Tuesday , January 31 2023

Husband Shares Wife

Dinner time was very quite as Mike avoided even a glance at his wife. Marie had realized that after last night’s midnight shift her husband was certainly not in the mood to discuss anything. Marie had just expected too much from him lately and she was regretting the argument they had before he had gone to work.

Plates were cleaned, kids put to bed, and there were still no words between Marie and Mike. Marie could not stand it any longer and broke the silence saying she was sorry for the way she had been taking advantage of him and lack there of his time. She asked what she could do to start to make this up to him. Mike just glanced at Marie with a disapproving look to let her know he was still not ready to discuss it rationally. She backed off and started to watch a movie that had come on t.v.

While Marie watched her movie Mike was roaming the internet thinking about what she had said from time to time. He was tired and in a bad mood. He really didn’t want to take up energy thinking at this point. He started to look at the voyeur pages and read a few stories on Literotica. The ratings on his last story were very good and had seemed to make his wife jealous as she had yet to get those sort of numbers. As he read a particular story, his mind started to race as he thought it would be the perfect way to get back at his wife. He completed the story with a smile on his face and excited to get his plan rolling into motion. He quietly excused himself to bed with a small kiss to his wife’s forehead to let her know he wasn’t still angry and off to bed to perfect his plan he went.

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