Sunday , November 27 2022

I love my husband dearly, but his sex drive is so low

You were right all along about Stan mom. I love him
dearly, but his sex drive is so low. Now I find myself
so frustrated all the time. Well the other night I
finally told him that I needed more sex from him. I also
told him that if he doesn’t start to give me more sex, I
just might go looking for a sex partner to please me. He
looked so scarred and hurt, but it felt kind of strange
seeing him like that. So I told him that I might bring a
real man to our bed and let him sex me up proper.

He just looked at me and he almost cried. I went over to
him and hugged him. I do love him with all my heart and
I really didn’t want him hurting that badly.

I told him that I would talk to you first about what I
should do, and he seemed to feel a little better. The
strange thing is that when I saw him so weak and
insecure in my arms, it made me feel aroused a little.
Now I really wanted to bring a real man to our bed, but
now I want Stan there to watch it all.

I know this is a strange letter mother, but I need your
advice. I love Stan so much, but my body is craving so
much right now.



Dear Mother,

I can’t believe how right you are about me. I do need
sex mom, and I’m always so moist down there, but my dear
sweet Stan just can’t give me the sex I need. Well guess
what mother? I met one of our new neighbors yesterday.
His name is Bill and he’s so tall and handsome. He’s
very muscular and his skin is so dark. Yes, he is a
black man mom. I could hardly talk at all because I just
kept looking up at him as he talked.

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