Thursday , March 30 2023

Husband’s Cousin Prakash Fucked Me

Once again thanks to all my sweet readers who have proved to be lovers of love stories. My last story “Friend’s Wife Smita” is admire by many readers. This story I wanted to be narrated in my lover Reva’s words.

Hello, I am Reva. I am 30 years old beautiful lady. I am good at yoga and yoga keeps me fit and trim. My waist is 32, and curves are so beautiful that any man would like to die to touch me there. I have nice long black hair.

My legs are very thin and well proportioned at every place. My thighs are like made from banana tree trunk, but not bulky. My skin glow every where with shine due to my self confidence. My self esteem makes me stay erect and there is no sag in my boobs. Even without bra my boob can stay erect like an apple piece. Nipples normally stay flushed in boob flash, but once erect stand out with proud.

My lips make perfect heart shape when I say ‘O’. You can imagine my lip curves perfectly like that. My face is small but cheeks are bulky and that makes one to keep looking at me intently.

I have seen people smash in some where, when they keep looking at me turning their head. I don’t laugh at such time; I just have pity on their wives and their girl friends if they have any.

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