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Husband gets wife to explore her sexuality at resort.

One night a few years ago I took my wife to the bar in a resort hotel that where we were staying. She wore a new skirt that I had purchased for her before the trip. At first she refused to put on saying it was far too short and tight. It was thin, summer wear, made of cotton and clingy that at the time was fashionable. I persuaded her to keep it on which wasn’t easy because she was by nature quite shy and not given to showing off. Convincing her that she wasn’t showing any more leg than most other women I told her that she looked great and said not to worry about it. Besides we are out of town and you will never see any of these people again.

We had been in the bar an hour when I noticed she was getting lots of attention from several men at the bar. Then I realized that they could see across the room, and as Jan was sat more or less between tables, that they could see right up between her legs, her skirt having clung to her thighs and ridden right up. She seemed unaware as we were talking. So I never mentioned it but instead went to get fresh drinks and looked for myself. I felt excited immediately because her panties were clearly on view to all.

It wasn’t only that though that gave me in a flutter. Jan has quite big well-rounded firm tits. With her skirt and plenty of panty-clad thighs showing her white tight top completed the outfit making her look really like a sexy sight. I got the round of drinks and went back to my seat struggling to keep my mind on the conversation. Another hour later I glanced round at my wife and caught her lifting her head and actually smiling at the men who were ogling her; she knew very well what was interesting them. If I had any doubts they were immediately dispelled when I saw her smile toward them again then at the same time she peered down to see how much she was showing and purposely let her leg sway and left her knees apart more than they had been before. She wriggled her hips to get comfortable giving her the chance to turn full on to the group of men giving them a better view, then she actually looked down and checked what she was flashing before lifting her head, looking straight at them and giving a wicked grin!

When we got back to our room she thought I was tired and went off to bed before me. I thought about what I had witnessed and it had an effect on me; I took out my cock and picturing in my head the view the men must have seen I began to masturbate, closing my eyes. Jan walked in on me in the sitting area.

“Why are you doing that out here? Why haven’t you come to bed?”

“I saw what you did,” I told her, “In the bar! I saw you let your skirt ride up to show your panties to the men at the bar.”

“I told you it was too short!” she argued, “It was bound to ride up.”

“I saw you doing it on purpose — I saw you smile at them then show them more!”

She was embarrassed not to mention surprised at being caught out like that; but she didn’t deny any of it.

“That doesn’t tell me why you’re doing that out here,” she said sheepishly.

I was honest with her too, “It made me feel excited watching you do it — it’s turned me on — a lot!”

“Oh my god!” she said breathlessly and now she was even more sheepish and embarrassed. “I don’t know why I did it!”

“Sit on the chair!” I said pointing opposite to my seat. “Pull your skirt up — just like it was in the bar!”

She reluctantly hitched up her skirt but kept her knees together. “Show me how you opened your legs — show me exactly what you did for the men at the bar.”

Jan covered her face but let one hand rest on the hem of her skirt. She moved her bottom and let her knees part at the same time she slowly pulled her tight skirt up her thighs, until it gave her even more movement and freedom to let her leg swing wider showing all of her panties. I hadn’t been aware that she had gone so far and actually used her hand to make it ride up more than was accidental.

“Come here!” I said while stroking my dick.

She came and sat next to me not looking me in the eye.

“Did the men see you helping it along with your hands?”

She nodded.

“Would they have known it was especially for them?”

“Yes,” she said, “I suppose I made it pretty obvious.”

“Did it turn you on — when you were doing it?”

She confessed in a very low hiss that yes it did! I grabbed her and the rest is history; we fucked while talking about! She admitted her behavior had been exciting and made her feel sexually aroused. She said she’d probably want to do it again if she got the chance to. It gave her a tremendous thrill and it prompted me to suggest that she find other opportunities to show off.

“Yeah, I expect that now I’ve experienced what a thrill it can be, then I most likely would let myself do it again.”

“Would you let them touch you?” I asked as my erection was growing just thinking about the possibilities.

“I don’t know; if it made me feel sexy enough I might stray a little and let them kiss me, and, well, you know, have a feel. I just don’t know — it would have to happen! I think I’d find it sexy just to sit with them and talk to them letting them see more than they ought. I’d be happy to let them look at me — see my panties — or see me partly undressed.”

Jan seemed to be in conflict with her own emotions. To me it was absolutely erotic and stimulating.

“Let me ask you a question now,” she said. “Would you not get angry if I did it again? Were you turned on because of the initial shock and novelty of the situation? What if I actually did begin to do it on a regular basis — told you I liked doing so much I didn’t want to stop, what then? Think about it — what if I admitted that I get so very aroused showing myself off in front of other men — sexually aroused?”

“So do you?” I asked in return, “It’s not simply for amusement — it actually turns you on?”

Jan nodded right away and told me; the thought of doing it again in various ways and in different situations was exciting, because of the possible danger, the sheer naughtiness of showing herself off, though she startled me with her insight and honesty when she added that rather than let it appear to be accidental, part of the thrill would come from letting the watchers know, maybe discreetly and subtly that she was doing it intentionally — letting them know she was doing it to give them a thrill — and she added coyly, an erection. She would be doing it especially for them!

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