Sunday , November 27 2022

I think Gloryhole’s are one of the great ideas from the 80s

At true story of the first time I discovered

Men have been sucking my cock since I was 18.
Completely consensual, I swear I was never ABUSED! What
teenager doesn’t want a blow job?

At 21 or so, I sucked my first cock. It was in an adult
book store video booth. I loved it, and I kept coming
back for more, both giving and receiving.

One day, I went into a new book store in a nearby town.
Not knowing the routine here, I just watched the other
patrons. There seemed to be a few booths that got all
of the traffic, while others stayed empty. I had no
idea why, but I knew I wanted to use the popular booth!

A door opened, a man walked out, and I walked in. I
locked the door and put a coin in the slot. Someone had
written on the screen with a felt marker. “FOR BL0W
JOB, STICK COCK THRU HOLE” Seemed like a great idea, so
I felt around for this hole! My fingers found the hole,
and slipped through it. I didn’t know then, but that
seemed to be the signal the other guy was waiting for!

I instantly felt something big and warm in my hand. I
don’t know how big this cock was, but there was 8
inches or more ON MY SIDE OF THE HOLE! I was on my
knees in no time, worshipping this beautiful dick!

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