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Indian Brahmin wife slowly slips into the world of adultery

The long awaited day had arrived—Kayalvizhi’s wedding. Her parents were incredibly relieved. She was the black sheep of the family, as her grades had always been poor. Her family had money, but unfortunately for her, their Tamil Brahmin community valued education more than wealth. She had failed out of school, and though her parents told people she was getting a degree online, they had secretly sought a groom for her. Her relatives commented that it was lucky she was at least beautiful. Unlike most of her cousins, she was getting married at a young age of 20 years.

Her fiancé, Anand, was from an upper-middle-class family, and worked for an international company that produced machine tools. Anand and Kayal’s wedding ceremony was performed in late morning in the sumptuous Thanjavur Brahmin style, and all of their relatives enjoyed a good feast.

The reception started around 5:30, and it was going well. Family and friends took many pictures with the couple, and there was music and dancing.

After a few hours, when the reception was winding down, Anand answered a phone call from a friend. During the call, his facial expression changed from happy to shocked. Kayal, standing beside him, noticed.

“Anand, is there a problem? You look tense.”

“Yes, a big one.”


“Because today is our wedding, I gave my work project to my friend Jacob to handle. But that idiot has ruined my project.”

“What are you going to do?”

Anand was silent. Kayal asked again.

“He needs my help.”

“Then see him tomorrow and make everything right.”

“Tomorrow I must submit the project; I’ve been working on it for almost three weeks!”

Kayal didn’t say anything.

“Please dear, if you let me, I will go to his house and return in about an hour.”

Kayal thought for a while. She had been anticipating her wedding night for a long time, and if Anand didn’t go now, he would be blabbering about this all night. Her dreams of a romantic wedding night would be ruined. But if he took care of the problem now, he would be more relaxed, and they might have an excellent wedding night. So Kayal allowed him to visit his friend. Anand informed his parents and left on his bike.

Almost two hours passed with no news from Anand. All guests had left, and Anand’s parents and his new bride were worried. They called his cell phone, but found it was switched off.

Kayal was beyond worried.

Anand’s parents tried to placate her, saying that he often switches off his phone when working, as he doesn’t like distractions.

Another hour passed, then the house phone rang. Anand’s father answered.

“Noooo…” he shouted, dropping the receiver.

Anand’s mother and Kayal, alarmed, asked him what happened.

“We must go to St. John’s hospital now” he said.

They drove to the hospital. On the way, Anand’s father informed his wife and his new daughter-in-law that Anand had met with an accident and was in the hospital. Hearing this, the women started crying.

In a few minutes they reached the hospital. When they got there, Anand was being treated, so the family was not allowed to see him. They waited outside the room, tension visible in their faces.

In a few minutes the doctor emerged, and Anand’s father inquired, “How is my son, doctor?”

“He is okay. He was injured around his stomach and thighs. He looks fine on the outside, but we have to take some scans to confirm.”

Anand was taken into another room, and after a half hour, the doctor called Anand’s parents and new bride into his office.

“Sir, is everything all right?”

“Yes… but…” While saying this, the doctor noticed Kayal in her kancheepuram silk saree, which indicated that she was a just-married bride.

“Who is she?”

“She is my son’s wife; they were married today.”

Hearing this, the doctor regretfully said,

“His health is fine, but there is a blood clot near his groin. So . . .” He stopped and looked at Kayal.

“So, what doctor.”

“He can’t have any sexual activity for a year or more.”

Kayal was momentarily stunned. She had been waiting for this day for so long, and she felt her dreams were crushed. All day Kayal had been nervously anticipating her first night of marriage, but now she would be an unsatisfied wife, waiting almost 15 months for her first time.

In two days, Anand came home from the hospital. The couple stayed with Anand’s parents for another week before Anand and Kayal left for Trichy, where Anand had bought a house in which to start their married life together.

After moving in, everything was nice for a few days. At first, Anand was good to her. He took her shopping and to the cinema, and even though Trichy was a small city, it was much bigger than the small village where Kayalvizhi was from, so she enjoyed the outings.

Kayal also didn’t have many issues in the beginning, despite the disappointment of their first night as husband and wife. She assured him that since she was only 20 years old, it wouldn’t make any difference. Many of her older cousins weren’t even married yet. Besides, the challenge would only strengthen their relationship. But, secretly, she had hoped that Anand would at least kiss her or touch her romantically. Yet he didn’t even want to see her naked. They lived like roommates.

As days passed, he became increasingly busy with work, and Kayal started to feel unsettled. She was more and more unsatisfied with her married life. The human body reacts to the presence of pheromones; she was getting horny as she lay in bed next to him, but couldn’t tell him directly.

One day Anand came home early from the office, in a hurry.

“Kayal darling, today is the happiest day of my life” he said, giving Kayal a tight hug.

“What Anand—I have never seen you this excited!”

“Do you remember the project I was working on when we got married?”

“How can I forget? That fucking project shattered my dreams” Kayal thought.

But she forced a smile and said only: “Yes Anand.”

“That project got approved, so I am going to Dubai for a while to present the project. If I succeed, it means a big step up in my career.”

“Wow, Dubai! When are we going?” Kayal asked excitedly.

“Sorry dear, you are not coming with me. It is a four week trip, and my company is paying all expenses. And . . . my boss is a very strict man. He won’t allow wives to travel with employees on business trips. He thinks it may distract us from our work”.

“Oh. When are you leaving?”

“The flight is later today.”

Hearing this, Kayal cursed her stars and started packing Anand’s bags for the trip. In a couple of hours, Anand left for the airport in a cab, and Kayal stayed in the house, staring at the walls.

The next morning, Kayal awoke early, opened the window, and saw a man in his early forties approach the front door wearing a vest and a lungi (a garment that covers the legs). She immediately went downstairs. As she reached the door the doorbell rang, and Kayal immediately opened it.

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