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Husband watches wife making love to her younger brother

“Nikhil…I think it’s the delivery guy,” said Ananya, as the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and received the package. I’d been eagerly awaiting this particular item. Opening it, I removed the sealed box from inside. It was a small pocket-sized vibrator that I’d ordered online for my wife.

“It’s so small and discreet! I like it,” she said, as I showed it to her.

“Can’t wait to use it on you.” I grinned.

“You may get your chance tonight, mister.”

Ananya and I have been married for two years now. I am 27 years old, working as an architect in Mumbai. Ananya is 25 and works as an interior designer. We met three years earlier through mutual friends and decided to get married after a year of courtship.

We’ve been truly blessed with a wonderful marital and sex life. We both love one another deeply and understand each other. Both of us have a healthy sexual appetite. We are open with each other about our sexual needs and strive to bring the utmost pleasure to one another.

There was one part of me, though, that she didn’t know about. I am obsessed with Incest. I always read incest stories and watched incest porn during masturbation. I also loved reading about incest in human history as was practiced in ancient times, long lost civilizations and royal families. It’s scandalous, forbidden and taboo nature titillates me to no end.

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