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I love My Own Sister & We got caught

My name is John, I live in Austin with my parents, and sister Jenn, my story happened about 20 years ago and started just after I hit puberty. I was at the age where I masturbated almost daily, usually at night just before I went to sleep. One night as I was busy taking care of myself when my sister walked in, I had my bedside lamp on, because I liked to watch myself and so I could see better to clean up my mess. Jenn stepped into my room and closed the door before looking up, and then she just stood and stared as she realized what I was doing. I was busy trying to cover up, but I was laying on top of the bedspread and was having trouble getting under the covers.

“I’m sorry I didn’t knock. Please don’t cover yourself.

That is how we started; we quickly progressed into becoming lovers. Our parents caught us about four months after we had been having sex. They didn’t like it but accepted our behavior. We had a family discussion they agreed that with AIDS and everything else that was out there at least we were safe from that. Mom took Jenn to the doctor for birth control. Not having to wear a condom made our sex life so much better. Our parents allowed us to sleep together and when we went on family trips instead of the four of us sharing a room Jenn and I got our own room so we could have our privacy. We loved family trips, it was the only time Jenn and I could hold hands and kiss in public. Our parent’s only rule for our incestuous relationship was that know one could ever know. And we did real good hiding our relationship at school and around the neighborhood. We didn’t kiss or snuggle outside of our house, except when on vacation.

Then we did get caught.

Sometimes Jenn and I would take day trips to Dallas, San Antonio or wherever so we could go out as a couple. On this particular trip we were in San Antonio walking down the Riverwalk, a touristy area of town with lots of shops, restaurants and such and a small canal running down the middle, a nice place to go walking. As we were walking holding hands Robbie and Renee stepped in front of us. They went to school with us; we had never really talked to them but knew who they were.

“Well? Isn’t it a little odd to be walking around holding hands with your brother?” Renee asked.

“Not odd at all. I don’t know where your mind is, but my brother and I are best friends; nothing wrong with holding your friends hand. Now if you will excuse us.” Jenn was instantly pissed and started walking off still holding my hand.

Renee again stepped in front of us. “Hey. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off. Have you had lunch yet?” We both shook our heads no. “Good. Let’s have lunch here. Robbie and I ate here a couple weeks ago it was really good.”

Jenn had calmed down but was still a little angry she thanked Renee but told her no.

“Please let me make it up to you. Our treat.” At that Renee grabbed Jenn’s free hand and lead us into the restaurant. The meal was really good and Jenn loosened up quickly. We talked about school, mutual friends and just stuff in general. The four of us were really getting along well. We ordered desert and started planning the rest of the day which we had decided to spend together. As the waitress put our desert on the table Renee looked at her brother: “The cake looks nice but right now I would prefer to have you for desert.” Then she kissed him like a lover. It was clear they were using lots of tongue with their kiss. Jenn and I just stared. The waitress was the first one to talk.

“I am sorry I couldn’t help but over hear some of your conversations. Isn’t he your brother?” The twenty something waitress was obviously shocked.

“Yes he is. Don’t you know? Brothers make the best lovers, and I have two of them.” The waitress slowly put the bill on the table and walked off looking lost and confused.

“And you told us we were odd holding hands? What is wrong with you two?” I asked. Jenn still had her mouth open.

“Don’t ask us what’s wrong. You two are just like us. We watched you kissing each other just before we stopped you outside. Weather or not you are having sex, that kiss wasn’t like brother and sister. Now admit it. You two are more than brother and sister.”

Jenn finally found her voice. “Yes we are more than brother and sister. Yes we are very much in love.” At that we asked for a refill of our drinks and since the restaurant wasn’t very crowded stayed for another hour and talked. We found out that Jenn also sleept with her older brother. It wasn’t making love; she would just take care of his needs and have fun. They would also have threesomes from time to time. Yes their parents also knew all about what was going on and would on rare occasions join in.

“Isn’t it weird having sex with your parents?” Jenn asked.

“It was at first, but now it seems more normal. They pretty much take care of each other but every couple of months we will all have a big orgy.”

“I don’t know if I could stay hard, the thought is just to weird.” I couldn’t get the mental image of group sex with our parents out of my mind. At that we left the restaurant and spent the next hour or so walking and talking. Jenn and I were again holding hands, as were Ronnie and Renee. It was nice to be ourselves, with friends. When we finally drove back to Austin we split up, the girls went in one car and Ronnie and I in his car. After Jenn and I got into our house I let her know she had a date with Ronnie in about three hours. We would double date. This way Jenn and I could go out as a couple with the cover of being on a double date. This plan worked out perfectly throughout high school.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were starting to like Ronnie and Renee as more than just friends. I was starting to fall in love with Renee as Jenn was falling for Ronnie. We were confused about our feelings but tried not to think too much and just let the relationship grow. One Friday night the four of us were at our house watching movies. I was snuggled up to Renee and when our mom walked through the room she caught Jenn kissing Ronnie. About that time I got up and went into the kitchen to get some cokes for everyone. Mom cornered me in the kitchen.

“It’s about time you two start a real relationship.”

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