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I submit to a black top I met online

This is how it started. It was a one of the random porn flicks one watches as a young man discovering the internet. It involved a big, tall, well built black man randomly knocking on the door of a tiny blonde girl. She opened the door with a bit of a look of fear in her eyes. She was a good actress! Whatever stupid small talk they had soon involved him putting his huge hands on her shoulders and forcing her down onto her knees. Then it came! She unzipped his fly, and had to reach almost half her arm into his pants to pull out his huge dark cock from the head. It was a monster! It must have been about 9 inches soft and thick as a beer can. My mouth opened up in disbelief. The strange part that happened was that my first thoughts as she choked on his huge cock, then later took it into her ass in every position possible was, “I could do a better job than that.” It was the first time that kind of thought came into my mind after watching a porn. It had never crossed my mind before that a cock could be so sexy. It began the road to the first experience below.

Being a child of the internet generation makes things that seem so far away easily accessible. So, I turned to the web to find a fix my newfound curiosities. I turned to Craigslist. Searching the ads was a longer way of getting what I wanted so I posted my own ad. The short version of my ad said that I was a 26 year old white male, 5’7, and 145 pounds that would do anything to please a hung black top. The title of the ad was “Looking for a BBC to stretch my holes.” I wrote about how I wanted to be choked, stretched, and used by a big black top. I was pretty confident in my ad. After all, I’d seen this little blonde struggle with this giant black cock on the porn, but in the end, she did a pretty good job, and got a gaping asshole to show for it! I would soon be in that place where my confidence would be put in its place.

Few messages came through from random guys on Craigslist. There was the usual fair share of people trolling for pics and others with small limp dicks. Then I got the message from Reggie. I knew he would be the one. He was straight up. No bullshit, no nothing. He said he knew what I wanted and that he wanted to take it. He said he would take his time and make me beg for more once I tasted his big cock—all 9.5 inches of it! I also knew he was serious because he sent his address and 2 photos in his first message. The first pic was of his limp cock hanging to the side which looked like it would split me in two while it was soft! The other had it sticking up hard, thick, and with a drop of precum right at the tip.

After a few direct messages, his last message before meeting read, “Well, come over and take this dick if you’re serious.” I was shaking as I typed by last message—”On my way.”

About an hour later, after I cleaned myself outside and in (with an enema kit), I was knocking softly at Reggie’s door. It was only at this point when I thought that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. It was all adrenaline and horniness that got me there. Now it was my mouth and ass and that would pay the price! Before I could run away, the door opened. Reggie was a big man, standing in his boxers and a tank top. He was 6’4″ and weighed about 220 lbs. Solid and athletic, he just said, “You made it. Come on in.” I shyly reached my hand forward to shake his hand. His huge hand swallowed mine then he put it straight on his cock as he smacked his other hand right on my ass, squeezing it all in his huge palm, and pulled me in past him as he shut the door. I should’ve paid more attention to the grin on his face. He had big plans for me tonight!

Pulling me in by my ass, Reggie sat right down on his couch with his legs open as he laughed a bit, probably from seeing how nervous I was. I could see right away through his boxers that he wasn’t lying about his monster cock. Even limp, the tip was reaching out passed the bottom of his shorts. I nervously asked, “How’s it going?” He chuckled, putting one hand on his cock, and said, “We both know what you came here for. Take of your clothes now then get down here on the floor and put that mouth to work.” Nervous and speechless, it was clear what my role was!

Now naked, I got down on my knees on the floor in front of Reggie. Sliding his boxers down, I was in disbelief. The pictures did not do his thick cock justice! I picked his thick cock up off his thigh with my right hand but Reggie quickly moved my hand away and said, “I can do that myself. Choke on it.” I licked up and down the shaft as his cock started to harden. I then got his fat cock head into my mouth, which was a mouthful in itself! As I got 2-3 inches down the shaft, the cock started to straight up all by itself. I had to put my hands down on the couch by Reggie’s thighs to push myself up and move to higher up on my knees so I could reach the tip! I started to go down about 4-6 inches then go back to the tip, lick all around the head and go back down for more. Each time I got down about 6 inches, I could feel Reggie’s thick cock head hitting the back of my throat. I guess this wasn’t enough for him since he pulled his cock out of mouth and slapped it on my face, nose, and forehead. He told me to stick out my tongue and started to slap his cock hard and unpredictably all over it and the rest of my face.

Then Reggie stood up. As if I wasn’t already being dominated, I now felt even smaller. Reggie grabbed my hands and placed them on his ass. He told me to open my mouth and keep my tongue out. He slowly slid his cock in all the way over my tongue till it hit the back of my throat. This was only about 6 thick inches in! Reggie put his big hands on both sides of my head and started to force the rest of his cock down my throat. My eyes started to water right away and I coughed a few times as Reggie’s hands held my head even tighter. My hands quickly moved to the front of his thighs and I started to push him away, but Reggie didn’t move back. He stepped forward and rammed the rest of his cock all the way down my throat as I coughed out some saliva out the sides of my mouth. His body was now pushing forward so much that I fell backwards and dropped my arms back to catch myself. Reggie didn’t stop there. He followed me down as I fell to my back and dropped with his knees on my shoulders and his cock now all the way down my throat with his balls resting on my chin.

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