Friday , December 9 2022

I fucked my Sister and made her pregnant.

My sister Clare 28 was really lonely in the City after she moved there. She hadn’t made any friends yet and lived in an old building that gave the creeps. I’m her older brother, I’ve been in the City for years and I was doing very well. As children me and Clare didn’t hang out much. So after there was a police on her apartment building she rang me and asked could she stay with till she found another place. I said okay, she moved in 2 days later. We worked different shifts and hardly saw each other. At Christmas we both went home and returned together on New Years Day. I was still on holidays and Clare had to work, a few days later she came home a little drunk. I was sitting watching porn and she joined and then started to say that the sex positions were real and it was faked. I said You tried all the positions and your an expert than. No I’m saying it’s not possible to do those things she replied. I said I bet you they are real, she said How do we prove it is real or fake she asked. We will try that position and if it real I fuck you and if it is fake I won’t able to and I’ll give the money for those boot your saving for I suggested. She agreed and we went to my room as I had the bigger bed. We both got naked and I had trouble getting my cock into her and she said See it can’t be done. I replied I just need to lick a bit and then I will fuck you. Go on then she replied and I started to lick her cunt and fingered her as well. Then we got back into position and tried again, this time cock entered her cunt and fucked her and blew my load inside her. After laying together for a while she said Guess I will to save a while longer, I answered Not if I can fuck you again. I will give you the money you need to get tomorrow. Okay you might as well fuck again and I did and even mounted her in the morning. It was only the next evening that she realized that her diaphragm wasn’t in place.

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