Wednesday , May 31 2023

I saw my daughter-in-law

I was out one night with a buddy of mine sitting at this dance club bar type place that was a couple of towns from where I live. It wasn’t the highest class place but it was middle of the road kind of place. We happen to be sitting near the rear of the place across from each other in a booth. We had drank a couple of cocktails and were watching the band set up. Since we were both divorced we hoped to find a couple of ladies to have fun with.

The music had started and we danced with some of the single women that were there. Going back to my seat my buddy said to me, hey, isn’t that your daughter-in-law Sue over there. He pointed to where he thought she was. I looked but really couldn’t see through all the people. I told him maybe my son is here, then said I was going to walk over that way and see if it is them.

I was almost to the other side of the dance floor when, sure enough there stood my daughter-in-law. Looking at her I thought my son is one lucky son of a bitch. Sue was a real knock out. I even had a hard time keeping my dick down whenever I saw her. She was only around five foot three, 105lbs, blond and blue with the nicest chest I had ever seen. They looked to be a 34C cup and they didn’t sag a bit. I know because I have seen her in a t-shirt without a bra. Then there is her rear end. Nice round bubble butt that each one of her cheeks would fit in each one of my hands. Just the rite age too, just turned 28.

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