Tuesday , January 31 2023

I am a daddy to my neighbours wife

I was 16 and living in the country. I had no brothers or sisters and had spent most of my life after 5 years of age at boarding schools where I was educated only coming home during school vacations.

The homestead I lived in was 4 kilometres from our neighbours place and out of sight of each other.

While I was at school I learned all about sex from other kids – masturbation mainly and I had two rather minor experiences with two different girls who like me were curious but uneducated in what one did when alone together. I fumbled through two embarrassing attempts to have sex with these girls. They were as inexperienced as I was – although I was not the first boy to attempt sex with them. One of them had actually been penetrated and he had ejaculated into her and she had become distraught about being pregnant so much so that the mistress of the school she was at assumed what had happened and fortunately was able to pacify her and assure her it was unlikely. She was to report to her if her period didn’t arrive on time. She told me it was a day late and she said she was ready to commit suicide rather than let her parents find out. He was somebody important.

When she told the head mistress she was told to come back each day for a week and then she would decide what to do. Fortunately she said it came during the following night and she was so happy.

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