Friday , December 9 2022

I love my Daddy

I imagine that you will be surprised to be hearing
from a man; everything I have read lately about
incestuous relations between fathers and daughters has
been written by women, for whom the experience was
traumatic. No doubt their fathers did not find what they
were doing traumatic, or they would not have done it,
but you won’t be getting any letters from them! But, let
me introduce myself:

I am forty years old, an attorney – who should (and
does) know what he is doing is against the law.

An avid tennis player, I am physically very fit. I
have also been called handsome but however, my wife of
eighteen years apparently didn’t find me handsome
enough, because she left me a little over a year ago,
running off with my partner, Richard, and most of the
negotiables, leaving me with our fifteen-year-old
daughter, Roberta.

Needless to say, `Bobbie,’ as everyone calls her, and
I were devastated by my wife’s abandonment of her
family, and even moreso by the discovery that before
leaving town, she had `slept around’ with, I must
assume, her `favourite’ corespondent.

For the first few months after my wife’s departure,
I’m afraid I wasn’t a very good father to our daughter –
as though if am now! At any rate, I did not take the
interest a parent should in the life of a teenage girl.
In other words, my supervision of her was quite cursory.
Of course, I knew she was dating, but so long as her
dates were from `our set’, I didn’t object.

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