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I Seduced My Mom

Hi, I am 18 year old hunk, staying with my parents. I am only son to them. My father is around forty and my mom is 35. Both got married at a very young age, when my dad was 23 and mother of 17. It was a love marriage and they fathered me one year after they got married.My mom, at 35, is very beautiful with figure of 34-38-36. She is very regular in exercise and keeps herself fit. My father is also handsome, but not fit – he is bit bulky.I had never thought of seducing my mom. But the thought came one day. On that day, rather night. Dad and mom had been out for party and were going to return a bit late. I went to bed at usual time. At around 11, i felt thirsty. Mom had forgotten to keep water in my room. I went to kitchen and had had a glass of water. While returning to my room, I saw dim light in my parent’s bedroom. I wanted to wish them good night and hence I opened the door. What I saw left me aghast. Both were in romance – naked to the core. They had enjoyed the party and now they were enjoying themselves. Silently, I watched them. First, my mom took my dad’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it. After about five minutes, my father started licking my mom’s cunt and they changed the position to ’69’ – dad on his back and my mom on him. While licking my mom’s cunt, my father was playing with her breasts. At age of 35 also, her breasts were firm. After some time, my mom told my dad to fuck her. My mother got up and sat on dad’s dick and inserted it inside her. Slowly their momentum gathered. My dad was fucking my mom very hard with ruthless strokes and she was enjoying it thoroughly. After a few minutes, my dad started shooting his cum. My mom immediately took my dad’s dick in her mouth and sucked every drop of cum. They lay down naked and went to sleep.

I could not sleep that night. I masturbated at least five times that night. I now wanted to seduce my mom and started thinking hard on those lines. I was trying to behave as boldly as possible with my mom, but nothing went ahead. A month after I decided to deduce my mom, opportunity came. My dad went on a week long official trip that evening. I returned from my gym early that evening. I asked my mom whether I could have a drink. She did not mind, since me and my dad used to share drinks quite often. I took a a large peg of drink and requested mom to give some snacks. My asked me, ‘Rakesh, it’s very unusual today. You never drink alone. Why today?’ I told her that I was feeling lonely and wanted to forget the loneliness. After a drink or two, my mom called me for dinner. All the time while having drinks, I was watching my mom intently. She was wearing her usual attire – sari and all. While having dinner, I pretended to cry, which I wanted my mom to see. She did see. She came near me, took my head in her hands caressed my face with love. My head was resting on her breasts and I could feel her nipples. I slowly started rubbing my lips on her nipples. My mom thought it was happening casually. I put my hand around her waist and embraced her. She now smelt something different. She pushed me aside and told me to control. I saw directly into her eyes and told her what I had seen a month back. She was shocked. She asked me what I wanted. I gave a straight answer – I want her to share by bed. She slapped me hard on my cheeks and went away to her bedroom. This was probably the first time in my life that my mom had hit me.

I too went to my room and tried to sleep. I could not. I once again had two drinks and then went to bed. When I was half asleep, my mom came into my room. She sat besides my head started patting me with love. She thought that I was heavily drunk and half conscious. She started napping and slowly went to sleep. I opened my eyes. Her pallu was down and I could her guess her nicely shaped round breasts. I simply could not contain myself. I started moving my hand on her breasts after which came awake. I thought that I am going to get another slap. But what happened was different. She smiled sweetly at me and opened her blouse. I could not see anything, being dark. I told my mom that I wanted to see her. She put on the bed lamp and now I could see her round breasts, half open. I kneaded her nipples and breasts. She removed her blouse. She was not wearing anything beneath. I started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. She asked me remove my clothes, which I immediately did. She was watching my 7 inch long dick. I now asked my mom to remove her clothes. She agreed and told me to continue my play while she removed her clothes. Very slowly, teasing me deliberately, she became naked. I was now totally wild. I told her that I would fuck her now, but she refused. She told me that I could enjoy the feel of fucking without actually fucking. I asked her how. She reminded me of how she had sucked my dad. She also told me that she would suck me till I was empty. Then I asked her how does she get satisfied. She asked me where the candle was. It was in my drawer of dressing table. She got up and walked slowly to the drawer and fetched the candle.

Now a was laying naked on the bed, watching my mom moving around, also naked. She came to bed started licking my dick all around. She was messaging my balls while tonguing me. I was wild. After my dick was wet, she pushed the foreskin back and took the head of my dick in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head. Slowly, she started moving her her head up and down and engulfing my dick in her mouth. My head of my dick was now touching her throat which gave me enormous sensuous pleasure. Within matter of minutes, I was ready to cum and so I told her. With her hand she told me to hold on. When I started shooting, she increased the motion of her mouth and drank every drop of my cum.When my dick went limp, she moved her mouth aside and asked me how did I feel. I had no words to describe. She now told me to satisfy her. I asked her how. She gave me the candle she had brought – a big and thick one. She asked me to lick her cunt first. She lay on bed, and put two pillows beneath her buttocks. She then spread her legs apart holding them high with hands. Now I could have the view of her cleanly shaved pussy. I started licking her cunt, taking the lips in my mouth and giving small bites. She then rested the legs on bed and spread the lips of her cunt. She asked me insert my tongue inside her silky cunt. I pushed my tongue inside and started moving it up and down, inside and outside, slowly. After some time, she asked me to insert the candle inside. By this time, I started feeling aroused once again and I told my mom about the same.

She once again smiled. She asked me take position besides her head, while half sat, resting her back on the bed head board. I stood my knees besides her mouth and she took me in her mouth once again. While sucking me hard, she fucked herself with the candle, which I felt she was enjoying. Both of us came almost at the same time. She reached climax while I loaded her mouth with my cum.

She declared that she would sleep in my room that day and once again enjoy her feast (my dick) once again, after we regained our energies. My this sexcercise with my mom continued for a long period thereafter. My mob then suggested that she would like to enjoy both at the a time – me and my dad and that she would convince my dad about the same. It did happen after three months, but that story would be narrated after some time.

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