuck Allie almost daily, usually while Joey was at class, but sometimes even while he was in the room. I was perhaps too young to appreciate the human dynamics at play, chalking it up to a wild college experience. However looking back now there were clear alpha and beta male roles at play, and from that point on I always considered men with small penises to be naturally weak, at least as it related to sex.

Throughout college, and even into my adult life, I never had much in the way of a steady girlfriend. I had grown addicted to the experience. The deeply impressed look on a woman’s face when she saw me for the first time, the reactions she would yield when she felt me inside her for the first time. I never grew tired of those moments, and as such I never had any interest in settling down. Even now, in my mid thirties, I was still addicted to the conquest. Little did I know, that addiction would grow even stronger when I began to embrace my role as a Bull.

I played basketball through most of college, and even though I was good at it, I was never quite talented enough to consider the NBA a realistic option. I learned to love coaching, and ended up as a high school basketball coach for an excellent national program, based at a local private school. My efforts were responsible for many kids being recruited to Division 1 schools, where some eventually even turned professional. Further to my basketball based career, I stayed physically active, and played in a recreational adult league at my local gym.

That’s where I met Jim and Francine.

Jim was a local accountant, not extremely wealthy, but I couldn’t help but lust over his brand new 7 Series. He was a rather unassuming guy, physically. He was white, and stood at about 5′-8″ with a slightly pudgy build. Even though he had a relatively average physical nature, he was a pretty good ball player. He could thread passes between defenders legs, no look behind his back, and his hustle was second to none. I was glad to have him on my team.

The two of us got along well, and were rather friendly at the gym. We even grabbed a couple beers at a local bar on occasion, when his wife would permit it.

The BWM wasn’t the only thing of Jim’s that I lusted over. Francine was a gorgeous brunette, curvaceous but also tight in all the places a woman should be. Her tits were large, and her ass – exceptionally plump. She stood at roughly 5′-6″, and her sultry dark eyes and attractive lips helped frame a gorgeously feminine face. Despite finding her immensely attractive, and despite my storied history with women, I didn’t pursue a sexual relationship with her out of a begrudging respect for Jim.

Still, Francine made it easy for thoughts to wander. It was clear the woman liked to flirt, at least with me. I could see the attraction in her eyes there in her lingering stares, her blushing smiles. She seemed to enjoy my company. That’s not to say she would have been unfaithful to Jim, though. If anything the two of them seemed to have a stronger relationship than most married couples I knew. They joked and teased one another like newlyweds, despite being together for many years. I could simply tell that, on a purely physical level, Francine was buying what I was selling. Still, I figured the relationship would never be more than anything other than a flirtatious one, and Jim would simply remain a gym buddy.

Things started to change, however, one day after a game. I was in the showers, cleaning up in an effort to get home. Jim rarely hit the locker room after our games, as I understood it he would normally drive home to shower. This day, however, I was cleaning up, as I normally would, when suddenly his surprised voice caught my ear.

“Jesus Mark. I thought George W was supposed to have gotten rid of all the weapons of mass destruction.”

I glanced down and to my right, opening my eyes after rubbing the soap from my face. I saw him, turning away from his previous glance at what was no doubt my penis. At this point in my life, I was well used to gawkers of all shapes and sizes, even friends. When you’re as hung as me, it becomes a novelty in non-sexual situations.

I chuckled in response, “Good one Jim.”

One comment begets another, and I couldn’t help but glance down at Jim’s package. It was small, unimpressive, so I decided not to add anything as it related to him. I couldn’t help but consider the start contrast in sexual endowment between him and his wife. Francine was curvaceous, with large sexual assets and an extremely feminine aura. There was no way she could have lusted over the small appendage attached to her husbands groin, it was utterly boyish.

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