Tuesday , January 25 2022

I can’t wait til mommy leaves

I can’t wait for my mommy to leave!

I’m sorry about grammar…I’m need to work on it…

I can’t wait for my mommy to leave

My mommy neglects my daddy, my mommy doesn’t show him how good he treats us. She’s too wrapped up in her life, shopping, friends, never anytime to show him how much she loves him!
So one day I decided I was going to show him, I was going to give him love and kisses and when I grew older…I was going to be his wife and he was going to make me a mommy, but I would be there for anything he needed.
I got myself ready in a light pink teddy, curled my long soft yellow hair, and washed up good! I heard daddy saying to mommy once she was too stinky…and he got mad I don’t think it’s totally from her being stinky…I think it has to do with that man that was over before I got home.
Anyways, I also put some chap stick and light mascara around my bright blue eyes. I looked in the mirror and smiled, “I hope I’m good enough for daddy…”I said into the mirror and quietly went back into my room. I waited for 102 minutes until I heard the garage door start to open. “mommy is leaving!” I squealed and looked into the mirror to Check myself.
As I heard the garage close signaling mommy was now on her way to work, I slowly pulled my door open and walked to my daddy’s room. I stood behind to cracked door just looking at daddy making sure he was asleep. Tip-toeing into his room, past him and onto my mommy side of the bed, I noticed a big tent near his nether regions. I smile and lick my lips as I slowly crawl into bed and lean towards daddy’s ear, “daddy…daddy?” I whispered, his eyes barely opened,”huh, what sweetie, whats wrong?” he mumbled still asleep.
“may I cuddle with you daddy? I’m bored.” I said in my baby voice
“of course…” he said lifting up his big daddy arm for me to snuggle under it.
I listened as he started snoring again, and I moved my hand to his cock…my daddy’s cock. As I softly wrap my little girl hand around his daddy cock, it flinched, and I giggled.
My mouth was getting closer to his cock as I got excited, I wanted to taste it, my grip got tighter as he moaned.
His hand lifted and rubbed my back,”mmmm, this is a pleasant surprise, put your mouth on my cock, Kathy…” he said with his anticipation rising
My tongue slipped under his cock and licked slowly, covering the bottom side with goo-y spit. As I trail up, I say,”daddy,” licking your head some more,”it’s your baby girl,” I slowly pumped his cock into my mouth,”mommy left, and I wanted to show you how much I love you,” I moaned and blew all my spit out around his cock still in in my mouth. He lifted his head, and I looked in his eyes, his daddy cock jumped higher then I thought any cock could go!
“oh baby girl, that feels so good, mmm baby girl” he dropped his head back at his pillow and moaned.
His hand went to my opening, and probed my little girl cunt,”ooooo daddy, you like it when your little girl puts her mouth on your cock? Mmmm” I took his whole cock into my mouth and fuck my throat fast and hard bringing the goo-y sticky spit from the back of my throat down, and all over his cock and ball sack, “daddy, I want you to stick your cock in my little girl pussy…” I said in between slurps…his cock got harder,”you like that daddy,” he panted his agreement,”you like your 13 year old sucking your cock? Sucking your big daddy dick?” I said bobbing my head on his member. “yes baby girl, oh god…yes…please ride my dick.”
“yes daddy” I quickly bounded ontop of him, rubbing my cunt up and down his cock, “daddy, you want to put your big daddy cock, deep in my pussy? Fill me up and fuck your little cunt.” daddy gasped,”baby girl please, please…” I put the tip next to my opening, and just fucked the top of the head, fast, working up my juices, making them mix with my spit,”please baby, baby girl….”
“daddy, I love you, I want to be one with you…” I said before I slammed my cunt completely devouring his cock within my little girl cock hungry cunt.
“baby girl, baby girl, oh goddddd…..” my daddy panted as I fucked his cock
“daddy, I want you to cum in me, I want you to make me a mommy…I’ll take care of you better then mommy does, and I want to be your wife. I’ll stay at home pregnant and you’ll come home every day and I’ll make you feel good daddy…” I said grinding my soppy cunt onto his hard shaft. “please daddy, cum in my pussy shoot your load into me, push through my cervix and coat my woman hood with your daddy seed…” I panted and pleaded to him as I was hitting my orgasm, as I started I triggered his, with him releasing his load into my cunt. I sighed and grinned..looking at him I kissed him. Pulling my cunt off his cock I went down and sucked up our juices, licking my lips.
7months later—
I hear daddy open the garage and open his car door, I run as Fast as my big swollen belly could, the door opened and I hugged my daddy and said,”welcome home husband, we missed you…” and he smiled at me while rubbing his child in my tummy,”soon she will be able to give you just as much pleasure as I do e very day, because you are, our king. We love you.

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