Thursday , December 8 2022

I met a wonderful and beautiful Brazilian girl, and I went out to her farm to visit

My second year in college (at 21 years old), I met this
20 year old Brazilian exchange student from Sao Paulo in
my Latin class. Her name was Liana, and she was drop
dead gorgeous. She stood about 5’6″ and had Carmel
colored skin. Her features were all extremely profound,
as she had a large (almost oversized) butt, and D size
breasts. She had green eyes, and her face was perfectly
symmetrical, beautifully offset by a little birthmark on
her left cheek. We took an immediate liking to each
other, and sat next to one another every day.

Her Latin accent drove me up the wall! She told me all
about Brazil, which I had always wanted to visit, and
what it was like there. Being very personable people
(Brazilians) she was very open about sexuality. Me being
a very sexual person, I was quick to ask. She told me
about how kids lost their virginity usually by age 13.
It was common, she said, for an older person in the
community to find a young boy/girl and show them the
ways of love making usually before age 15.

Her neighbor, a 30 year old, had taking her virginity
when she was 11. I was thrilled to hear all about the
sexual tendencies of a different culture, and I told her
about my experience with (young) Raina. With a laugh,
she said I would fit in perfectly in Brazil. After
about two months of class we decided to hang out outside
of school. We got some lunch a few times, and went to a
few movies. There was definitely a romantic energy
between us, but we had only kissed and made-out, taking
it slow. Soon, the year came to an end and we promised
to stay in touch over the summer.

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