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Husband shares his wife with friend.

Shekhar and his wife, Anita and have a very exciting marriage. She’s a wonderful lover, friend and a very beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her, and one can see them looking and lusting after her whenever they are out in the evening. Shekhar finds this exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing and insists that she go braless as often as possible, especially at home, because nature has blessed her with a pair of the sexiest breasts possible ;perfectly round and succulent capped by chocolate-pink coloured nipples which invariably peep through transparent dresses.

Anita is 28 years old. She has exposed her breasts on nude beaches and Shekhar is sure she enjoyed all the stares. Once in the evening when it was slightly dark she even pulled off her panties and played around in the sea fully naked. Not only that while walking back they came across a fisherfolk couple. It was dark but they had a lantern. Still Anita stopped and asked them a few questions just to let them realise that they were talking to a pretty young and naked lady.

Whenever she wears a saree it is always with sleeveless blouses and deep plunging necklines in front and at the back. Not only this this whenever she visits Shekhar’s parents she is always properly clothed in Salwar Kameez, dutifully applies sindur and wears Mangalsutra. No wonder they are all praise for their pretty daughter-in-law.

A couple of years ago Shekhar began to fantasize about having other men see her nude and began to obsess about exposing and displaying her in public. Shekhar had fantasized about her going to nude beaches and stripping completely, showing off her lovely pussy and ass and even posing for nude photographs. He was however apprehensive whether she would ever agree to any of that. But the fantasies continued anyway, and expanded to include her being touched, fondled and even made love to by other men.

A few months ago, he took a big risk and shared one of his more mild fantasies with Anita. He presented it in the form of a story about another woman who’s husband exposed her to other men – strangers, and that this fictional woman became very excited with the exposure and gradually started doing it to please her husband. At first she was a little shocked at his story, but then Shekhar noticed that she was becoming excited. He expanded on the story and her excitement grew. Her increased excitement drove him to greater fantasies and ever more detailed stories. After telling the stories they had fantastic love making sessions during which she was absolutely wild. Her reaction led Shekhar to conclude that someday he might be able to see his fantasies come true.

Shekhar started to think about showing her off to his best friend. Dileep and Shekhar had grown up together, sharing many dates and wild experiences as young men. He had been Shekhar’s best man at their wedding, and he approved wholeheartedly of Shekhar’s marriage to Anita. In fact, perhaps Dileep too was in love with her, and Shekhar believed that he was a little disappointed when they were married since he often commented about what a sexy lady she was, and how lucky Shekhar was to have such a gorgeous creature. The fantasies Shekhar was having were becoming wildly exciting and he decided to enhance them by teasing Dileep with her charms.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, Dileep and Shekhar were having a beer after work at the local watering hole. When he opened his wallet and pulled out some money, Shekhar ‘accidentally’ dropped a picture on the floor next to him. It was a Polaroid of Anita nude in the shower – a side view showing the profile of her breasts and perky chocolate-pink nipples very clearly. It had been taken a few days earlier without her knowledge. Shekhar pretended not to notice it fall, so Dileep reached down and picked it up.

He stared at it until Shekhar saId, “What’s that you’ve got?”

Sheepishly, he handed it back to Shekhar who feigned embarrassment, saying,

“Oh, my God, If Anita knew you had seen this snap she’d die of shame. Please don’t ever say anything about it. She doesn’t even know I have it. ”

“Oh, of course not! I would never say anything about it. But, can I please see it again – just for a minute. He was almost begging. Shekhar held the picture in his hands for a minute and then said, “Well, as long as you’ve seen it anyway… ” and handed it back to him.

“She’s incredibly beautiful, ”

“Yes, isn’t she? And, I feel so fortunate to have that gorgeous body to go home to. You know, she’s a very sexual woman. She’s quite dIfferent in bed from the woman you think she is. Know what I mean?”

“Exactly how is she different?” Dileep asked.

Shekhar started out by just talking to Dileep about their sexual experiences, and he fell for the bait; hook, line and sinker. Shekhar told him about how they often played before sex and he asked Shekhar if Anita got really wet during foreplay. Shekhar described it to him in detail, how she would often beg him to touch her a certain way, and how powerful her climaxes were. It was incredibly sexual talking for Shekhar to talk to his best friend about his wife. In a way, it was just like taking her clothes off and exposing her to him..

The conversation went on for several beers and a couple of hours like this. He never grew tired of hearing about Anita. Every little detail seemed to excite him even more. Shekhar could see by the way he was moving around that he had a huge erection… and for that matter so did Shekhar. It’s hard to describe how powerfully sexual it was to describe every intimate detail of his wife’s lovely body to another man – especially a man who knew her so well.

Shekhar further told him what her nipples looked like when she got excited, where they made love, what position Anita liked the best, how she liked to take his cock into her mouth when it was soft and suck gently on it until it got hard, how she screamed when she had a particularly intense orgasm. He ate it up, listening intently and asking questions to elicit more information from Shekhar. And he loved every minute of it.

Then Shekhar showed him some more pictures of Anita – some were Polaroids and some were from his 35mm camera where he’d used high speed color film. They showed her nude body from a number of different angles. Some were a little fuzzy but most were very clear and revealed her lovely charms. All were taken wIthout her knowledge. Shekhar also led Dileep to believe that he had many other, much more graphic photos – even though it wasn’t true, at least not at that time.

Dileep loved the photos and commented that, “I only wish that sometime I could see the real thing. ”

“Are you serious? I mean, would you really like to see my wife naked?”

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