Thursday , December 8 2022

I was seduced by a man and it happened with my wife

He knelt between my spread thighs as I lay naked on my back. His hard cock jutted from his taut muscular body and my hungry eyes devoured his glistening flesh as he fisted his long, thick dick and looked down at me with an amused expression on his chiseled face.

“Do you want it?” He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire. I had never been with a man before. I had never considered it an option before that night but as I looked at his hard muscular body I wanted him inside me as much as I had ever wanted anything. It was an exciting yet frightening idea for me. I was at heart a family man. I was married with children and I had always considered myself straight but something had clicked when I first saw him at the bar several hours earlier. I wasn’t physically attracted to him but I was sexually drawn to him in a way that was raw, primal and animalistic.

He first looked at me as I sat beside my wife drinking a beer. Our eyes met briefly and he smiled before I nervously looked away. I could feel his eyes on me and looked over again. He made and held eye contact and I felt my heart race. I had never flirted with another man before and I knew I was playing a dangerous game but it was strangely exciting and I liked knowing that someone, anyone, was interested in me. At 43 I was not young anymore and the once common appreciative glances from women had slowed to near nonexistence in recent years despite the fact that I kept myself in good shape.

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