Thursday , March 30 2023

I love My Own Sister & We got caught

My name is John, I live in Austin with my parents, and sister Jenn, my story happened about 20 years ago and started just after I hit puberty. I was at the age where I masturbated almost daily, usually at night just before I went to sleep. One night as I was busy taking care of myself when my sister walked in, I had my bedside lamp on, because I liked to watch myself and so I could see better to clean up my mess. Jenn stepped into my room and closed the door before looking up, and then she just stood and stared as she realized what I was doing. I was busy trying to cover up, but I was laying on top of the bedspread and was having trouble getting under the covers.

“I’m sorry I didn’t knock. Please don’t cover yourself.

That is how we started; we quickly progressed into becoming lovers. Our parents caught us about four months after we had been having sex. They didn’t like it but accepted our behavior. We had a family discussion they agreed that with AIDS and everything else that was out there at least we were safe from that. Mom took Jenn to the doctor for birth control. Not having to wear a condom made our sex life so much better. Our parents allowed us to sleep together and when we went on family trips instead of the four of us sharing a room Jenn and I got our own room so we could have our privacy. We loved family trips, it was the only time Jenn and I could hold hands and kiss in public. Our parent’s only rule for our incestuous relationship was that know one could ever know. And we did real good hiding our relationship at school and around the neighborhood. We didn’t kiss or snuggle outside of our house, except when on vacation.

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