Tuesday , January 25 2022

I am a 40 year old single mom

I joined my 19 year old daughter and her boyfriend on a threesome. I was drunk and hadn’t had sex in months. I had noticed my daughters boyfriend checking me out several times but of course out of respect for my daughter I never did anything.

I came home that night and he was fucking my daughter on the living room sofa, they weren’t expecting me so I practically walked in on them. I was about to tell my daughter off for doing that in the house when he walked towards me took my hand and pulled me towards them. He started kissing me and putting his hands all over me and I admit I just gave in.

All of a sudden he was pulling my panties off from under my dress and pushing me against the sofa. He grabbed my thighs and just started fucking me, it just felt really good. Then I felt my daughter under us licking his balls and his dick as he was penetrating me. It was just so wrong, so dirty but I don’t know it just felt good so I lost it.

Pretty soon my daughter and I were switching positions and he was fucking her while licking my pussy at the same time. I have to say the guy was a stud he kept fucking my daughter and I really hard and really good, we were both horny and excited to be fucking him all the time.

I think she had an orgasm first and then I had one while he was pounding me and my daughter was licking his shaft and my pussy at the same time. Yes I know very very wrong but gosh it just felt so good

Yes of course at the end he had to be “a guy” and put us next to each other so he could come on both of us but he had been just so good that we let him have his macho moment and let him unload his semen on both of us, we licked him afterwards too.

I was so ashamed of what happened the next day. I think my daughter was too and we just didn’t talk about it. Hes been back in the house and hes always looking at me but that was a once and only occasion, no way I’m going to do that again.

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