Thursday , December 8 2022

In the Rockyhouse

Steffi stepped out of the shower, eyes closed tightly as she groped for the towel in the unfamiliar bathroom. It was her first night in this house. It was also the first time she’d really been on her own. Recently graduated from high school, her parents had gotten her this job, house-sitting for their friends, the Jamesons, who were spending the summer vacationing in Europe. It was supposed to prepare her for when she started college next semester, teaching her to take care of herself, but still close enough that she could call home if she had any problems.

It was the perfect summer job. If you could call it a job; all she had to do was live here and take care of the house and feed the Rocky. She’d felt an intoxicating sense of freedom since she’d moved in this morning, even though her mother had “dropped in” to check on her this afternoon, and called again a half-hour ago before she and Steffi’s father had gone to bed.

Steffi toweled herself dry and then stood naked, checking herself out in the big mirror. At just an inch over 5 feet tall and 103 pounds, she was a petite replica of her mother, right down to the green eyes and flaming red hair. With her hair in a ponytail and a smattering of freckles across a face that had always been called “cute” she looked younger than her 18 years. But her breasts, while not large, were a nicely shaped 34-B that jiggled nicely if she let them, and the bright-red thatch between her legs, which she kept trimmed to a neat little strip, bespoke her womanly status. Her skin was very fair, freckled across the shoulders and upper chest, and her nipples were a pale pink, turning bright red on the tips when they got excited.

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